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Some remember that during the time of the USSR, a real hunt went for Riga sprats. Get the sprat was great luck. This is what prompted the owners to experiment in the kitchen to prepare real sprats at home.

Unfortunately, in the modern world of abundance of products on store shelves, buy good sprats also has become a problem.

Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

Therefore, we present to your attention the best recipe for cooking Sprot at home, tested by many years of experience of Soviet housewives.

For cooking we need:

Small fresh fish (spade, washing, salaka or hams) - 1 kg;
Leek husks - 2 handsties;
Salt - 1 tablespoon;
Sugar - 1 teaspoon;
Vegetable oil - 3/4 glasses;
Strong tea welding strong - 200 ml. (3-4 bags or 4-5 ppm per 1 st boiling water);
Bay sheet - 5 leaves;
Black or fragrant pepper - 5-7 peas.
Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

So, proceed.

Step 1.

First of all, there is a strong tea. Naturally black tea, without aromatic additives.

When tea is welded well, pollema welding from tea leaves and soluble sugar and salt soluble in it.

Step 2.

While the tea welding cools, engage in fish.

Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

Freshly frozen fish defrost, wash. Cut the tails, fins and heads. Remove the inside. Once again, commercially fish with cold water.

Step 3.

Cooking sprats can be prepared in a tight saucepan on a gas stove, and in a slow cooker, and on the antique in the oven. The principle is the same.

On the bottom (pan or bastard) lay out the bay leaf, pepper peas. Top sprinkle, pre-washed, onion husks.

Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

On the onion husk laying out the fish. Tea and vegetable oil mix and pour fish. The liquid should cover it.

Step 4.

Cooking in the oven? Course on top of a stranded foil. We put the baking tray to heated to 160 s and Tom's sprats in it for 1.5 hours.

Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

Cooking on the stove? Tightly close the lid. We put a saucepan on fire. We bring to a boil, we reduce the fire and prepare (carcass) the spratches are the same 1.5 hours. (It is important to ensure that the fluid does not bother)

Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

Step 5.

Top Recipes from the USSR: "Home Sprots"

Without removing the sprats, we leave the dish cool and appease. After 1 hour, it is possible to shift the sprat into storage tank or immediately submit to the table.

Bon Appetit!

Want to see more tips on housekeeping, unusual and simple recipes on cooking, recommendations for care, improving the quality of life?

Home Sprots - Photo Step 1

1. Rinse fish, remove head and inside. And if you wish, we clean it from bones, but I do not do that. We put in a saucepan.

Home Sprots - Photo Step 2

2. Pour the prepared fish with sunflower oil. In a separate bowl, pour tea with boiling water, dissolve salt. Let be brewed until it is completely cool. This welding is a half and pour to fish. Mashed on small fire and a half hours without mixing.

Home Sprots - Photo Step 3

3. We get this beauty! Bon Appetit!

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Important! The video may differ from the text of the recipe!

Good fishermen have all the catch in business. And if earlier the whole sensible trifle left the cat, today we present ways how to make sprats at home from the most diverse shallow fish.

how to make sprats at home

Selection of raw materials

Sprots are not a familiar canned jar, but a certain variety of fish, which began to preserve the first.

For cooking you can take such raw materials:

  • ice cream Salak;
  • Fresh or fresh-frozen thief;
  • caught perch;
  • Small tulka.

You can also take another fish whose body has no scales.

how to make sprats at home

Capture secrets

A tasty snack without applying no chemistry at home is preparing simply, but for a long time. A pleasant golden shade of raw materials acquires thanks to natural coloring composition: onion husk, tea brew, soy sauce. To the end result justified all expectations, several important points should be understood.

Secrets of cooking Schrot:

  • A strong welding is used as a dye. Ideal are the proportions of 1 tbsp. l. Large tea on a glass of boiling water or 4 bags on the same volume of water.
  • Brewing bags or leaves should be in advance, like a decoction of onion husks, if it is used in the cooking process.
  • Golden shade of fish will give a decoction of husk, and tea will paint the carcass in brown-bronze color. The intensity of the color can be changed depending on preferences.
  • Gourmets of fish dishes are advised to use a born in cooking.
  • The cooking time sword depends on the size of the fish. The carcass is larger, the longer it will be prepared, since in the process it is necessary that all the bones soften. On average, it will take 1.5-2.5 hours on the preparation of shoot.
  • Remove the louder and remove the head follows even from the finest fish.
  • The addition of spices depends on the taste of culinary, but the classic spices are the bay leaf, polka dots of fragrant and black pepper.
  • If the finished dish move to a sterile jar, pour vegetable oil, remaining from extinguishing, and tightly close, then the workpiece will be able to be stored 3-4 weeks in a cold place.
Sprots from sprat at home

Picky recipe with smoked aroma

Pleasant light aroma smoked meat from open bank Sprot many families since childhood.


  • Fresh-frozen spin - 1/2 kg;
  • Lean oil without smell - 1/2 cup;
  • Filtered water - 1 cup;
  • Strong tea (large sheet without additives) - 1 tbsp. l. with a slide;
  • Boulevard Cube, Aromatized Smoked - 1 Piece


  1. Give the fish to know in room conditions without applying a sharp increase in temperatures.
  2. Wash carcasses, clean the guts, cut off the heads, email each on a paper towel.
  3. Brew tea brewing glass of boiling water, after 15 minutes, go to the dish, so that Chanki do not get into the dish.
  4. In the roaster or cauldron with thick walls pour vegetable oil.
  5. Crush the cube of the broth, sprinkle the sprinkle on top, and shift it into the container with butter.
  6. There, also pour a strong tea welding.
  7. Send content to a very small fire, and continue to stew with a lid a lid, until the entire fill liquid is sipped.
  8. Sill ready-made sprats into a sterile jar of glass, pour oil residues and tightened hermetically.
how to make sprats at home

Cooking in the oven

The use of a brass cabinet will exclude possible adhesion and burning fish.


  • fine fish - 1/2 kg;
  • Strong tea with bergamot additive - 4 packages;
  • a glass of pure drinking water;
  • Olive spacious oil - 1/2 cup;
  • Lavrushka - 2 sheets;
  • Peas of fragrant and black pepper - at discretion;
  • Salt - as love.

Cooking method:

  1. Prepare the fish, removing the head and loss.
  2. Folding the carcasses into the cauldron or roasting layers, speaking each spice and sprinkling.
  3. Carefully pour tea so that the spices from the top layer is not cleaned. Pour lean oil into the workpiece.
  4. Farming in the oven. The first 30 minutes extinguish the fish, setting the temperature regime of 160 degrees, after decreasing up to 120 degrees, and continue to tomorrow 1.5-2 hours. If in the process the liquid evaporates immediately, cover the roast of the foil.
  5. Delicious sprats from sprat at home are ready. Keep them in a jar with butter on the shelf of the refrigerator. Serve sprats better on a slicker of black bread with a slice of fresh cucumber and a branch of dill.
Sprots at home from Salaka

Recipe with liquid smoke

Preparation of sprouts using liquid smoke will avoid the process of smoking, which is not always available to culinary.


  • Salaka or any other petty fish - 1 kg;
  • Full tablespoon of welding of strong tea;
  • Luke's husk - a loosely stuffed 0.5 liters of the Bank;
  • Salt with sugar - 1 graved glass (50 g);
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil odorless;
  • purified by filter water - 1.25 l;
  • Liquid smoke - 1 h. spoon;
  • Black and fragrant pepper peas - at their discretion;
  • Lavra leaves - 2-3 (to taste).

Home Recipe:

  1. Luke husk Fill 1 l hot water, and approve on the stove for 20 minutes, away the decoction.
  2. The residue of hot water makes the tea, leave for 15 minutes, and overtake. Couples connect.
  3. Fluid mixture, send, pepper, pour oil.
  4. In a saucepan with a thick donkey, put the fish cleaned and heads and pour the prepared fill.
  5. Install the pan on the fire of low power, and tomit 1.5-2 hours. The extinguishing time depends on the size of the Salaka.
  6. When 10 min will remain until the end of cooking, add liquid smoke to the container.
Sprots at home from Salaka

Delicious sprats from Salaka are ready. It should be remembered, it is impossible to turn the contents of the pan, since the carcasses will turn into a cleaner.

Recipe with soy sauce

Soy sauce will give a fish nice salty taste with in spicy minks.


  • Fresh-frozen washing - 1 kg;
  • Soy sauce - 1/3 cup;
  • Lavrushka - 5 leaves;
  • Lean oil - 1/2 cup;
  • Purified drinking water - 1 cup;
  • Black pepper peas - 7-8 pcs.;
  • stars carnations - 3 pcs.;
  • large-grained tea without flavoring - 100 g;
  • Salt - at its discretion.

Action Scheme:

  1. Cool boiling water brew tea, let it stand for 25-30 minutes.
  2. Study the washing, and wash under the crane.
  3. Welding in another container connect with sauce and oil.
  4. Put the washing in the cauldron of a dense layer.
  5. Put it on it laurels and pepper pepper.
  6. Pour the workpiece by marinade, and send on the middle a heated plate burner. As soon as the first bubbles appear, reduce the temperature to a minimum, and put the cover on top.
  7. Tomit Moisy 1.5 h. Readiness is determined visually: as soon as the volume of the fluid decreases half, it is possible to remove the container from the fire.
Cooking Sprot.

You can consume sprats in food both in the heated and chilled form.

Cooking in a slow cooker

Multicooker helps a modern hostess save time and strength for cooking.


  • Kilka large - 1/2 kg;
  • Salt of coarse fractions - 2 tbsp. l without a slide;
  • Soy sauce - 2 tbsp. l.;
  • Strong brewing of black tea - 0.5 l;
  • Fish seasoning - at will;
  • Sunflower (odorless) oil - 80 ml.

Sprots from the sprat at home must be prepared as follows:

  1. In a slow cooker, send the oil into which to put fish filters tightly.
  2. Sprinkled their salt and spices on top.
  3. Tea welding away, and mix with soy sauce. Cooked fill fill fish blank.
  4. Multivarka set the "quenching" mode and set the timer for 2 hours.
  5. Sprots cooked at home are stored in a jar with oil 3-4 weeks.
how to make sprats at home

Recipe from tulle

Tulka, like any small fish without scales, is suitable as a raw material for canned food.

Need to:

  • The middle tulka is 1 kg;
  • Black tea (strong) - 3 tbsp. l.;
  • Clean drinking water - 1 cup;
  • Extra grinding salt - 1 tbsp. l. without a hill;
  • Lean oil without fragrance - 1/2 cup;
  • 9% vinegar - 2 tbsp. l.;
  • The peas of fragrant and black peppers - at their discretion.

The dish is preparing:

  1. Tea leaves are brewed with a glass of boiling water.
  2. From the fish is removed all too much, the heads are cut off.
  3. As soon as the brew cooled, put salt and oil into the liquid.
  4. Put the fish on a paper towel so that it dries slightly.
  5. In the pan of multicookers, the fish is put back to the top.
  6. In the "quenching" mode, keep the workpiece for about 2 hours, the pre-bay of the carcass with a mixture of oil and welding.
  7. As soon as the finished dish cools, it can be served to sandwiches or canapes.
Cooking Sprot.

Recipe with bow

Golden sprats at home from Salaka will be cut down and in the measure of salted.


  • Salaka - 1/2 kg;
  • Patched bulbs - 0.2 kg;
  • Luke husk - a stuffed glass;
  • tea bags with admixture of Bergamot - 4 pcs.;
  • Pure filtered water - 0.5 l;
  • Refined oil without smell - 1/2 cup;
  • laurel leaves - 4 pcs.;
  • Salt of large fractions - to their own taste;
  • The peas of fragrant and black peppers - 3-4 pcs.

For the preparation of sprat, the following steps are performed:

  1. Boil the decoction of onion cleaning and glasses of water. Film so that the fluid is clean.
  2. Welcome tea, squeezing bags.
  3. Connect the courage.
  4. Onions are disturbed by a half leaves.
  5. Take a tiny with a thick bottom, there de delete the oil, and fry on it onion half flats.
  6. In the roar, put a salak, satisfy, pour onion-tea fill. Move with spices.
  7. Touch Salak an hour, after that she climb the laurel, and extinguish the dish another hour. Watch if the fill is dropped before, you can add 50-70 ml of boiled water into the fish.
  8. If you cook canned with onions, they acquire a unique fragrance and taste, which makes a Salak with an independent snack.
how to make sprats at home

Depending on how to prepare sprats, they can become additive to a festive canape or an independent dish. The product cooked at home will completely replace the store analogue, in addition, the doubts as cooking and raw materials at the culinary will not have arisen.


From the proposed video, you can learn more about the ways of cooking sprat.


Victor Pozhev

Sprots are a favorite for many kushan, which, unfortunately, find in good quality on the counters in the store is not so simple. If you are not ready to risk, but at the same time, you wish to enjoy the taste of this product, find out how to make sprat at home using simple ingredients.

Consider the most proven recipes that allow us with minimal costs to prepare a delicious fish.

Sprots from Salak, Verified Recipe

The option with which even cooks will be cope with without much experience. Pre-make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients at your hand.


  • Salt - 1 tbsp.
  • Salaka - 500 g
  • The decoction on the basis of the shells of the reptile onion - 1 tbsp.
  • Lavrovy leaves - 4 pcs.
  • Black pepper - 6 peasors
  • Salt - 1 tbsp.
  • Welding strong - 0.5 tbsp.
  • Sunflower oil - 0.5 tbsp.
How to make sprats from a salad
How to make sprats from a salad

Cooking method

Preliminary preparation

  1. Cleaning the onions from the husks, the bulbs themselves can be saved to prepare other dishes, we will need a husk for cooking. Take about 2 handsties. Initially, it needs to be thoroughly rinsed in warm water.
  2. We leave the fish to be deflated at room temperature. We need to use a purified product, so after it is thawing, we need to cut off the heads of the fish, make cuts along the bruges, get inside. Each fish after that thoroughly promotion, both outside and from the inside.
  3. We make a strong welding.

Preparation of bravery

  1. Purified by the husks shift into the pan, pour water. Water on 2 handfuls will need no more than 0.5 liters. Preparing a decoction on strong fire about half an hour.

Cooking marinada

  1. We mix the decoction of the onion husk together with a strong welding.
  2. We add salt with sugar to this mix, we all mix so that the bulk ingredients dissolve.

Finishing steps

  1. We take the heat-resistant form in which we will post the fish. It is advisable to lay it on one row, so the container will need a large.
  2. Laving laurel leaves and black peas to fish to fish. Please note that these spices can be supplemented with nutmeg or cloves.
  3. Fill fish with sunflower oil.
  4. Pour ready marinade into the tank. Ideally, he should not cover the fish completely, so do not hurry, immediately pour the whole liquid.
  5. Heats the oven to 180 ° C.
  6. Put in the oven fish, after 15 minutes. We reduce temperatures up to 120 °. Preparing sprats about an hour.

Important! If the fish is large, the time for its preparation may be needed more.

Canning the sprats at home for such a recipe does not cause trouble, and also does not take away a lot of time.

How to make sprats from washing

At home, every hostess can prepare sprats from washing for the winter. It is enough just to use a proven recipe.


  • Lavra tree leaves - 1 pc.
  • Washing Fresh-frozen - 500 g.
  • Tea scattering heat black - 1 tbsp.
  • Peas pepper - 4 pcs.
  • Salt - 0.5 ppm
  • Sunflower oil - 150 g
  • Smoke liquid - 0.5 ppm (ingredient is not mandatory)
  • Basil dried, black ground pepper, dried thyme - on 1/2 C.L.

Tea choose the one in which there are no impurities, alternatively, you can take several tea bags

Cooking sprats from washing
Cooking sprats from washing

Cooking method

Preliminary preparation of products

  1. If the washing is frozen, then it should be left to drain in the lower compartment of the refrigeration chamber. It is not recommended to use fast defrosting methods, as the fish will lose the form, and home sprats must be neat and integer. To slowly defrosting washing can leave for about 18 hours. If you can't wait so long, leave the fish at room temperature for some time. An alternative option is to defrost in cold water with the addition of salt.
  2. Fruplanted fish, we will share, gutted, get rid of the head, again promo.
  3. Let's crush the fish on the colander, leave for a while to allow the whole liquid to drain.

Preparing pickles

  1. First stage - preparation of welding. Tea brewed for 15 minutes, bay with water with a volume of 150 ml.
  2. Perfoliate tea, we will add a mixture of spices and salt in the welding. At this stage, add (if you use) liquid smoke. Due to this ingredient, the springs will turn to the taste of squeezed.

Finishing steps

  1. Put in the heat-resistant container. We put it with one layer, but tight.
  2. Pour the washing brine.
  3. Over we pour sunflower oil. As a result, the fluid should cover future sprats.
  4. Heat the oven up to 200 ° C.
  5. We send a fish into the oven, we cook for about 15 minutes, after which it reducing the temperature by reducing it to 150 ° C.
  6. We begin for 3 hours. Fish will turn out gold, all liquid will evaporate.

Important! It is almost impossible to make sprat from Moil, it is almost impossible to achieve the most proximated taste without adding liquid smoke. On the other hand, if you refuse to refuse this ingredient, then the finished dish can be given even to children.

Cooking Sprots from Sardin House

At home, you can prepare both sardine sprats, taking a simple recipe as a basis, which every hostess will be able to implement.


  • Sardin frozen - 400 g
  • Salt - chipotch
  • Pepper black - pinch
  • White wine - 4 tbsp.
  • Vegetable oil - 8 tbsp.
  • Mustard - 1 tbsp.

Wine can be replaced with lemon juice in the amount of 1 tbsp. or vinegar - 3 tbsp.

Home Sprots from Sardin
Home Sprots from Sardin

Cooking method

Preliminary preparation

  1. Sardines will pre-leave gradually cleaned. If you have time, put them in the refrigerator, on the bottom shelf. You can speed up the defrost process by allowing fish to stand at room temperature.
  2. After defrosting sardines, we rinse, we clean from the grooves, get rid of the heads, again we will immediately under running water.
  3. If instead of vinegar or white wine you use lemon juice, the fruit is first before pressing it, thoroughly.

Preliminary heat treatment

  1. In a separate heat-resistant container, we will define sardines so that they fit tightly to each other.
  2. We sprinkle fish with a small amount of lemon juice (or vinegar, or white wine), add salt at this stage, as well as pepper.
  3. We warm up the oven to 180 ° C.
  4. We will send fish to the oven for 2 hours so that it is covered with a beautiful crust.

Cooking marinada

  1. In one container mix white wine (you can replace, as we have already spoken by vinegar or lemon juice), vegetable oil.
  2. I will add mustard to the finished mix, again we mix everything thoroughly.

Shipping stage

  1. Get fish out of the oven, leave, she will cool down a little.
  2. Sardina Marinade, send them to the oven for another 40 minutes. At the same time, the temperature is reduced by 60 degrees (up to 120 ° C).

The finished product may not be exactly like the taste of the sprat, however, he will delight any gourmet with his piquancy.

How to make home sprats from sprat

Split sprat - then the Kushan, which in the taste will not give way to ordinary sprats. The main thing is at home to use a good recipe.


  • Kilka - 500 gr.
  • Tea bags (without impurities) - 3 pcs.
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml.
  • Bullon cube with smoked smoked scents - 1 pc.
  • Water - 150 ml.
  • Salt is a pinch.
Sprat from sprat, step-by-step recipe
Sprat from sprat, step-by-step recipe

Cooking method

Preliminary preparation

  1. I will leave the fish in advance to defraight. It is advisable not to hurry and not attempt to speed up this process. Let's leave the sprum on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  2. My fatty fish, after which it needs to be cleaned, remove the head with a knife.
  3. Each fish is thoroughly rinsed under running water.
  4. Let's leave the thief on the colander so that all the water is completely glass or use a paper towel to dry the basis for the sprat.

Preparing marinade

  1. Pour tea bags with water. Waters will need no more than 150 ml.
  2. After 15 minutes, we move the tea bags and throw them away.
  3. I will add butter into strong tea, we mix everything.

Shipping steps

  1. In the deep shape for baking or other heat-resistant dishes lay out the purified and dried fish. It is not desirable to lay it, since the lower in this case will be destroyed, the sprats will turn out to be ugly.
  2. Fish Sprinkle with salt and crushed broth.
  3. Pour kicking marinade.
  4. Heat the oven to 120 ° C.
  5. Preparing sprats about 3 hours.

Important! Alternatively, you can make spratches from the sprat on this recipe in the pan. Fish should be stuck an hour or longer so that the entire liquid evaporates completely.

Sprots of crucian, step-by-step recipe

Small karasi are ideal for the preparation of sprat at home. Using a proven recipe, you can cook sprats from the crucian so that in the end this dish to taste will not be worse than the store.


  • Karasi - 300 g
  • Onions on (medium) - 1 head
  • Soy sauce - 2 tbsp.
  • Vinegar - 1 tsp.
  • Salt - chipotch
  • Ginger ground - pinch
  • Sunflower oil.
Making sprats from crucian
Making sprats from crucian

Cooking method

Preliminary preparation of products

  1. Fish must be cleaned. Every carp we will be flawed, we will remove the fins. You do not need to get large bones. Fish should remain integer, neat. In addition, after a long heat treatment of the bone soften.
  2. The onions purify from the husk, cut, rinse under running water.


  1. Purified onions cut rings or half rings, not too thin.

Cooking marinada

  1. In one container we combine soy sauce and vinegar. This mixture is well stirred.

Important! Some cooks in such a marinade for cooking sampling from karas add a little vermouth, but it is not necessary to do this.

Finishing steps

  1. On the bottom of the pan or deep frying pan laying onions (half of what we cut).
  2. On the onion lay out the fish so that it fits tight to each other.
  3. Sprinkle fish with salt.
  4. Pour over marinade.
  5. Pour the ground ginger.
  6. The last layer is the residue of the crushed bow.
  7. We put the fish prepares on the stove. Fire after the liquid starts boiled, decrease. Beat on slow fire Karasi must not less than 4 hours.

Important! If, after decreasing the fire, the liquid will still boil strongly, use the divider.


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