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How to turn off the touchpad on the laptop

The users of laptop computers will certainly be useful to know how to turn off the touchpad on a laptop, because there are cases when this useful device bothers a little in work and preferably deactivate it for a while.

Touchpad (TouchPad) - This cursor control device was specifically created by Synaptics to replace a computer mouse in laptops.

It looks like a rectangular, and less frequently square touch panel, which perceives the touch of fingers to emulate the mouse.

The touchpad microcontroller is used as well as responsible for the operation of the entire plug-in peripherals - the South Bridge. Therefore, in the case of reinstalling the operating system, it is perceived as a standard HID device, which eliminates the need to install the drivers.

For decades, this technology remains unchanged and to some extent comfortable. Surprisingly, some users were as joined to the touchpad that they do not even feel any discomfort, and were not worse than with the mouse.

Most users still use the touch panel exclusively in rare cases when there is no possibility to connect the periphery or in cramped conditions.

It happens that while working at the laptop keyboard, users often encounter the fact that random clicks on the touch panel are knocked down the cursor that is wildly uncomfortable - in such cases it is useful to know how to disable the touchpad on a laptop with Windows 10 and other operating system versions.

Therefore, we collected several ways to help you for a while deactivate the touch panel.

Attention: If you do not have a number of mouse, do not attempt to disconnect the touch panel, using one of the following methods, since it takes it to enjoy it. Therefore, we strongly recommend connecting the mouse before manipulations with a touchpad.

Disable key combination

Laptop manufacturers use special key combinations to control additional options.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Key combination on ASUS laptop

As a rule, it is possible to disable the touchpad on a laptop using a combination of pressing "Fn + F9".

However, the key combination may vary, and instead of F9, any function button (F1-F12) is used, but the touch panel image must be present on it (less frequently crossed). By the way, the re-pressing activates the operation of this device.

For example, to disable the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop, you must use the combination "

Fn + F8.

" or "

Fn + F5.

". Touchpad on the ASUS laptop is already another combination - "

Fn + F9.

" or "

Fn + F7.

", And to disable the touchpad on the HP laptop at all can be separate buttons.

As you can see, the control panel control is customized and differ from the model to the model.

Additional key combinations on various laptop models:

  • Acer: Fn + F7
  • Dell Inspiron: Fn + F5 or Fn + F7
  • Sony Vaio: Fn + F1
  • SAMSUNG: FN + F5
  • TOSHIBA: FN + F5
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Disable separate button

On some models of Acer, HP and Lenovo laptops, the panel bar control button is made separately. It is enough to click on it to deactivate or activate the operation of the device.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Button in Laptop HP

In the game laptops, the TouchPad control key is additionally highlighted for the convenience of users.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Separate button in the game laptop Acer

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Disable program

In most cases, a program to control the touchpad from the manufacturer of Synaptics is supplied with Windows. Soft also includes a correct driver and they work together.

The installed Synaptics software can be determined in the tray - this is the panel in the lower right corner near the clock - there you can notice the touchpad icon. When you press the right mouse button, you can call the program settings, among which there is a shutdown option - simply activate it.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Configuring Synaptics Touchpad

If there is no icon in the tray, then you can call the tuning panel settings through the settings in the control panel.

In Windows 10, you must go to Start> Settings> Devices where the peripheral menu opens. We choose point "Touchpad" and click on the button "Extra options" , After that, the properties of the table panel will open, you can already control it with the setting.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Setup in Windows 10

On Windows 8.1, this option is at another address: Start> Computer Settings> Computer and Devices> Mouse and Touch Panel .

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Settings in Windows 8.1

In Windows 7 and Vista, access to these settings is located on the next way: Start> Control Panel> Equipment and Sound> Mouse . Yes, in these operating systems, the touchpad is submitted to the mouse setting, and if the touch panel driver is set, a separate tab will appear with the settings where the device can be disabled.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Control Panel in Windows 7

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Turning off through "Task Manager"

There is a way to force the Synaptics software that is responsible for the operation of the touchpad. The method is characterized by simplicity and the same for all versions of Windows.

Just press the keyboard keyboard combination Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC And the "Task Manager" will appear. Next, it is necessary to manually find a program called "Synaptics" or "Etd Control Center" (in ASUS laptops) in the long list - the search is not provided, so you will have to find it manually.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Disconnection through the task manager

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

ASUS laptops use ETD Control Center

After finding, we highlight the process with the mouse cursor and click on the "Complete Process" button In the lower right corner of the window. After that, the touch panel will stop its work before rebooting the laptop.

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Disable through "Device Manager"

If you need a reliable way to deactivate Tacha, then turning off through the "Device Manager" will be quite by the way.

However, this method is suitable for more experienced users, since a random change in the settings of other hardware can lead to the unstable work of the entire system as a whole - be careful, do not disconnect anything superfluous.

You can get into the "Device Manager" by two ways.

First way through the option "Run" : Press the key combination "Win + R" and in the window that opens the command "Devmgmt.msc" (without quotes).

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

"Run" window with the "DevmGMT.msc" command

The second path through the key combination "Win + Pause / Break" where in the menu opened "System" choose "Device Manager"

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Call "Device Manager" through the "System"

In the Device Manager, you need to find item "Mice and other signs" . The list opens will appear "HID-compatible mouse" - Disable, agreeing with the warning.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Disable through "Device Manager"

In some cases, the touchpad will continue to work even after the disconnection, but then "HID-compatible mice" It usually happens 2 or more - therefore it is necessary to sort out between them, it turns off it alternately until the result is achieved.

This method is reversible if you want to turn on the touch panel by the right mouse button on the deactivated device and simply turn it on.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Turn on back

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Disconnection via bios.

Important remains the fact that shutdown through the BIOS is the most reliable way to deactivate. The fact is that BIOS is directly related to all computer hardware parts, in particular with the southern bridge responsible for controlling the plug-in periphery.

Important! You should not enter the BIOS if you don't understand why it is needed and how it works. Careless behavior and disabling important options may affect the loading of the operating system and fail the individual components of the computer.

If you are firmly intend to use this method, then read carefully.

First turn off the laptop completely. Then turn on again and after the POST logo appears quickly press the "F2" or "F10" key, or "F12", or "Delete". From the first time it may not happen, because a little time is given to the choice, and for the entrance to the BIOS under different models of laptops corresponds to various buttons.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Disable Internal Pointing Device in BIOS

If the input has been successful, then with the keyboard, go to the tab "Advanced" (Admission confirm the "ENTER" key), and then select "SYSTEM PROPERTIES" . Next, depending on the Laptop model, the function will be displayed. "Keyboard / Mouse Features" or "Device Options" - come there.

Find a string that reads how "INTERNAL POINTING DEVICE" - Press "ENTER" and in the appearance of the window to select "DISABLE" - This option will turn off the touchpad.

You can get out of the BIOS button "ESC" : Go out to the main menu, then go to the menu. "SAVE & EXIT" , Select "Save Changes and Exit" and confirm the output to the button "YES" .

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

We leave from the BIOS, saving the selected settings

If the desired item was not found, do not be discouraged - not all models of laptops support the function of turning off the touch panel. We have another way to disconnect.

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Disconnection using third-party programs

There are a number of small utilities that block the work of the wheel panel forcibly. They are created just in case the ways described above did not help you or are not suitable.

We recommend the universal utility - TouchPad Blocker. A small free program has a large set of useful features to work with a touchpad: autoload when starting the operating system, turning off the pineage for a while, turning off the multitouch and scroll, as well as your choice of key combination for turning on and off.

The program does not distract when working and is in the tray, but caused by the right click. You can download it at this address.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. Step-by-step instructions: 7 shutdown ways!

Touchpad Blocker Program Settings

Features and program settings:

Automatically Run On Startup - automatic start of the program when entering the system. Exhibits a tick that the program starts to work immediately after Windows startup. Show System Tray Notification - The option to enable and disable notifications in the system tray.

Block Accidental Taps and Clicks - Locking random clicks, in other words, turn off the panel when entering text on the keyboard. When this item is selected, the drop-down menu becomes available in which you want to specify the time to which the touchpad turns off after pressing any key.

For example, if you set 3 seconds, then during this time the touchpad will not respond to your actions.

ALSO BLOCK MOVE AND WHEEL EVENT - blocking the scroll of pages when presented on the touchpad. BEEP WHEN Click is blocked - Sound alert when locking the touchpad. Turn Blocker On and Off - Setting hot keys to enable / disable the program.

Almost all models of laptops are equipped with a special touch panel, referred to as a touchpad. It is intended mainly to control the mouse cursor, as well as the context menu call in various programs and the Windows 7/10 interface. Manufacturers of laptops are trying to make the touchpads as convenient as possible, but no one is able to replace one of them in terms of convenience the most ordinary computer mouse.

Moreover, in some cases it becomes a hindrance. By typing the text, the user accidentally touches it with his fingers or palm, because of which the cursor shifts on the screen, the unnecessary items are distinguished and the like. Therefore, some users are looking for ways to disconnect the touchpad so that the latter does not interfere with when working. There are several ways to do this and now we will look at them.

Using hardware keys

You can turn off the touchpad on a laptop by pressing a special combination of hot "hot" keys, but this is provided that the corresponding drivers will be installed in the system of the laptop computer. In addition, for different models of laptops, keyboard combinations of shutdown of the touch panel may differ. First of all, look at the top row of the laptop keyboard - on one of the keys there should be a crossed touchpad icon. This button is responsible for shutdown.

Combination keys to turn off the touchpad

In general, in laptops to temporarily turn off the touch panel, combinations are used:

  • Aser - F7 and Fn + F7;
  • ASUS - F9, Fn + F9 and Fn + F7;
  • DELL - F5 or Fn + F5;
  • Lenovo - Fn + F5 / F8;
  • TOSHIBA - F5;
  • Samsung - F5 or F6.

In the laptops of the HP brand, the touchpad is disconnected by double pressing the area in the right upper corner or holding the finger at this point within a few seconds. If the described way to disable the touchpad does not succeed, most likely there are no necessary drivers on the PC. In this case, either download and install them from the official site of the manufacturer, or proceed to other options.

Through the control panel in the mouse properties

Many modern laptops are equipped with sensory panels. Synaptics. . If so, in the system, you will most likely be installed a special driver, and in the mouse properties window there will be a special tab "device parameters", marked with a characteristic red icon. Through the "Parameters" or classical control panel, open the properties of the mouse.

Go to the mouse parameters through the "Parameters" utility

Switch to the tab (if any) "Device Settings", select the device unnecessary to you, in this case the touchpad, and disconnect it with the corresponding button.

Touch the touch panel via the SYNAPTICS driver window

Yes, you can also choose the average option by setting the bird in the checkbox "Disable the internal indicating device when connecting an external indicating device to the USB port." This action activates the touchpad automatic shutdown function when connecting to a portable mouse computer. Again, all this implies the presence of the necessary drivers on the PC. Now let's see how to turn off the touchpad on a laptop if there are no.

Turning off the touchpad through device manager

You can disable the touch panel through Windows Device Manager. Open the equipment tool Devmgmt.msc. And expand the mouse branch and other indicating devices. If you see the Mouse PS / 2 device in the list, then it is most likely there will be a touchpad.

Find a touchpad in device manager

Click on the PCM device and select "Disable" in the menu. The touchpad can also be in the "HID device" branch and be called either a USB mouse, or TouchPad, or somehow, here you already have to experiment, converting it, and including devices.

What if the "Disable" options in the context menu are not? In this case, the device can be deleted, and so that when the system is restarted, it is not installed again, the team gpedit.msc. Open the Local Group Policy Editor Go to Location Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - Installing Devices - Device Installation Restrictions .

Prohibit the installation of devices via local group policy - Step 1

On the right column, open the policy "To prohibit the installation of devices that are not described by other policy settings", set the radio button to "Enabled" and reboot.

Prohibit the installation of devices via local group policy - Step 2

After that, the remote device will not be installed again.

Note: On the discs supplied with laptops, there are often "native" programs to control the touchpad, for example, Smart gesture. in ASUS. If such a program is installed on your PC, the touchpad in the device manager will not be called "Microsoft PS / 2 mouse", but somehow otherwise.

Displaying a touchpad in ASUS Laptop Device Manager

In this case, it is better to use the program to disable the touch panel, for sure it has an appropriate function.

ASUS Smart Gesture Program Interface

Disable Touchpad in BIOS

If you are looking for how to disconnect the touch panel on a laptop without using system settings and programs, do it at the hardware level - via BIOS. On most laptop models, the input to the BIOS is performed by pressing and holding the F2 or DEL keys. The interface of different BIOS portable computers can differ, but as a rule, the Option is called "Internal Pointing Device" and is located in the Advanced section.

Turning off the touchpad through bios

The "disabled" key disables the touchpad, the "Enabled" key again will use it. New BIOS settings are saved by pressing F10.

Using third-party programs

And finally, another way to turn off the touchpad. For these purposes there are special utilities. Their few and some of them may not work on senior versions of Windows. Most popular of them is Touchpad Blocker . After installation, this small free program is settled in the system tray, automatically blocking random pressing on the touch panel.

Touchpad Blocker

In the TouchPad Blocker settings, you can turn on the startup, set the touchpad blocking time and install the "hot" keys you need.

TouchFreeze - Utility for blocking a touchpad used before Windows XP appears. It is very unlikely that it will work in Windows 7/10, but as an option, you can try it. The utility is completely devoid of any settings, it turns on to work immediately after installation. It is possible to close it from the system tray.


TouchPad Pal - A program similar to the TouchFreeze program, only turns off the touchpad at the time of entering the text. Settings are devoid, controlled from the notification area.

TouchPad Pal

If the tools described above are not satisfied, try installing the driver. Synaptics TouchPad Driver. . In theory, after it is installed in the properties of the mouse, you should appear an additional tab "device parameters", and in it - the touchpad control tools. By and large, TouchPad Driver serves the same goals as the touchpad driver driver Microsoft Windows driver, but at the same time it also offers a number of additional features, maintaining a touchpad shutdown, using three fingers when controlling, rotating and some other functions.

You can use a laptop without a mouse, because it has a touchpad. Touchpad is a special capacitive detector who is able to react to touch. In other words, if there is no special manipulator at hand, the simple operations can be performed with a touchpad. This is a very simple operation, but there are several shutdown methods at once. It is necessary to take into account all the details and choose the most faithful way. If you have Touchpad does not work on a laptop .

How to turn off the touchpad on any laptop

Disable the touchpad of the mouse settings

Many modern laptops use touchpads manufactured by Synaptics. If a similar touch panel and the corresponding software is installed on the laptop, you can easily turn it off.

You can configure everything that when the manipulator is connected to the laptop, the touchpad will automatically turn off.

To disable the device follows: 1. Open the control panel, go to the "Mouse" .2. Next, you need to switch to the Synaptics tab and set the desired parameters. In the same menu, you can configure automatic shutdown.

How to turn off the touchpad on any laptop

Note! This method is relevant not only for Synaptics, for example, on my Lenovo Z5070 laptop there is also a tab of my touch panel, where I can turn it off or activate a function that automatically disables the touch panel when you connect a USB mouse.

Turning off the touch panel using device dispatcher

If the laptop uses a touchpad that was not made by Synaptics, then it will be necessary to go a little different way.

1. First of all, you must open the Device Manager. You can get into it using the "My Computer" label. To do this, you need to use PCM and select "Control" in the menu. In the window that opens, you need to go to the "Device Manager" tab .2. If the touchpad operates normally, it will be displayed in the list of all devices (in order to see it, you will need to open the "Mouse ..." tab). 3. If the device is present, then you need to click on it by PCM and disable.

How to turn off the touchpad on any laptop

Using a key combination

The above methods are quite workers, however, in some situations you can solve the problem much faster. On many laptops there is a FN key that opens access to the hidden keyboard functionality.

On the ASUS laptops, the touch panel is turned off using the key combination: Fn + F7 and Fn + F9.

If the Lenovo laptop, then the combination is Fn + F5 / F8.

HP will have to click twice the right upper corner of the touch panel or hold the finger in this place for a few seconds.

How to turn off the touchpad on any laptop

Note! You can use the above methods described above only if the desired drivers are installed for the touchpad (they can be downloaded on the manufacturer's website). The shortcuts of the keys on different models may differ, so you have to search for a suitable combination.

Output: Disable the touch panel is quite real, especially since you can use several methods.

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How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop: in detail

February 21, 2021

Posted by: Maksim.

Disable the touchpad on the laptop so that it does not interfere with working, playing or simply surfing on the Internet can be several simple ways.

Blocked touchpad (TouchPad) will not respond to any press and touch. It is convenient, so you can avoid unintended actions / clicks.

How to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop: in detail

The past material was dedicated to how to see the characteristics of the computer. From this article you will learn how to disable the touchpad on the HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, MSI laptop, and any other brand, because The instruction is universal and suitable for all models of laptops.

How to turn off the touchpad on the laptop

1. Use the keys

Look at your keyboard among the F1-F12 keys of the one on which the transmitted touchpad is drawn. Press it simultaneously with the FN key. And first clamping fn, and then the desired f ...

Also on some laptop models for these purposes, a separate button can be made.

So it can be quickly turned on and off, it is convenient, but there are no such buttons on all models of laptops, so there will be several ways.

Combinations on models:

  • Acer: Fn + F7;
  • Lenovo: Fn + F8, Fn + F5;
  • Asus: Fn + F9, Fn + F7;
  • Dell: Fn + F5, Fn + F7;
  • Sony: Fn + F1;
  • Samsung and Toshiba: Fn + F5.

Interesting! Pressing the keys may not work if special drivers for the touchpad are installed in the system. Therefore, check if you have installed (there must be a special icon in the task panel).

2. How to turn off the touchpad on the HP laptop

The manufacturer of the laptops of this brand did a TouchPad trip in its own way unique. To turn it off, you need to tap / click on the upper left corner of the screen. Drivers should be installed.

If it did not work, then simply press and hold there a few seconds of your finger. Then check it all.

3. In the Windows 10 parameters

1. Press the Win + I keys simultaneously on the keyboard and go to the "Devices" section.

2. In the left column, open the "Touch Panel" section and turn off the item item in the right. You can also turn on the back, only the slider must be put into active position.

4. Through Device Manager

1. Press the Win + R keys simultaneously and enter the command - Devmgmt.msc.

2. In the Device Manager that opens, open the "Mouse and Other Indicating Devices" section. Find here the device with the word TouchPad or Pointing, click on it right-click and disconnect.

Important! In some cases, it can simply be called a HID-compatible mouse or PS / 2 mouse. In this case, you will have to disconnect the tyk method. If you are inappropriate to turn off the mouse itself, simply open the device by pressing the Enter key, switch to the "Driver" tab and turn it back. To navigate through the items - press the Tab key.

5. In the Task Manager

In this case, everything is easy, we will simply complete the process of working as a touchpad software, and it will stop working.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and open the task dispatcher.

2. Sort the column by name - just click on the word "name". Find one of the processes: "Synaptics" or "Etd Control Center", the last for ASUS laptops. Click on it right-click and complete.

6. Through the SYNAPTICS drivers and others

If you installed Drivers / Software for a touchpad to your laptop, then in 99% of cases in the Treas Task panel, a special icon will appear to control it.

Click on it twice to open the settings, it is here that turn off the touchpad. If the drivers in Russian - then the button will be called "Disable", if in English, "disable" (see the picture above).

7. In Synaptics - Windows 7

In Windows 7, the icon in the tray is not always taken out and the settings are hidden in the control panel, first you need to go there.

1. Press the Win + R keys simultaneously and enter the command - Control

2. In the opened control panel, go to the "Mouse" section. Here, open the "ELAN / Device Parameters" tab and set the desired parameters.

8. In BIOS.

1. You must open the BIOS, to do this, turn off the laptop and turn it on again. During the appearance of the text on a black background or the logo of the laptop itself, press the DEL key until the BIOS appears.

2. Next, you need to act depending on which version of the bios is installed. Go to Advanced Advanced Settings, find there an item work with the "INTERNAL POINTING DEVICE" touchpad and disable it - set the "Disabled" position. Next, press the F10 key and save the settings. Laptop will boot with non-working TouchPad.

If you need to turn it back, then do the same thing, only set the value already "Enabled".

9. Use third-party software

If the methods described above do not work or want a more universal touchpad tool, you can use third-party utilities. Consider one such.

Touchpad Blocker

The address: Touchpad Blocker

A small high-quality utility that allows you to set up a touchpad shutdown for a while, on the hot keys, turn off the multitouch and configure the hotkeys. After installation, it is hanging in the tray and it can always be quickly run, plus there is a possibility of autorun with the OS, which is important. Although she and in English, in the settings you can quickly understand.

It will be interesting to disable TouchPad when you start printing on the keyboard. It just turns off at once for a certain time, which can be customized. The utility is very convenient in management and occupies a very few space in the system. Plus, practically does not consume the resources of the laptop itself, which may be important for old models.


If any of these methods does not want to work, just try another. All of them workers and in any case will help you achieve the desired result.

Touchpad is a touch mouse that is equipped with any portable computer. In some cases, for example, when an additional external mouse is used, the touchpad is more convenient to turn off so that it does not react to random touch.

In this article, you will learn about how to turn off the touchpad on a laptop. We will tell you immediately about several methods, select the one that you is comfortable.

How to turn off the touchpad on the laptop

How to turn off the touchpad on the laptop

Turning off through the properties of the mouse

Synaptics production touchpads, which are equipped with most laptops, will turn off through the properties of the mouse. To get into the properties of the mouse, go to the "Control Panel", then open the "Equipment and Sound" section and discard the "Mouse" section (in different versions of Windows, access to the properties of the mouse can be slightly different).

You will open a window with settings. Go to the "Synaptics" parameters tab (it may be called differently, it can be found in the red icon). Here you will see the "Disconnection when connecting an external USB mouse". Turn it on, and the touchpad will turn off automatically if you use an additional mouse.

Turning off the touchpad through the properties of the mouse

Turning off the touchpad through the properties of the mouse

If you have a mouse not Synaptics, and the official driver is installed on it, then you can turn off the touchpad through the manufacturer if provided for.

Turning off through device manager

If the method described above is not suitable, then use a universal way. It will suit any laptop.

Touchpad shutdown process via Device Manager

Touchpad shutdown process via Device Manager

  • Open the Device Manager through the "Properties" item "Computer" label;
  • In the device list, find "mice and other indicating devices". There you will see your touchpad that can be called differently;
  • Click on it right-click and then click "Disable the device".

Everything. Touchpad is turned off.

Turning off using keys

This is also a universal way that will suit everyone, but on different laptops, its implementation will be different. The essence of the method to use the FN key, which is on the keyboard of each laptop. By pressing it and another additional key, the user can enable and disconnect different devices, control the volume of the computer, the brightness of the monitor and make other operations.

You can disable the touchpad of the laptop using hot keys Fn +

You can disable the touchpad of the laptop using hot keys Fn +

To turn off the touchpad on the laptop, you must press the Fn button and holding it down, press another key. You can find out the second key on the image of the touchpad on it (or similar)

Here is a list of combinations for popular laptop stamps:

Mark laptop Press Fn + ...
ASUS. F7 or F9.
Lenovo. F5 or F8.
Acer. F7.
Sony Vaio. F1
Samsung F5.

These combinations will only work if official drivers are installed on the laptop.

On most of the HP models, turn off the touchpad key clusters will not work. To disconnect here, you can use two short touch to the upper left corner of the touchpad working field. On some models, instead of double touch, you need to apply a five-second one touch.

Turning off in bios.

The method will suit advanced users who understand what to do, since it is not correct to configure the BIOS can disrupt the operation of the computer.

When booting a computer, enter the BIOS management (from different manufacturers, ways to get into the BIOS differ, usually pressing the DEL or F2 keys). Touchpada can be disconnected in the "Configuration" or "Integrated Peripherals" paragraph. Find in this section "Pointing Device" and change its value to "disable". After that, you can exit BIOS by saving the changes, and download the computer. Touchpad will not work.

Video - How to turn off the touchpad on a laptop

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TouchPad is an analogue of a computer mouse, located in the laptop housing. If you enjoy the last on the road, the touchpad is indispensable, but when the laptop stands in the office or at home on the table, the sensor is more likely to work out than contributes to it. It's all about its location in front of the keyboard: the user clings the panel with the hand, the cursor "jumps" on the display or moves to another page. If the problem is familiar, it's time to learn how to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop.

How to turn off the touchpad on a laptop?

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Disabling Touchpad on Laptop: Theory and Practice

When choosing the optimal method of deactivation of the panel, it is worth considering the model and brand of the laptop itself. Universal way, how to turn off the touchpad on the laptop, no. But from 6 proposed manuals, 100% there is a suitable. It remains to find it and on the items to "implement in life."

Using keyboard

Most of the modern laptops are among other keys 2 buttons, the main purpose of the simultaneous press of which is to control the operation of the touch panel. It:

  • Fn - located in the lower area of ​​the keyboard, on the left;
  • The button with a crossed touchpad is often located at the top, in the row F1-12.

By clicking at the same time two of these keys, you can turn off / turn on the laptop touchpad.

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Consider all possible combinations of buttons for all existing laptops in the article unreal. But it makes sense to indicate the most common hotkeys for the most popular manufacturers. Perhaps among them there will be a suitable reader.

So, in the Lenovo sensor is turned off with a set on the keyboard Fn + F6. Ciphers are also possible with the participation of F5 and F8.

Touchpad Disconnection on Lenovo Laptop

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With Laptop HP is even easier. Most devices have a special button on the keyboard there, but there is a sensitive place in the upper left corner of the panel. This is the "key". You need to make a double tap on this "point" and the sensor will stop working. If the number has not passed, you can write more 1 option: just hold your finger a few seconds in the specified location.

Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop

Here are some more recommendations, how to turn off the touchpad on a laptop:

Mark Laptop

Acer. Fn + F7.
Samsung Fn + F5.
Sony Vaio. Fn + F1.
Toshiba. Fn + F5.
ASUS. Fn + F9 or Fn + Fn 7

Similar combinations of buttons can also click on laptops from other manufacturers (for example, in the HP 15S-EQ0073UR model). But that the combination worked, drivers and the necessary utilities must be installed. If this is not or settings are made incorrect, you will have to look for other ways.

Through device dispatcher

There are 2 block options here: Using the "Run" command or through "Start" - "Parameters".

Step-by-step manual first option:

  1. Press the Win + R keys simultaneously.
  2. The "Run" section opens.
  3. In a blank column set the team Devmgmt.msc.
  4. Confirm its ok button.
  5. "Dispatcher" is activated, will remain in the touchpad list and turn it off.

True, the panel can be called differently as an option: "USB device", "port touchpad" and others. When it will be detected by the method and error, it remains to click on it and activate "Disable".

Turning off the touchpad on a laptop through device manager

In the second case, the panel will no longer respond to touch, if you do the following:

  • Through the "Start" menu, run "Parameters";
  • find "devices", click;
  • Select from the list of the "Touch Panel" string;
  • Translate the lever from the state on to off.

Now the role of the touchpad is completely transmitted to the mouse. The panel will start acting again, only if you turn off the mouse.

Turning off the touchpad on a laptop through Windows settings

BIOS to help

Information will be interesting to all users who consider touchpad with a useless addition to Laptop and calmly can do without it. It will be about BIOS.


  • put a laptop to reboot;
  • While it is restarted, press Del or F2;
  • wait when the BIOS window appears on the screen;
  • Arrogments on the "Drop" keypad to the Advanced line;
  • In it, find Internal Pointing Device;
  • Open and activate Disabled item;
  • be sure to save changes;
  • close the window and exit;
  • The final chord is another reboot.

Important : If the touchpad has been turned off through the BIOS, then it can be turned on it only through it. It is enough to go through the same steps and change the disabled on enabled.

Turning off the touchpad on a laptop via BIOS

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Synaptics - also option

Many laptops are touchpads manufactured by Synaptics. In this case, you can disable the sensor through the settings. Moreover, the user is given the opportunity to fully program so that the touchpad will work when the mouse is disabled and vice versa. How to turn it and where to find the touchpad settings on a laptop? Need to:

  • through the "Start" or "Run" window and the CONTROL command to open the control panel;
  • Find in the list of the "Mouse" string;
  • Click on it;
  • From the list of tabs to select ELAN;
  • Put a tick in the string, as shown in the picture below.

After preserving the headpads made, the touchpad and the mouse will alternate their duties depending on which device is actively.

Turning off the touchpad on a laptop through the Synaptics settings

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Windows Mobility Center

This option is available only in several models of laptops. For example, Dell laptops are among the lucky ones. You can disable the sensor through the Mobility Center OS. The user needs:

  • Press the Win + Q keys;
  • The search window opens;
  • enter the "Mobility Center", click on the appropriate line;
  • The desired tab will open, it is necessary to find the "Touch Panel" icon;
  • Change its parameters to "Turn off".

You do not need to save anything, the settings will be changed automatically.

Turning off the touchpad on a laptop through the Mobility Center Windows

The proposed instructions will be relevant not only for those who want to disable the touch panel, but also those who do not know how to enable or configure the touchpad on the laptop. The actions in this case will almost not differ.

Many laptop users successfully abandoned the usual mouse in favor of the touchpad. The touch panel is convenient if you often use the device or outside the way. Those who are used to typing text on the laptop keyboard and use the usual mouse, it is worth studying the recommendations how to disable the touchpad on a laptop.

Why should you know the ways to disable the touchpad?

There are a lot of minuses at the touch panel:

  • It is located right under the keyboard, which is very interfere with the text set;
  • Mouse cursor shifts with random touch pad or wrist pad;
  • The "blind" printing method has to spend time on correcting large pieces of text;
  • Working with graphics on the touchpad is not very convenient.

That is why each user should know how to enable and disable the touchpad on the laptop. Outside the house, the presence of a touch pad is very convenient, but if you are located in the office or at a computer table, it is better to use a regular or wireless mouse.

We use keys and combinations to turn off the touchpad

Most laptop manufacturers have provided a temporary shutdown of the sensor area using a key combination. One of the buttons is almost on all laptop models is Fn. It is designed to expand the capabilities of the keyboard and the exact setting of the laptop.

The second key depends on the manufacturer of the laptop. Most often, a combination of Fn + F9 is used to turn off the touchpad. But some manufacturers have chosen other options:

  • Lenovo: Fn + F8, Fn + F5;
  • ASUS: Fn + F9, Fn + F7;
  • Aser: Fn + F7;
  • Dell: Fn + F5, Fn + F7;
  • Sony: Fn + F1;
  • Samsung and Toshiba: Fn + F5.

If a multiple key combinations are specified for the manufacturer, then you need to use one of them. You can choose it by samples by either navigating the pictograms deposited by another color on the F1 - F12 keys. As a rule, an image is applied to the desired button that resemble a mouse - a large rectangle, under which two small ones are located.

Some manufacturers made a button to turn off the touchpad into the upper or lower panel. This option can be found on HP laptops or gaming laptops. In the latter case, the shutdown key is located next to the touchpad and highlighted. It is worth pressing separately, without the Fn button.

Apply Soft

For those users who could not find a "hot" key combination, a reasonable question arises, is it possible to turn off the touchpad on the laptop in another way. Indeed there are such ways. Most often it is recommended to use standard or third-party utilities. We will deal with them more.

Standard programs
How to disconnect the touchpad on a laptop using Synaptics TouchPad

Together with the laptop, the manufacturer usually puts into the package with the programs on which utilities that help you configure it for the user are collected. In it you can find the provision that allows you to adjust the operation of the touch panel.

Most often, Windows recommends SYNAPTICS software. After installing it in the tray, you can see the icon resembling a touchpad. Click on it to open the settings window. In it you can deactivate the touch panel.

Third-party applications

There are also universal utilities that are suitable for laptops from all manufacturers. One of the popular programs of such a plan is TouchPad Blocker. It applies for free and has a number of useful features:

  • Startup with the operating system;
  • temporary shutdown of the touch panel;
  • separate shutdown of the scroll bar or multitouch;
  • Self-purpose "hot" keys to activate or disconnect the sensor.

In an active state, the program is folded in the tray and does not interfere with the user. The lack of a program is that it is not Russified. It also has one special feature - Block Accidental Taps and Clicks. Allows this program to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop at the time of the text set, without using additional keys. You only need to set the time to which the touchpad will turn off when you click on any key.

Apply "Task Manager"

If the SYNAPTICS software is responsible for managing the touch pad, it can be forced to stop using the Task Manager.

  1. Call it with a key combination Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC.
  2. Then manually find among the processes or applications of the Synaptics or Etd Control Center.
  3. Select this process and click the "Remove Task" button located below the table.

This method allows you to temporarily disable the touchpad. After rebooting the laptop, the touch panel will again become active.

Disabling on a permanent basis through "Device Manager"

If you are planning a long session without a touchpad, you need to find a way that will allow you not to be distracted by its inclusion or deactivation. One option for experienced users is to stop the device through the dispatcher. Open the list of all the equipment of your laptop can be one of the ways:

  • click Win + R. and in the "Run" window that appears Devmgmt.msc;
  • click Win + Pause / Break, In the "System" menu, select Device Manager .

After you have fallen into the right directory, you need to follow a simple instruction:

  1. Find the Mouse and Other Pointers in the list.
  2. Expand it. Find the item entitled HID-compatible mouse. Click on it right mouse button (you need to connect a regular wired or Bluetooth device to a laptop).
  3. From the context menu, select "Disable the device".
  4. On the warning that appears, click "Yes."

Immediately after these actions, the touch panel should stop work. If the list of HID-compatible devices is somewhat, then you need to turn off each of them alternately. After deactivating one of the mice, you can solve the problem of the working touch panel.

These actions are reversible. You can go to the "Device Manager" at any time, find the disabled mouse and running the steps in the reverse order to start it. Either you have enough to restart the laptop so that the touchpad will earn again.

Use bios.

How to disconnect the touchpad on a laptop using BIOS

Consider another way to solve the problem how to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. BIOS is a special settings environment that controls the entire "filling" of your device. Use it is more reliable - even after rebooting, you will not be able to use the touch pad. BIOS manages all ports to which peripheral devices are connected, in particular, the South Bridge is responsible for the operation of the touchpad.

This method is suitable only for experienced users. If you have not previously encountered work in the BIOS, it is better not to use this method. Inactive actions will result in problems with the operation of the operating system, and may also cause the laptop improper operation.

Clearly follow the instructions:
  1. Fully disconnect the laptop.
  2. Turn it on with the button. At the time of the first logo, press one of the keys: Delete, F2, F10 or F12. Each motherboard has its own BIOS menu call key. Since there is little time for this action, you may need to enable several times and turn off the laptop. At the time of download, pay attention to the bottom of the screen - often there are prompts on it.
  3. After the BIOS blue gray screen is loaded. Click the keyboard to the Advanced tab. Confirm the transition using the ENTER button.
  4. Then select System Properties.
  5. Find a Keyboard / Mouse Features or Device Options in it. Confirm the transition to these settings using the ENTER key.
  6. In the next list, find the Internal Pointing Device string. Press ENTER again and replace the Disable status on ENABLE.
  7. Now you need to get out of the menu correctly. To do this, press the ESC key. Go to the first column and find the Save & Exit string. Press ENTER again.
  8. Select the Save Changes and Exit option. Confirm your actions again using the ENTER button.
  9. In the window that appears, select the option YES using the arrows and confirm your actions again with the ENTER button.

After that, the computer will independently reboot and launch the operating system. The touch screen will be disconnected until you change the status of its use in the menu.

In the Settings menu, you can not find items to help disable the touchpad. This is due to the fact that not all manufacturers have provided this feature in the system settings. In this case, it is recommended to use third-party programs.

Now you know all ways to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. Share information with friends, invite them to join the discussion.

The touchpad is an analogue of the mouse on the computer, which is located in the laptop housing. When Leptop is used on the road, this device will be an indispensable assistant, however, when it is in the office or at home, the sensor will create obstacles to work. This is due to its position in front of the keyboard: the user will chain the touchpad with his hands, the cursor "jumps" on the monitor or jumps over to another page. If the problem is frequent and annoying, you should read the instructions, how to turn off the sensor on the laptop.

Touchpad on laptop

Is it possible to disable the touchpad on the laptop?

The touchpad sensor (TOUCHPAD) is the same attribute of any portable PC, which replaces the computer mouse. The device will be indispensable on the road and convenient when there is no possibility of using additional devices. However, in a number of situations, TouchPad can cause inconvenience when operating on portable computers.

Yes, it is quite realistic to turn off the touchpad, but when choosing an effective way to deactivate the sensor, you should consider the model and the brand of adaptation.

How to turn off the touchpad on a laptop?

The key advantage of laptops will be their mobility and self-sufficiency. To work with them, it will not be necessary to apply the I / O auxiliary devices - everything is already available in such devices. At the same time, often a laptop is used at home or in the office stationary, and in the established conditions, the monitor, printer, scanner or the mouse are connected to them. When the mouse is connected to the leptop, it is required to deactivate the sensor that can suddenly work when the keyboard is applied.

All known methods for deactivation of touchpad can be divided into 3 key subgroups:

  • Using a combination of hot keys. There is no common standard for laptop developers yet. Therefore, the combination of buttons that allows you to turn off the touch device on the leptopa of one manufacturer, sometimes does not work for the product from another brand.
  • Operating system tools. Such methods work in any situation, since the OS controls connected devices. For various versions of Windows, the settings will be insignificantly different.
  • Apply third-party software and utilities. Many computer manufacturing companies are developing programs that make it possible to quickly and comfortably control the laptop functionality. In addition, there are unified programs from third-party manufacturers.

Method 1: With hot keys

Turn off the touchpad on a laptop

Almost every leptopa is possible to find a functional special slave, which allows you to enable / disable TouchPad in the shortest time (on the button there is a characteristic image). The most popular brands of leptopes and ways to turn off the sensor:

  • ASUS. Mainly this combination Fn + F9.
  • Acer. Combination Fn + F7 (or mouse properties).
  • Dell. Often the touch device is turned off in the mouse settings.
  • MSI. A combination of Fn + F3 is pressed.
  • Lenovo. Fn + F5 or Fn + F8 should be clicked.
  • HP. On laptops from the manufacturer under consideration, double pressing at the top of the on the left of the sensor is used to disable it.
  • Sony. Combination FN + F1 (In addition, leptopes of this manufacturer have its own Control Center, where there is also a similar function).
  • Samsung. In many models of laptops, Fn + F5 is used.
  • Toshiba. Often it is a combination of Fn + F5 (in addition, the models of this brand have a TouchPad disable function in the mouse settings).

When the function button has worked, often a notification will appear on the monitor that the touch device was turned off.

Important! In a number of HP models, there is no combination of buttons to turn off the sensor device. It is necessary to make a double touch on the sensor on the left above or hold the upper left corner for 5 seconds.

Method 2: via Windows 10 parameters

Device Settings Touch Panel

When Windows is standing on the laptop 10 and there are all the necessary drivers for the touch device, you can turn it off by using the OS settings:

  1. You need to go to "Parameters", then select "Devices" and open the "Touch Panel".
  2. The switch is set to the "Disable" position.

Immediately, in the settings, you can run or turn off the auto-shut-off of the touch device when connecting the mouse to the leptop.

Method 3: By means of the "Mouse Properties" element (SYNAPTICS)

How to turn off the touchpad on a laptop?

Most laptops are installed sensors manufactured by Synaptics. In the current situation, it is possible to turn off the device by settings of this item. In addition, the user will be able to program it in such a way that the touchpad will function when the mouse is turned off and vice versa. The algorithm of action is as follows:

  1. Through the "Start" or the "Run" window and the Control commands open the control panel.
  2. The list opens the "Mouse" line and clicks.
  3. From the list of tabs, "ELAN" is selected.
  4. The mark is put in the string.
  5. After saving the changes made, the touch device and the mouse will alternate responsibilities, taking into account what device is actively.

Important! When there is no function button, there are no special programs (Control Center) and any sensor settings in the properties of the mouse, probably there are no drivers on the touchpad on the leptop.

Method 4: Using Windows Mobility Center

How to turn off the touchpad on a laptop?

This feature will be available only in some models of leptop. For example, Dell brand laptops are equipped with such an option. Here you can also turn off the touch device through the operating system mobility center. Algorithm of actions:

  1. A combination of the Win + Q buttons is pressed.
  2. A search window opens and the "Mobile Center" is entered, the required string is clicked.
  3. The desired tab is loaded, where the "Touch Panel" icon should be found.
  4. The parameters are changed to "Turn off".

It is not necessary to maintain anything, changes will take effect automatically.

Method 5: Turn off the touchpad from the "Device Manager"

Device Manager Shipping

When the Synaptics driver is missing on Leptop, it is worth trying to turn off the touch device through the control center (Device Manager). To this end, the following should be done:

  1. A combination of the Windows + R buttons combination is pressed on the keyboard, the "Run" window starts. Then the devmgmt.msc command is prescribed and "OK" is pressed.
  2. Next, you should run "Device Manager". Here you want to find a touch device connected to the leptopa. It is located in the items "Mouse and Other Indicating Devices" or "HID Devices". At the same time, taking into account the model of the laptop and the sensor, it has different names - a USB mouse, Synaptics PS / 2 TouchPad, a USB input device and others.
  3. If the sensor device is found, you should click on it using the right key of the mouse and select the "Disable" item.

Important! When several included input USB devices were detected and it is difficult to understand which of them - the touchpad, it is reasonable to turn them alternately. After each device turned off, you need to try to interact with the sensor when it works, you should turn on the device back and go to the next one.

Method 6: Apply Special Programs

Touchpad Blocker

A fairly simple method of disconnecting the touch device on the leptop will be downloaded to a laptop and installing the "TouchPad Blocker" program. It is equipped with multiple useful features for setting up the touchpad and assumes the option of the complete shutdown of the sensor. Loading the program under consideration should be carried out from the official page of the manufacturer. When the application is set, it will work in the "background" by performing the tasks required by the user. The main features of the program:

  • The initial function involves the startup of the program along with the start of the PC.
  • Setting, including either disconnecting alerts that appear in the system tray during its operation.
  • The option where the user indicates for which period after pressing the key will turn off the leptop sensory device. When you want to fully block the touchpad, it can be done in the pop-up menu.
  • When the touch device has a separate key to scroll through the contents of the page, it will be blocked during the activation of the option.
  • Sound signal shutdown.
  • Selecting "hot buttons" in order to activate and disable the application under consideration.

Touch the touch device by means of the application under consideration positively allocated from the methods mentioned above. Thanks to it, it is possible to perform the setting and locking of the touchpad only for the time set time to accidentally not press some combination.

Method 7: from BIOS

Bios Tototpad

When you want to turn off the touch device completely, you should open the CMOS settings and disable the BIOS panel.

The algorithm is the following:

  1. The leptop is placed on a reboot.
  2. In the process of restarting, "Del" or "F2" is pressed.
  3. Wait when the BIOS window is on the monitor.
  4. Cursor to reach the line "Advanced".
  5. Further find the "Internal Pointing Device".
  6. Open and make an active item "Disabled".
  7. It is required to save the changes made.
  8. Close window.
  9. At the end you need to restart the laptop again.

Important! When the sensory device was disabled by the BIOS, then it is possible to turn it back only through it. It is necessary to do the same actions and change the "disabled" to "enabled".

Forever physically turn off the touchpad on a laptop

The last way to disable the sensor device, which should be specified, will be the physical disconnection of the sensor contacts from the connector on the motherboard. Often, there is no need to resort to this method, however, when the above methods did not help, it should be used by this.

The advantages of this method:

  • 100% efficiency. The sensory device will not function in any normal, nor in safe modes. Of course, the shutdown will affect all accounts.
  • You can use with limited user rights.
  • Turn off the sensor in this way it is possible regardless of the installed operating system.

Naturally, the method has its own minuses. Disadvantages of physical shutdown Touchpad:

  • High complexity of the method. It is necessary to disconnect the keyboard of the leptop or disassemble it.
  • If you need to repeatedly turn on the sensor, you need to remove the keyboard again or disassemble the computer.

To disable the touchpad on the laptop forever, you need to find out its position inside the leptop. Optimally do it in advance to avoid unnecessary manipulations. Consider the design of Leptope is possible on the forums among various manuals.

Important! In most models, access to the plume connector can be obtained by disconnecting the keyboard. To do this, it is required at the top of the keyboard to move to the monitor restraining fixtures and carefully pinched it. In advance, turn off the laptop and charger.

When difficulties with dismantling appear, it will also be useful to open manuals on the disassembly of a laptop of a particular model.

Two main types of plume connectors are known:

  • with a folding latch;
  • With a nominating string.

The lock lock opens and the loop is directly removed.

Important! The released loop connector needs to be isolate. In order not to blur with it with glue from the tape, for this purpose it is recommended to apply, for example, a small fragment of a shrink tube.

The loop stacked in the same condition, the connector in the socket is not inserted, the keyboard is placed in place.

Many laptop owners and those who periodically work with portable PCs are faced with the problem of using a touch device. Some people completely refuse the standard computer mouse, others - use the touchpad only in extreme situations, and someone does not use such equipment at all, finding it completely inconvenient. Most laptop users sometimes get to fully turn off the touchpad. This article covered the most effective ways to disconnect the touchpad on the laptop.


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