How to remove the profile on the Mamba website forever

If you are interested in how to delete an account in Mamba, you should read this instruction. The removal process on this dating site is simple, it is easy to cope with it. For this you need to take the following steps:

  • First of all, you should enter the site. For this, email is standard and invented during registration password. If he was lost, you can restore the password using the system prompts.
  • After successfully completed login, the user hits the portal main page. In order to delete from the Mamba site, you need to find the right at the top of your name and click on it once the left mouse button. A drop-down list appears in which you want to select the settings.

To delete the page in Mamba you need to click on the name and select "Settings"

  • After that, the user falls into the "Personal data" tab, at the bottom of which is the "Delete Question" button.
  • After that, there are three proposed options. To remove the profile with Mamba, you will need to select "Delete Questionnaire".

    Need to choose from the proposed options
  • The new window will address the problems that could arise. Also here you can return everything back or continue the removal process.

    Specifying the cause of deletion
  • By clicking "Delete a questionnaire", the user falls on the page, where it is reported that the email is sent to the mail, with which it is necessary to confirm deletion. In addition, within 200 days from the date of removal, it is possible to restore the account.

    To delete you need to go to mail
  • In the mail in the incoming you want to find a letter in which you want to click on the "Delete" button.

    Letter at mail
  • You will then see the new window in which you need to enter your username, after which the final removal will occur.

    You need to enter login

After you do all actions, the profile will be finally removed.

Profile completely removed from the site

How to remove the application from the smartphone?

In addition to deleting on the site, users who use smartphone, you need to know how to remove from the Mamba application from the phone. The application itself is directly removed:

  • On Android deletion is carried out in the settings, in the "Application" subsection or on the main page, by dragging the label to the basket.
  • On iOS, go to the settings, then in the "Storage Place" - "Statistics" and delete the required application. You can delete through the homepage, as well as on the elephant.

Removing the application from the phone, you will not erase the account on the site itself. It is necessary to do all of the above actions on the resource.

What to do to remove the questionnaire with mamb

You can easily delete your profile from the dating site dating site quickly and quickly.

There are several ways to solve this issue:

  1. Turn off your questionnaire from search. In this case, you will not find users of the site Mamba. But all sections previously completed by you will be visible for site visitors.
  2. Delete completely in manual mode (read below).
  3. Automatic removal of the questionnaire with mamba (read below).

Manual removal of the questionnaire with

1. You need to go to your dating site page, click on the setup link (Icon in the form of a gear, at the top of the right side).

Go to settings

2. At the bottom you will find the Delete Question button.

Delete questionnaire

3. The pop-up window offers: exclude from the search, completely removed.

Message Removal questionnaire

4. To continue the process of deleting the service profile, the service offers to enter the mailbox and follow the instructions in the letter.

Instructions on mail

5. An example of a letter with the topic "Confirm the removal of the site profile of the knowledge."

Confirm the removal of mambo.

6. The letter contains a link that needs to be pressed to end the removal of dating profile from Mamba.

Removal link Questionnaire

Automatic removal of the questionnaire

If during 6 months you did not enter your account on the dating site, the questionnaire is to be removed as not relevant.

A month before deleting, you will receive a letter, that the profile at will be deleted by the dating service administration.

Within 6 months, the administration will send letters with the ability to restore the questionnaire. To restore, you just need to click on the link that has activated your account.

Removal of the questionnaire

Offer Restore form

Delete the questionnaire on Mamba from the mobile is possible through two versions: browser and application. After deactivation there is a short period of recovery of the questionnaire.

Remove the account in Mamba: two ways

Removing the page in Mamba from the phone, the user must initially save personal data. For example, photos or correspondence, through the function: "Screenshot". There is a period of recovery that the owner of the page can take advantage after deactivation. At the same time, the data persists, like chat rooms, comments and ads.

Delete profile:

  • through the browser version;
  • Mobile application in Play Market and AppStore.

Browser version Identical computer: The owner can edit the account, add photos and delete the questionnaire.

Dating site offers several deactivation options:

  • temporarily eliminate from the search;
  • transfer to the Temo;
  • Delete forever.

Page Removal Options in Mamba

If the user deletes only the application - the questionnaire, connected premium services remain active.

Delete profile through the mobile version of the site

Delete the page in Mamba from the phone can owners of iOS and Android, using the installed browser. To enter the account, you need to use a combination of a login and password or logged in with the help of a social network.

How to remove the profile:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Log in - Press the avatar icon.
  3. Settings are basic. Settings in Mamba.
  4. Scroll down - remove the questionnaire.
  5. Select: "Full deletion" - confirm the action using the password. Delete questionnaire in mamba

It is proposed to hide a profile from the general search: visitors will not be able to send an application as a friend, see the biography or photos. It will not be available when searching for Google and Yandex. To restore such a questionnaire, you need to re-log in and go to the display parameters on the site.

Profile transfer to the Temo - transfer of credentials to another dating site similar to Mamba. The user can undergo a psychological test to enhance the chances of a quick search for the second half.

Deactivate with mamba

Mobile application is available through Play Market and AppStore. The user needs to be logged in to perform any actions with an account.

  1. Open dating site application on a smartphone.
  2. Authorized - My account. Settings in Mamba app
  3. Press the "Settings" icon from above. Basic settings in Mamba
  4. The main thing is to scroll through the list: "Delete Profile".

As in the browser version, you need to choose which type of deactivation. Before removal:

  1. Go to Play Market settings.
  2. Subscriptions - remove "Mamba" from the list of connected services.

If the profile owner has not previously paid the services on a dating site - Mamba will not appear in the list. You need to check the account status a month later: Users noted that the tools continue to be written off even after the disconnection. In such a situation, you need to apply for technical support by adding the screenshot of the receipt, the shutdown date.

There are many sites on the Internet for people dating, but everyone who was interested in this topic know that Mamba is considered the most popular system. Anyone can create a profile with its photos and a brief description, but everyone may have a desire to erase the account, so you should know how to remove the questionnaire on the mamba.

How can I delete the page on the site of Mamba


Any user profile contains some personal information (e-mail, telephone), which I would not want to just leave. Often it becomes the cause of removal from the service. You can do this in several ways, some of them imply that if desired, a person can restore the profile if there is no need. There are options such as Delete a page on Mamba:

  1. Hide data. If you just want some time not to receive messages or conduct a correspondence, it is not necessary to fully erase the profile, you can simply close the opportunity to other participants find you through the search.
  2. Close your account. If you need to completely erase all the data about yourself in the service, you should use the "Personal Data" section, it will be described in detail below how to completely delete the questionnaire from Mamba.
  3. With a long absence of a person, the page will be automatically removed under its login after 6 months.

In manual mode

The fastest way to retire from the mamba is manually through the settings. The main nuance of this procedure is that it will not fully erase, your profile will be hidden from other users, will not be visible in the search system. This is an option if you want to stop chatting through the site for a while. Instructions, how to remove from mamba:

  1. Go to the menu "My Page".
  2. Next, click on the "Settings" item to the right of the photo.
  3. Scroll down the page down and find the "Deletion of the questionnaire", click this item.
  4. A new window must appear, select the list "Turn off the questionnaire from the search." This will exclude you from the search, but will save the data on the site. Click "Next" to confirm the action.

Automatic removal

In the dating service, every day is registered a huge number of people who would like to find their halves. A large amount of information with photos will create an additional load on the site server, so the system algorithm implies automatic removal of the profile after 6 months, provided that it did not go on it. If you do not know how to remove the questionnaire from Mamba, just forget about it and do not attend your page: it will disappear itself. If you wish to restore it will have to deal with the support service.


How to delete a questionnaire with mobile version of Mamba

To improve the convenience of using the service, an application has been developed for modern smartphones that allows you to use your account from your phone. Many people use only him and did not even try to go to Mamba through the browser. The application interface is slightly different from the site version on the Internet. As a result, the procedure, how to remove the page in Mamba from the phone, somewhat different. To do this, you can use two ways:

  1. Switch the application from the mobile version to full and repeat all the steps that have been described above.
  2. Enter your login and password in the browser and spend all the steps from the section above.

The functionality of the application is not designed to remove the profile directly from the mobile, so in any case you have to choose a full version of the site. The procedure for removing the program from the phone does not differ from the standard Uninstall other utilities. You can still do not go to the profile for 6 months, and it will erase automatically.

How to retire with mamba completely

The procedure, how to remove the questionnaire of the Mamba, is very similar to the process of hiding from the search for your profile. In this case, it will be erased not just an account, but all the data along with the login, password. Instructions, how to remove the questionnaire from Mamba fully:

  1. Go to the "My Page" section.
  2. Click on the "Settings" and find the "Removing Question".
  3. Press the "Next" button twice, the message is highlighted that the message is sent to you in the mail, it contains a link to confirm the desire to erase the profile.
  4. Go to e-mail, make the transition by hyperlink from the letter from the Mamba service. You do not need to answer it. If you fail, simply copy the link to the browser address bar.
  5. In the window, click on the inscription "Delete Account".
  6. You will receive letters to E-mail to the e-mail with a message to restore the data, do not go on the link for a month, and the profile will disappear completely.

Video: Questionnaire on the site Mamba


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What is the method of removing a profile on mamba to choose: basic recommendations, e-mail alerts + correct sequence of removal via mobile application

Dating platforms are a reliable and practical way to communicate between people who are in the essence of communication laid various preferences: family creation, friend friends, communication with colleagues, etc.

On average, in accordance with the statistics, the data of which processed and published the American University of John Kebet in Rome, a person spends on such sites to 1.5 years. Active use is not more than 3.2 months, the peak of the activity of which falls on the first and half of the second month.

Based on this, the persecuted goal is achieved, and the need to continue their own page loses its relevance. That is why, every second user thinks or already looking for a way to remove its questionnaire from Mamba. The latter is the largest platform for dating that is constantly developing. Daily growth of users - up to 1,300 people. Remove your questionnaires throughout the same day - up to 250 people.

The reason for the desire to remove a personal questionnaire with mamba can be the lack of desire to continue the use of the resource, the need to limit personal data, as well as previously published photos.

Regardless of the cause, the removal of the questionnaire must be carried out correctly. That is why it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the information below and practical advice, which were repeatedly used by the former users of the Mamba dating site.

No need for further page

What will you need to remove?

  • computer with access to the network;
  • the phone that was specified when registering and verifying data;
  • Email;
  • some free time.

How to remove a questionnaire with mammons in manual mode?

To do this, it will be necessary, first of all, authorized on the resource, after which go to the profile settings section. The only disadvantage of this method is the lack of full-fledged removal. Having done the actions below on your computer, you will transfer the questionnaire to an inactive state in which it will stop indexed by the search engines of the site, and will also be completely excluded from the list of friends from any other users.

This method is the easiest and positioned by the Mamba service itself, as temporary removal, without the possibility of its prolongation in the future. He is chosen by those who still want to take advantage of the personal account for personal purposes, but, at the moment, 100% in this is inseparal.

This instruction consists of the following actions:

  • You must select the "My Page" menu;
  • Finding "Settings" (located on the right of the Account avatar, regardless of updates);
  • Move to the easiest page with the settings and select the "Removing Question" item;
  • In the browser window that opens, select the function "Turn off the questionnaire from the search";
  • Press "Next" to complete the procedure.

These are such simple actions consisting of 5 click clicks, limit the user page from all internal site systems, excluding its issuance in the search by key parameters. Friends also lose profile from the existing list.

Possible removal options

How does automatic removal?

Immediately it is worth noting that the full automatic removal of the page occurs after 6 months of lack of user activity. This is a standard event, thanks to which for new users (previously mentioned earlier - from 1,200 people per day) is released disk space on the server. Most of the latter occupy photos and other multimedia data.

If this option is suitable, and the fact that the questionnaire is still visible for half a year will be visible to everyone does not cause any contradictions, you can use it.

The disadvantage is the lack of the ability to restore the questionnaire and the entire information specified when registering information. In such matters, the support service also will also be able to help.

The deadlines for removal by the system are 6 months from the last visit

How to independently remove the profile from Mamba?

This instruction is very similar to the previous one, where it described how to hide data to demand their re-publication to use the site functions. Using the instructions below, you will lose not only the account and data, but also login, password. So, you can do this as follows:

  • Open section "My Page";
  • Select "Settings"
  • At the bottom of the page, find the "Removal Questionnaire" item.

After a double click on the "Next button" button, a new window will open with a notification of sending a letter to the mail specified when registering. Already a few minutes later, the user's verification procedure may rarely take to half an hour, a letter comes to the box. It will be a link by clicking on which the user confirms its intention relative to the full removal of the profile.

Once the transition is completed (the page will complete the download), the removal process will immediately begin. You do not need to answer this letter.

It is noteworthy that even for some time a former user will receive letters with proposals still reconsider their decision supporting profitable proposals of VIP users for a week or a few days.

For a month, it is enough to ignore such messages or, at all, add their spam chain, but not to specify the need to block the address of the sender.

As soon as the month is over, any messages will stop coming, and the previously used login and password will be reused for use.

If the link from the confirmation letter cannot be automatically transmitted, it must be copied to the address bar of any browser and click "Enter".

Detailed phased removal

How to remove the questionnaire through the mobile application Mamba?

Since a large number of users of this dating site use mainly mobile devices, for their comfort, the app was created by the application for tablets and smartphones.

The absolute record of dating site attendance using mobile devices amounted to more than 86% of the total number of registered users.

Since the application interface is somewhat different from the browser, with respect to which all the above instructions were brought, other actions should be performed for a full removal of the questionnaire.

First of all, with the help of a mobile browser, you must go to the site with subsequent authorization. After that, by moving the display from the mobile to the full (tab in the left corner of the smartphone screen, regardless of the browser), follow the aforementioned instructions for the full removal of the questionnaire.

Also completely delete the application, along with cached files and other reserved information, by going to the source of its download. So, for devices on Android - Google Play, for Apple - iTunes. Next, everything is performed in accordance with the recommendations of the system.

After passing all the steps, actually, as confirmation through the mail, it remains to remove the application itself from the smartphone. If this is not done, the login and password will remain tied to the system, and letters of a recommendation nature will continue to come to the mailbox every day.

Resource to download and delete the application

Can the site administration remove the profile?

To apply to a similar request to the site of dating site is not possible, as such services are not included in the regulatory work complex. The only thing that can make the governing body is to block the account due to the violation of the community rules. Such a sanctions measure is forced and is not subject to revision throughout the established period.

In this case, blocking for one reason or another is also a restrictive method, during which no one can familiarize themselves with the published information or leave a personal message.

It is extremely recommended to violate the principles that are written in the rules. This can lead to an IP address blocking. Ultimately, re-registration, unless, of course, will be necessary, will no longer be available.

Delete to move the questionnaire on Teamo

This is the third option that offers to choose the system at the very beginning of the removal of the questionnaire. Taking advantage of this option, the user gets the ability to automatically duplicate the questionnaire on a new Teamo dating site. An adult audience prevails on the latter, from 22 to 60 years, which allows you to position the resource as a site of serious dating.

After the removal process is completed (in rare cases, it may take up to 3 days), a page will be created on a new website with a registration of just one action. All that needs to be done is to undergo authorization in the personal account using the former login. A new password is created, as it is confidential information and cannot be used by the system in any manifestation.

If you need to remove the questionnaire with Teamo, then you need to follow the aforementioned instructions for the complete removal from the mamba. Settings, personal accounts are identical and differ only within the design.

How to remove a profile through written appeal?

Such an appeal, unlike the aforementioned, is sent directly to the technical support department, where it is considered in the order of the queue, regardless of the type of user appeals. The average period of consideration of the application takes from 7-15 days.

The application form and the address in which you need to send a letter is available on the site. If the section with the documentation is temporarily absent, you must directly contact the sample.

The application is filled from hand, indicating key information that acts as identifying user parameters. This is a login and password. Several contacts with which the correspondence has also served recently, are more information.

It is also worth mentioning that according to the number specified during registration, the operator will be performed in order to confirm the relevance of circulation and fix the cause of removal.

One of the options for removal, but the longest

What is the likelihood of using personal data by third parties?

After removing the profile, for a month all the information, photos, numbers of the specified mobile phones are stored on the server. After this period, they are erased automatically and irrevocably.

Thus, it is possible to accurately say that the use of data, after some time, is excluded by the dating site security system.

For the entire existence of a dating site, no one has yet filed official complaints regarding loss of access to account or the use of personal data for fraudulent purposes.

Is it possible to reuse the same nick

Of course, the reuse of all previously specified information may occur, but only after 30 calendar days.

It is worth knowing! A month later, the login can be occupied by another user. This happens completely randomly. The exceptions are nicknames with a complex combination of numbers and beaks.

As for the password, when re-registration is better to use a new one, a more complex combination combination of characters and numbers.

Login and password can be used without changes.


Thus, the dating site of Mamba provides its users with a full functionality, among which also has a removal of its own profile. Even, it would seem, in such a unclaimed function, elements of privacy settings were thought out, as well as the placement of the page in the archive completely free of charge for 30 extra days.

The site administration explains such a thorough approach to the usual optimization of all workflows, starting with simple registration and, ending with an independent suspended profile removal.

Most often, the reason for motivating to such actions, or lack of activity for 6 months (fraught with automatic removal), are relations between two users. So, only for the previous year, according to official data received from the users themselves, more than 4.2% of strong families from the total amount of the audience were created.

Dating site with the biggest audience

Summing up, you can accurately say, the removal of the questionnaire from the mamba is available in several variations:

  • with reservation of all information for 30 days (full hiding page);
  • Full removal by means of two-level verification through the tied mobile phone number and email.

In rare cases, the basis for removal can be a written application from the user. The disadvantage is a large amount of information for verification, as well as application processing for two weeks. This option is extremely rare, as it takes a lot of time, requires buying an envelope and sending a letter in the post office or any other transport company.

Before deleting a profile, you need to thoroughly think about the solution, and whether the VIP status is active, since the remaining privileges of the means are not returned.

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Remove the form on the Mamba dating site is possible in several ways, use one that is convenient for your situation. Mamba provides several options for removing the questionnaire.

How to delete computer profile

How to remove the questionnaire on the mamba with a desktop version of the site:

  • Enter the site by passing the authorization procedure, enter the login and password. If you do not remember the login and password, use the Password Recovery feature on the site.
  • On the main page of the MAMBA site in the upper right corner, click on the profile icon.

Profile icon

In the drop-down menu, select Settings - Basic, Delete the questionnaire.

Window Delete Questionnaire

System Suggest three options for removal of the questionnaire:

  1. Turn off the questionnaire from the list (this means that your form will be excluded from the list of questionnaires on the site, but all account data will be saved on Mamba);
  2. transfer the questionnaire to the TEAMO service;
  3. Fully remove the questionnaire together with the account.

Turn off the questionnaire

If you are not sure what you want to remove the questionnaire Mamba forever, select Disable the profile from the search. In this case, your questionnaire will not be shown to other users of the site, but all the personal data will be saved (profile text, personal photos, correspondence).

  • When you press the "Delete Application" button, the system will display a notification that the account is sent to your email address.
  • Click "Clear", and then log in to your mailbox, you will see such a letter in it:


In the letter, Mamba dating site to reaffirm your intention to remove the questionnaire.

Message in the letter

When you click the "Delete" button, the system will redirect you to the site where you need to confirm the removal of the questionnaire under login, and will also offer to try an alternative dating site.

Delete profile

After pressing the remove button, your questionnaire status will change to "deleted".

To keep you on the site, the system will offer to restore the questionnaire. If you did not change my mind to remove the form on Mamba, close the window by clicking on the cross in the left corner.

Your profile is removed.

Restore button

Attention! Your questionnaire data is saved on Mamba portal servers for 200 days. During this period, you can restore the questionnaire without losing data.

Automatic removal:

It should also be known that even if you did not manually delete your profile, after 6 months of lack of activity in your account, your data will be removed by the system automatically.

How to remove the profile from a mobile phone

Many users use Mamba's mobile application to communicate, it is convenient and functionally, but it is impossible to remove the questionnaire from the mamba.

To delete a mobile phone profile Log in to your Mamba account through the browser and follow the instructions above.

  1. To remove the Mamba application on Androd enter the settings, select the Mamba application and click the Delete button.
  2. To delete on iOS, enter the settings, click "Storage Place", then "Statistics", Choose the application, click "Delete".

ATTENTION: When removing the mamba application in a mobile phone, the questionnaire and account on the Mamba website are saved.

How to retire with mamba completely

After removing the questionnaire and account on the Mamba website, your data is not used on the site, but are saved on the portal servers. Within 200 days, you can fully restore your account and personal data. To do this, the Mamba website will regularly send you to the email address, opening which you can restore the questionnaire and the Mamba account in 1 click.

If you want to delete your data from the site completely simply do not open these letters.


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