Paper Angels, White (Description and Stencils) - Box of Ideas and Master Classes

Paper angel with her own hands

How to make an angel of paper - Several options from Tatiana Jablonskaya to Christmas 2021.

Angels - This is the messengers of God. They are mentioned in any religion, so they know them all over the world. In the appearance of an angel is a weightless translucent entity, which is peculiar to humility, insight and immortality. As a rule, these entities have no gender or age. Most often, the angels are portrayed by man-like, in loose long clothes, with wings and a nymboo above the head.

People believe that the angels protect them, so they decorate their homes of these pretty creatures. The guardian angel can be made independently, and almost from any material. Perfectly look at the figures from clay, porcelain, fabrics, threads (see our selection of master classes ). And today we will try to make Angels from paper . This is the most affordable material that is always at hand. That the result pleased, you will need a little imagination, perfection and diligence. Well, there are many variations today. You can come up with something your, unusual and original.

We will use in work:

  • ordinary napkins,
  • Openwork napkins,
  • Office white paper
  • cardboard,
  • Color bilateral paper,
  • Special strips for queening.

First do Snow-White Paper Angels, Which symbolize purity, impaired, tenderness and ease.

Paper Angel (stencils)

Option 1

We take ordinary white paper and draw angel silhouette in anathetic silhouette, with a shoe in hand. Separately draw wings in mind. These will be stencils.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi01On these stencils cut out 4 blanks. On wings (where there should be feathers) make a fringe so that they look more lure. The bottom of the excrehensive dresses can be made openwork using a conventional hole panel.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi02Now we make a small incision on the back and in the middle of the wings. Connect two details.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi03It turns out such angels with open wings.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi04Bind threads to each figure (either for the wings, or for the hypothesis) and hang them on the chandelier. From the blow of the air figures slowly move and spin on a string. It turns out very beautiful!

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi05 Paper Angels, White (Description and Stencils)

Option 2.

On a white sheet of paper or thin cardboard draw an angel with a lush skirt and high wings. You can print this template:

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi06Cut on the contour with scissors and gently cut through the figurine of the Nimb and the heart.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi07Take a figured hole and make a drawing on a leap of a skirt.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi08We glue the edges of the skirt and handles with the help of plow glue. Now the angel can stand.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi09From the napkin and yellow strings, we make a candle and glit to the hands of the figurines. It turns out a bulk angel with flowers on the skirt.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi10

Option 3.

On a dense sheet of white paper, we draw two stencils: one item with wings, and the other - without wings.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi15Cut 1 piece with wings and 6 pieces without wings.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi16Those details that without wings are folded in half in length.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi17Now glue them to the blank with the wings. To do this, we wash the place of the fold and apply to the middle of the central part. Three things in front and as much rear. It turns out a lush angel in the form of a bell.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi18

Another difficult version of YouTube, but very beautiful! If you succeed in folding the surround angel in this form, send us a photo, I will gladly publish your praise.

Angels from napkins

Option 4.

This angel will do from three-layer white napkins.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi11We deploy one napkin and in the center place a paper ball.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi12We combine all the corners of the napkin and form the head of the future craft. Fix it with a napkin harness. Cut the excess to get a magnificent skirt. Wings make a rectangular cut, which is tightened in the center of the harness.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi13We glue the wings to the dress using PVA glue. Decorating the head of the figure with paper flagella. Angel from the napkin is ready!

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi14Option 5.

For the manufacture of this craft, you need to take openwork napkins round shape. Most 2 pieces.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi19From one whole napkin form a low cone. Conduct the second napkin to segments. Of the 2 pieces glue the handles (cones) and from 2 smaller triangles, make wings. The head of the figure is made from the napkin and the paper ball, as they did in the embodiment 4.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi20Printed your head on the sharp edge of the cone. On the sides, we place your hands, and behind the wings.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi21It remains only to decorate the handicraft slightly with a golden thread. Output Openwork paper angel !

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi22

Video, how to make such an openwork angel:

Craft "Angel of Paper" (Harmoshka)

Option 6.

For the manufacture of this angel, a sheet of paper cut in half along the length.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi23We take 2 stripes and form the harmonica of them. The width of the parties should not be more than 1 cm.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi24We glue them between themselves, without reaching the edge of 3 cm. We turn out these parts around - it will be handles. And on top we glue a large pink bead - this is an angel head.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi25You can do torso and differently. One sheet to fold the harmonica, and then in the center to make an incision with a length of 3.5 cm.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi26These edges bent around, as in the first case.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi27In the center glue the purple bead of oval shape.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi28Now the figure holes make flowers of pink and lilac flowers.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi29We glue flowers on the dress (downstairs, on the sleeves, in the center). It turned out angels in pleated dresses.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi30

A similar version of the paper "Harmonic" is shown in this video:

Option 7.

We will form a harmonic again. Only you need to glue three halves of white leaf in length.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi31Harmony glue into the pipe and cut the silhouette of the upper half of the body.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi32Lubricate the bottom of the bottom of the silhouette and placing the pipe from the harmonica in the center. We scroll all the folds with glue and fixes the napkin so that they glued together. Then it turns out a lush pleated skirt.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi33It remains only to glue the handles and wings. You can still cut the candle and make a small paper book. Now our angel is reading a prayer or sings the christmas song when the candlelight lights.

Belye Angely Iz Bumagi34These snow-white creatures will fit into the interior of any premises and will become real guardian angels for those who you give them as a souvenir. And this is not to mention the pleasure that the process of making figures itself will deliver. You can attract young children to him. They will gladly take part in creating such beauty.

Option 8 (openwork)

Winter indulges us with magical holidays! The new year presents the opportunity to meet with friends and relatives, please each other with gifts, fulfill someone's cherished dream and return to childhood again. And Christmas gives an inexhaustible faith in a good and a miracle, which sometimes is so lacking in life. Let's and we get closer to the mysterious and try Make an angel The carrier world and the benefit on their wings. Be sure to tell the children the story of the Great Holiday and its meanings for all people. Then the angel is charged with the energy of your hands and hearts and will be the keeper of a happy life in the family!

Paper Angel 20.

List of materials required to create an angel openwork figure:

  • White (color) paper A4 format;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • eraser;
  • glue.

Prepare everything you need for the creative process. Paper can be taken white or color, depending on your wishes. Also, the figure of silver and golden paper looks originally.

Paper Angel 1.List bend in half. Expand and bend one of the half inside to the fold line. Expand a quarter of the sheet and bend in half into the inside. Do so to find the width of the strip to create a paper "accordion".

Paper Angel 2.Make also with the second half. After that, collect a sheet in the "harmonica", as it should be sobroved all the bends.

Paper Angel 3. Paper Angel 4.Draw various patterns in the first half of the "accordion" with a simple pencil - this is the future apparel of the angel. Edge Make a rounded.

Paper Angel 5.Draw the pattern on the top of the "harmonica" - this is the future wings of an angel. Make the edge leaf-shaped (with a pointed end).

Paper Angel 6.Cut the pattern at the bottom of the paper blank. Cut care neatly, without a rush, otherwise you can cut up too much.

Paper Angel 7.Cut the pattern at the top of the "harmonica".

Paper Angel 8.If you fix the workpiece, then it will turn out such an openwork "cloth".

Paper Angel 9.From white paper cut two identical stripes. The length of the strips must be at least 20 cm, width 1-1.5 cm.

Paper Angel 10.Bend one of the strips four times. Cut an arbitrary pattern over the entire surface.

Paper Angel 11.Use the second strip in the design of the angel's head. Roll a small ring and glue edges. The remaining strip length wrap around the first ring so that the second rounded row is turned out. Make the third rounded row by gluing the balances of the strip.

Paper Angel 12.These items should turn out of paper strips.

Paper Angel 13.Go to the design of an angel figurine. Calculate the middle of the "accordion". For convenience, consider the assembly on both sides. At the top, make an incision in a depth of 6-7 cm, start your wings. So you divide the wings of an angel.

Paper Angel 14.Stick in the middle assemblies along the body of an angel to the place of folding wings so that the figure does not develop when climbing them.

Paper Angel 15.Lubricate the sides to stick your wings to the robe.

Paper angel 16.Rail the wings and apparel angel.

Paper Angel 17.Stick the head in the middle of the wings.

Paper Angel 18.Stick the patterned strip from one edge of the wings to another.

Paper Angel 19.Lift the paper cover on the paper to the wings as you should dealt. Gently open the assembly of the robe, as if opening the fan.

Paper Angel 20.An unusual figure of an openwork angel is ready!

Paper Angel 21.What's the beautiful! Angel, as if he went with heaven - such a gentle, air! And the wings seem to be woven from lace! This figure will become a beautiful gift, decoration of the interior or festive ate, and also suitable for decorating postcards, garlands or christmas wreaths. In any case, the angel will become your keeper and a messenger of good news! And let your home reign happiness, love and well-being!

A more complex option - in the Origami technique:

Simple angels

Children's videos, how to easily make a simple stretching of angels:

Angels - Outstands (cutting in templates)

Very nice looks on the windows cut out of white paper drawings (extentantics). On the Internet many options templates for cutting angels For example, such:



79225658_LARGE_2. 79225659_LARGE_6M. 79225660_LARGE_16. 79225661_LARGE_18. 79225663_LARGE_22L 79225664_LARGE_24 79225665_LARGE_27D. 79225666_LARGE_29. 79225667_Large_30. 79225670_LARGE_AGYALOK0024. 79225672_LARGE_BN003. 79225677_Large_fgg.


79845848_LARGE_265 94765029_LARGE_2243_02.

Candlestick paper "Angel, Barette"

This handicraft looks very unusual, it seems that the angel made of thin paper keeps a candlestick in his hands with a burning candle. How to do it, look in a detailed master class.

Paper Angel Candlestick 01

Another interesting option to video from YouTube is a paper tube handicraft:

See also:

Paper Angels Colored

Cvetnye Angely Iz Bumagi29

Angels do it yourself

Angely Iz Nitok.

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Another interesting:

Send your photos

Do you also make beautiful crafts? Send photos of your work. We will publish the best photos and send you a diploma diploma.

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New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

The touching figures of angels have long been considered the main symbol of Christmas, a guard and protection against evil forces. On the eve of New Year holidays, you can make such a cute gift or Decoration on the Christmas tree - from fabric, paper, cotton disks, ribbons, threads, plasticine.

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

We S. Joy-Pup. Picked up a few simple workshops with step-by-step photos and video to create wonderful angels. To do this, any healthy materials that will be found in every home, and you will find the most interesting ideas below. Pleasant creativity!

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

Beautiful Angel of Paper: Step-by-Step Master Class Crafts, Photo

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

Paper angels are the easiest version of the crafts, which, forces, every beginning needlewoman. We propose to make some such angels with your own hands to decorate the interior to the new year, give the home festive look. Even a child can cope with this - our master class is the smallest.

Materials on the master class "New Year's Angel":

  • Paper napkins White (side 25 cm) - 2 pcs.
  • Vata.
  • Decorative tape, braid
  • Thicks

How to make a step by step angel for the new year from paper, photo:

  1. The napkin lay out on the surface, in the middle we put a piece of watts.
  2. All angles connect diagonally - as a triangle.
  3. We form your head and torso, wrapping the middle of the thread.
  4. The second napkin fold the harmonica. In the center we tie the thread - the angel wings turned out.
  5. Wings tie to the workpiece of the body using the tape.
  6. Nimbi make a decorative braid. All, our paper angel is ready! Such. Cleather It will be an excellent decoration of the New Year's table, a Christmas tree, part of any festive composition.
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

Selection of photoide of paper angels for the new year:

To create Christmas angels from paper, use sequins, beads, shiny ribbons, other elements of the New Year decor. To significantly simplify the process will help all sorts of templates - it is enough to print and cut the finished base.

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

Liquecotically draw a pencil or felt-tip pen, and make a hollow for hanging from a durable thread. Give your close note of the magic - paper angels made by your own hands.

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

New Year's Angel from Foamiran do it yourself: master class on video, ideas

Angel from the wicker Foamyran looks very smart and festive brightly. Try to make a figure of a New Year Angel on our master class on video. Here you will find a detailed description of the lesson, as well as a set of necessary materials for creativity.

Ideas in the photo for the New Year's craft "Angel":

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

Original handicraft for the new year - an angel of twine and cardboard, step by step

New Year's decorations for the house emphasize the magic atmosphere of the holiday, raise the mood. We offer an interesting master class to create an angel from twine and cardboard, which is easy to repeat at home.

List of materials on the master class of the New Year's Angel:

  • twine
  • cardboard
  • Plastic christmas toy
  • compass
  • Tape sticky
  • scissors
  • PVA glue
  • White paint
  • Lacy braid
  • Feltolsters

New Year Handmade Angel, Step-by-step instructions:

  1. On the cardboard sheet, we draw a circle (diameter 21 cm), cut out. We divide on 2 equal parts. Then one blank is cut into two parts again - it is sleeves.
  2. Much detail and small pieces turn in the form of cones, glue.
  3. Top to flash glue and wrapping the twine.
  4. Cray and wait full drying.
  5. We decorate a lace braid.
  6. Sleeves stick to the body. The ball (head) also put the pieces of twine.
  7. For the Nimba, we use braid or foil. Fresh head to the body with glue.
  8. Cut out the fenders from the cardboard, decorate the braid and glue on your back.
  9. Flomasters draw a face - and angel is ready!

Different options for New Year's angel from twine and cardboard:

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

Step-by-step video lesson for creating angel from a fate:

Collection of photo ideas of the New Year's craft "Angel":

New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup
New Year Angels do it yourself: simple master classes in the photo and video, a selection of ideas from Joy-Pup

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The original article is posted here:

From paper, you can make it possible to make all sorts of crafts, quite fantasy or stencil. This is familiar with the childhood snowflakes, paper boats, and more complex products - origami or quilling. With the whole family, especially before the New Year and Merry Christmas, it is nice to create small works of art and christmas decorations, such as angels.

We will analyze in detail how to make a decorative angel.

Brief content of the article:

Easy Angel option

Prepare paper, better color or shiny.

Stages of work:

The sheet needs to be folded in half, on the one hand draw a thin figure, over the head of the Round Nimb. Carefully cut with scissors.

Angel dress is a brilliant paper rolled into a cone. A wide base should be stable, and in the upper part it will be necessary to insert a head with a nymb. The face later to calculate the felt-tip pen (long cilia, wavy hair). Nimb is better to bring a little ahead.

Wings can be done in different ways. They are large, examples can be viewed on the Internet, can be narrowed to the bottom, as in the picture.

Be sure to be folded in prayer pens that glue glue. The handles can be combined with long thin sleeves that go or dress on the craft head.

You can then add elegant elements. For example, crush the wings, down the dress to decorate sequins, color beads, etc.

Such a figure will stand on the horizontal plane, and you can make a Christmas toy from it. Striped silver paper, folded in half, link and hide on the Christmas tree, chandelier, sconce.

Flying angel

There are many options for homemade angels.

Need to work:

  • White paper;
  • stencil (pattern);
  • scissors.

Stencil is easy to choose from books or internet, print suitable size. On the A-4 sheet, the entire figure of angel is placed.

In the center of the head with blond hair and a nimber above the head. Below the castled dress yellow or other color, horizontally you can draw the ornament of the opposite color. Better to better make waves.

From the center of the dress up, white-blue wings, each pen can be perfted well. The side of the sheet will fit the handles - a wide slight bent strip, on each side handle.

Sarafan coat the cone, we cross the wings according to the cuts made. Fix my scotch inside. Inside the sundress make slots to insert the handles.

In the nimble to make a small hole and turn thread or brilliant paper. Christmas toy is ready.

Air angels with stars

For this craft, you need 2 sheets or twice twice. It is better to take yellow or golden, silver paper.

Step-by-step instruction of the manufacture of angel with their own hands:

Cut out two angels strictly by template. The two figures are the same, then glue the head, nimb and handles, and the wings in the shape of hearts over the sleeves are divorced in different directions.

We denote the dotted seats of folds. Bending skirt will give the volume of the product.

The skirt consists of 4 equal parts, each in each cut out so that a translucent skirt turned out. It will be volumetric, at the bottom of the skirts hang for string stars with slots inside.

The last step is to tie a beautiful thread for hanging the toy on the Christmas tree or chandelier. With the slightest breeze, angels and asterisks will swing.

Angel Crafts for beginners

We will analyze what an angel can be made. Most often of paper, cardboard, colored paper, napkins, etc.

There are glued packs of colored sheets for notes in stationery stores.

Sarafan. We take 2 leaves, for example, yellow. We turn each sheet of the accordion, necessarily evenly for beauty.

The harmonica is well smoothed with fingers. Approximately 1/3 bend and we are twisted from the base - it is half the dress with a sleeve. The second leaf is folded similarly, but in the other side and we are lining.

Head of Angel. We take the same color paper, cut out a long thin strip. Gently tightly fold the tape for the entire length of A-4. We leave a small "tail" in several centimeters, and turn around the head - this is the head and the Nimb. Below to glue a little, and a small "tail" is left.

Figurine. We take 1 half, where the sleeve looks left, inside (right) you need to put the "tail" from the head and the nimba. We smear the other side of the "tail", and glue the 2nd half of the Sarafan angel. Let dry the product, the angel is ready.

If you apply a little fantasy, sundress and wings can be inventing all forms in various techniques. The pupae prepared first look original, and then wear them into the lungs openwork saragins, to glue the wings behind.

We offer to look at the finished work in the photo of the angels of paper.

Photo of paper angels do it yourself

We also recommend viewing:

Please make repost

Zoya Vitalievna reasonable Christmas angels from paper. Master Class

Christmas Angels . Master Class

Christmas angels from paper. Master Class

Necessary materials and tools :

• Sheet Paper (color according to your desire)

• Scissors

• Pencil

• Rhunt

• Toothpick

• PVA glue

Good time of day, dear friends and guests of my page!

Today I imagine Master class of making christmas angel of paper . The snioles are easy to manufacture and under the power of children of kindergarten.

Angels can be decorated with a christmas card , wall newspaper, interior, make a garland or just hang on the New Year tree.

For making crafts take sheet colored (color according to your desire) or white Paper .

In length and width we make a markup of 9.5 cm. From one sheet should turn out 6 squares.

For one Angel take 2 squares .

Each of the squares fold the harmonica (corrugated) .

With the help of scissors, rounded the edge of the blanks for giving the openwork.

We collect one blank in the harmonica and bend about 1/3 part - it will be a ward Angel .

We applied the second workpiece to the first and will also shine at the same level.

We glue the wing to the dress, we use the PVA glue.

In the same way, we act in the second part of the crafts.

For the head, we take a strip for quilling about 50 cm long.

We use toothpick, cover roll, fixing glue in several places.

The end of the strip is glued so that it turns out to be Nimb.

Insert the blank for the head between the dressing of the dress and fix the PVA glue.

From one sheet paper turns 3 angel .

And these Angels I made a white sheet office Paper , dividing a sheet into two equal parts.

I thank everyone who looked at my page!

Angel of paper

The angel of paper may be as a Christmas tree, or a dwelling decor on Christmas and New Year holidays.

When it is created, you can experiment with flowers, but best of all the angels look out of white paper.

Therefore, it will take white paper or cardboard to work, a simple pencil, scissors, pattern, very rarely glue.

Paper angel with her own hands: Top 5

1 version of paper angel

Angel of paper

Take advantage of the presented template and cut the harvesting angel.

Paper angel pattern

The figure shows two straight lines - they also need to be cut, these are slits, with which the type of angel with wings will be formed.

Angel of paper

Roll the workpiece, as it were, in the tube, at the same time directing the slot on the side of the incision near the angel's head.

Angel of paper

The cuts must come together until the stop will be reached 2 symmetric wings, perfectly holding even without glue.

Angel of paper

Angel is ready, it is stable on the surface, but it is also possible to stick to it to it to subsequently decorate the Christmas tree. Optionally, an angel can give an appearance. But this is optional.

Angel of paper

2 Emboding of an Angel of Paper

Angel of paper

Using a template, cut out this sad harvesting angel with hands raised up.

Paper angel pattern

Cut is needed on all lines and necessarily cuts for fastening. Heart in the middle can also be cut, or paint it into another color, as an option, apply silver shine.

Angel of paper

Further all the same actions as in the first version: the sides are wrapped back, while the incision of the side connect with a cut in the middle, so that the angel wings are formed.

Angel of paper

3 version of the surround angel

Angel of paper

This exercise is more complicated by the previous ones, since it is necessary not only to carefully cut through the wavy edge, but also cut the circles. You also need to cut your head, hands.

Paper angel pattern

The workpiece is ready, it remains only to connect the back of the slot and straighten the beautiful wings.

Angel of paper

True, this angel looks more like a fairy, but it will still be beautifully looking at the Christmas tree and on any surface.

Angel of paper

4 version of an angel of paper by template

Angel of paper

This option is a little similar to the first, only with your hands. Print and cut the blank by template, gently cutting the side waves and ring lines in the middle.

Angel of paper

Angel of paper

Further with the wings of action are all the same, they need to be back and combined the slits. But at the same time, the ring on top of the head should be lowered down, to the front of the angel, and then slightly compress in the middle so that the hands folded in prayer.

Angel of paper

5 Angel version

Angel of paper

The caretaker differs from all previous ones. Angel is severe and not at all children. Reminds the monument. Beautiful on the surface, but here, in my opinion, on the Christmas tree he is not a place.

Print and cut the template.

Angel of paper

Fold twice the paper, put the template to the place of bend and circle. Then cut the workpiece.

Angel of paper

Open, and at the bottom, make a ring and glue the tips to get a stand. It turns out such a solid paper angel.

Angel of paper

Choose your favorite and forth to the most interesting creative activity.

Angel of paper

Many want to support home furnishings with beautiful decorative objects or have a mood in the workplace. This idea comes, for example, when considering the photo of an angel craft.

But, as a rule, such pleasure is not cheap. One small interior decoration may stand, as a thing with more worthwheeling functionality, but unintentional for simple leaving on the spot, and handmade works are more beautiful and individual than conveyor, but stand even more. Then how to cope with such a dilemma? Refuse to decorate space?

Independent manufacture

For myself

Why refuse if there is a valuable resource and simple solutions? You can create your own perfect decoration for the interior and at the same time not to spend great. You can refer to inability, lack of time or just to do it, and refuse to make an angel's handicap with your own hands. But remember how much you win.

Advantages for an adult

Pros from work on fake:

  • Raise the level of concentration - work with hands can be called meditation, which helps to eliminate fatigue, raising the mood and calming for nerves;
  • Develops critical thinking - a creative approach is needed to many at work, in which it occurs from time to time. The elementary change of activity helps to switch the brain and come to the point of view of which initially and did not matter, but it is very well suited;
  • Mental relationships with a child are established - for those who have children is a real life-hack. Between the adult and the child, under common teamwork, confidence relations are established, which work the rest of their lives.

For children

Coming smoothly to the work of parents with children, it is worth mentioning and pluses in children's education in case of children's crafts. In addition to trusting relationship, the child develops:

  • Shallow motor
  • Communication skills;
  • Teamwork skills;
  • Creative, critical, alternative thinking;
  • Imagination;
  • Elementary methods of knowledge of the world;
  • Elementary knowledge of the world;
  • Interest and attraction to the world around;
  • Responsibility and discipline.

Therefore, each parent is worth practicing with their children under the means of making simple crafts.

Angel of paper


The angel of paper is a very simple deal, raising everyone who looked at the mood. It will suit, both for the holidays (Crafts of the Christmas Angel, for example.), So for ordinary decoration. Manufacturing techniques spread from the simplest to the most difficult. In the work on an angel, it is difficult to make a mistake, and while working it is better to include imagination, and not adult evaluation thinking. When working with any craft, it is worthwhile to appreciate your abilities. It is impossible to treat your work critical. It must be remembered that the work is happening in the work. The exercise should not take strength, but should inspire and work.


Of course, if an angel of paper, then the main material for him is, of course, paper. But also you may need from the basic items:

  • Scissors;
  • Clay pencil or liquid;
  • Circula or any items with circumference elements that can be bought;
  • Line;
  • Pencil.

Additional materials

Also to complicate, but in this case, you can use the work:

  • Wool;
  • Threads;
  • Cereals;
  • Elements for drawing (handles, pencils, markers.);
  • Shells;
  • Glue gun (hot) to glue especially complex elements;
  • The cloth;
  • Feathers;
  • Money (but it is straight for brave);
  • and other.

The list is absolutely infinite. It is worth only to include fantasy and logic, as a masterpiece is created.

Where to begin

How to make a christmas angel? You can start with the basics. Create a canvas on which you will create. And the canvas will be a torso and head. Take a paper sheet, take a circular or any object with circumferential elements (plate, mug, etc.) and draw a circle, mark its center.

Cut the circle, swipe the radius from the center of the circle to its face and cut it on this radius to stay in the center. Roll the circle into the clarity and glue it so. Further head. It's more difficult with her. Cut 2 identical circles with a small rectangular indentation from the circle. Spread exactly two circumference, and rectangular indents glue around the body. The basis is ready.

On a note! Psychologists in some therapy for different ages use precisely neutral music to relax the person with whom they work.

You can also find an angel craft template, which is just printed, cut and glue.


Craft of an angel of paper may look much more interesting. In order for angel to look interesting and cheerfully to him to stick something. You can cut and glue your arms. Nimb can be attached with the toothpick to the head. Draw or glue patterns using threads, ropes, unnecessary shoelaces. You can initially make a round snowflake, and it is already to turn it into an angel, which will have beautiful cuts on clothes. Print various items. Create a beads maze.

Attention! It is enough just to put all items in front of them and the ideas will come by themselves. Especially if on the background to include relaxing or beloved music.

Never scold yourself for an unsuccessful experience. Know that not everything turns out the first time, but with constant practice, you can roll the mountains.


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