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It is impossible to resist the appetizing cakes that turn into real works of art. Confectionery - a large field for raw fantasy of sweet chefs. The most skillful masters will be able to create whole worlds of whipped cream and a variety of creams. But they exist for every taste and request!

Good hostesses and in their kitchen are creating wonders! Each sorceress has its small tricks and secrets of creating a festive cake. Proceedings are rewarded by delight of guests and their crazy eyes at the sight of man-made beauty!

By emphasis on the taste of the dessert, do not forget about the design. An integral part of the creation of another masterpiece is a cake decorating cream, which keeps the form well. Let's figure out how to properly decorate the "chapter of the holiday", and finally put all the cherries on the cake.

Confectionery cream is an important part of the cake, which in addition to the decoration, carries the impregnation function. It is he who makes simple cakes with a delicious dessert. The impregnation fastenses all the components with each other, creating a new melody of taste, a symphony of gastronomic pleasure. Therefore, there are various types of creams for decorating the cake. And this is a weapon, mastering which you will conquer not one heart!

The main thing in this case, follow the recommendations, fulfill the rules. So you get the best cream to decorate the cake at the exit, as well as impregnations! At the same time, you will provide a picturesque colorful type of delicacy, and satisfy it with a lifeful moisture.

We bring to your attention specially selected recipes. This is a collection of the best subtleties and technologies. Having them in their arsenal, you can always create unmatched and original cake decorations at home. Let's start with the main, basic option.


8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

His classic recipe is easy enough to execute and is available to novice hostesses. You can even draw figures of different forms. The main rule - such a cream should be very cold. And he is the lightest consistency, with a shiny smooth surface. Ploy!


  • Creamy oil 82.5% - 400 g;
  • Sugar powder - 400 g;
  • Milk - 100 ml.

1. Prepared butter softening with a conventional fork.2. Wake up its mixer to the formation of air white foam, adding sugar powder.3. Pour milk, while increasing the speed of the mixer.4. Before use, cool. Our way into the magical world of decorating cakes from cream.


8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

This option is the most capricious of all. Therefore, follow the instructions of a strict word in the word, step by step! But it is the easiest way to be labeled, you can create real masterpieces of confectionery art.


  • Egg whites - 5 pcs.;
  • Sugar powder - 400 g;
  • Lemon juice - 5 ml.

1. Beat the prepared proteins, they must be room temperature. Slowly sprinkle sugar powder, without breaking away from proteins.2. Preheat the resulting mass on a water bath until the sugar powder is completely dissolved. At the same time, continue to beat. Remove from the fire, add lemon juice and continue to beat before the appearance of smooth peaks.

Ready, you can apply!

Next, we go to the next point of the sweet country. Consider another recipe for cake decorating.


8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

This is a favorite of children and adults. Taste of childhood! Remember those sweets eclairs? Share with you some tricks for the preparation of the right caustic cream:

  • only fresh milk with sufficient fatness, approximately 3-3.5%;
  • top grade flour;
  • If you cook a thick cream, it will be ideal for aligning the surface and errors;
  • The thickness can be adjusted by the amount of flour;
  • Having neutral taste, perfectly combined with various additives: cinnamon, vanilla, brandy, coffee.

And now the recipe itself!


  • Milk 500 ml;
  • Flour 120 g.;
  • Sugar powder 230 g.;
  • Creamy oil 100 g

1. Dissolute the powder in half the volume of the prepared milk.2. In the second part of the milk add flour. Mix well to give adhesive thick liquid.3. To avoid the formation of lumps, use a blender or mixer. It turns out a dense homogeneous mass.5. In large capacity, mix the two mixtures of milk. Here the process of "kneading" begins, which cannot be stopped until the crem is complete. Put a semi-finished cream on a very slow fire. Still before the formation of the desired consistency. Add chopped butter into it, vanilla sugar.



8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

In order to prepare perfect cream cream, buy only vegetable or special confectionery cream. Do not lose! And the result will please!


  • Cream fatness 33-35% - 400 ml;
  • Sugar powder - 150 g;
  • Lemon Acid - 2

1. Cool cream in advance. Next, carefully take the formation of a lush foam.2. Sweep the cracked powder and citric acid.3. Use the mixer. By setting the maximum speed, beat to the formation of dense peaks.


By the way, such a creamy cream will be an excellent option for decorating the cake or drip from the syringe.

Sour cream-creamy

8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

We present you a simple recipe for a magic cream! It will be the best option for the impregnation of the biscuit cake, and the relevant and for the decoration!


  • Creamy oil - 150 g.;
  • Sour cream - 150 g.;
  • Sugar powder - 100 g.

1. Lay out sour cream (chilled) in capacity.3. Mix a piece of sour cream with sugar powder. Here is the butter, softened. Take all the products with a mixer to thickening.5. Pass sugar residues. Beat the cream for another 5 minutes. 7. Get delicate, air mass, which is ready for use!

Sharlotte Cream

8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

He is exquisite, thin and gentle. Options for decoration too Mass! From it you can make festive roses that will delight you and your loved ones and create a joyful atmosphere! You can perform decor using a confectionery bag.


  • Egg yolks - 5 pcs.;
  • Sugar powder - 200 g;
  • Milk - 150 ml;
  • Oil 82.5% - 250 g.

1. Boil the milk plus sugar 2. Spit egg yolks well. Enter them thin jet into milk. Mixer While the resulting mass.5. Put on a slow fire. Bring to light boiling. Cool cream. Beat the wondering butter to lush foam. Connect the milk mixture with oil. Continue to work with a mixer.

It turns out a luxury air cream with glitter! Therefore, it is used quite often when clearing the cakes and their impregnation!


8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

This option is similar to the glaze. Also dense and thick. It will safely protect the surface of your wonderful dessert!


  • Dark chocolate - 200 g;
  • Confectionery cream - 120 ml;
  • Sugar powder - 70 g.

1. Heat in a small capacitance of cream and cracker powder. Do not bring to boil! 2 In the resulting liquid, lower the chocolate tiles.3. Mix thoroughly.4. Wait for the complete dissolution of chocolate, stirring weight.5. Cool cream to use.

Chocolate boom is provided!

Chesis Cream

8 The best creams for decorating the cake!

It is made from mascarpone or other curd cheeses. Ideal for decorating cakes! For a layer, it is better not to use it, the cakes can remain dry. Either pre-jogging to process impregnating .


  • Cream with fatty 35% - 100 ml;
  • Cheese - 250 g;
  • Sugar powder - 50 g

1. While cream until thick peaks appear. Cream should be chilled.2. Add sugar powder.3. Enter cheese without stopping the mixer.


Now you are fully armed in your kitchen! Any dessert can be a work of art in your skillful hands! The base of recipes is! It will remain to choose the necessary inventory, tools, and forward to conquer sweet peaks!

Mostly share in the comments on Vkusnopech What recipe for yourself you choose!

Article author: Inna Kruchkevich

Recipes of cooking cream and other confectionery decorations


Cake decoration cream: step-by-step recipes of the best creams with photos

Contents: 1 Cake Decoration Cream: Basic Requirements2 Types of Creams For Cake Decoration2.1 Oil2.2 Sloves2.3 Custard2.4 Cream2.5 Syllo-creamy3 How to cook Oil ...

We all come from childhood and remember how our grandmothers and moms, preparing for us something delicious, invested their kindness into the baking and a lot of love. But in appearance, the desserts of our relatives and loved ones could not be compared with the shopping baking. Today, experienced hostesses are attached a lot of effort to learn confectionery decoration skills. In this article, consider how to prepare a suitable cream to decorate the cake or other baking.

Cake Decoration Cream: Basic Requirements

All creams are incredible to taste culinary creations. They are also characteristic of them: high calorie and plasticity. Having a variety of devices in its kitchen "arsenal", you can decorate desserts with patterns and patterns. The preparation of most creams is a whipping technique. As a result, it turns out ready to use and further consuming the lush mass.

How beautifully decorate a birthday cake

The only drawback of sweet masses is their short shelf life. And with their manufacture, it is necessary to carefully observe sanitary and temperature modes.

There are a number of basic cream preparation rules. This is one of the sections of the "Bible" desserts:

  • For the manufacture of mass, only dietary eggs should be taken and exceptionally fresh products.
  • The cream must be used in a strictly defined period after it is prepared.
  • It is necessary to calculate the amount of products for cooking as accurately as possible, for long-lasting residues are already unsuitable for decorating.
  • Keep the cream only in the refrigerator at temperatures up to 6 ° C.
  • Cream desserts and decorated cakes need to be used in no more than in two days.

Types of cake decoration creams

The recipes and technologies of cooking sweet creams are set, but the basic can be distinguished by five groups.


Oil cream is most stable and can be stored longer than others. It is based on natural juicy fatty oil cream oil. You can prepare it on milk, condensed milk, eggs, sugar, or syrup. It is possible to experiment with the addition of fresh fruit and berries juice, honey, nuts, chocolate and even tea.

Oil Cake Decoration Cream

These ingredients give a certain "highlight" with oil creams. It is possible to start decorating your cake immediately after cooking or after some time, depending on its composition. You can store it in the refrigerator from day to several days.


It is the basis of it are proteins of eggs, whipped with sugar or powder. Variations of cooking protein cream Also a lot: it can be made raw, brew, mix with various additives, etc. Protein cream


Custard can be prepared both in a water bath and in a pot of thick bottom. Personally, I use the first option. I was so taught to do my grandmother, and I do not worry about the fact that the mass can burn out to the lacaround. This cream is also not stored for a long time. If you need to save it for a few hours, then tightly cover the tank with a cream of food film and send to the fridge to the upper shelf. Custard decoration cream


He is prepared by whipping cream and is obtained unusually tasty, light, air and gentle. It is necessary to use only cool cream with a fat content of 33% and 35%, in which case they will wear well. In the process of cream, you can add eggs, gelatin, various fruit and berry additives to taste. Cooking cream

It can also be prepared with coffee, chocolate, cocoa, honey, nuts and alcohol. Creamy cream is better to use immediately after cooking, because it can be stored in the refrigerator no more than three hours.

Sour cream-creamy

Also no less tasty than creamy. For it, it should be used fresh sour cream from 30% fat and butter 78-82.5%. Sour cream with a smaller percentage of fatty is not suitable for cream, because it simply will not be swamped. Sour cream cream

Before cooking, it needs to be cooled so that the cream begins well, and its consistency remained stable. Sour cream cream is better to use immediately after cooking. It can be stored, but no more than two hours in the refrigerator.

The cake found in South Africa remained 100 years due to the brandy impregnation.

How to cook oil cream to decorate a cake at home

Consider how to prepare the above masses to then decorate their home cake. It is the oil cream that is the most popular. Thanks to inexpensive ingredients, ease of preparation and its texture, you can safely declare that it is the best cream to decorate the cake at home. With it, you will make a real masterpiece!

Remember that your cake, decorated with oil cream, can be stored no more than three days in the refrigerator. Such limitations are a forced measure, because the medium of this mass is responsive to the reproduction of bacteria.

List of ingredients

All ingredients can be found at any grocery store:

Granulated sugar 200 g
Vanillin 2 g
Lemon acid 2 g
Butter 300 g
Eggs 5 pieces.

Step-by-step recipe with photos

  1. First, let the oil lie down at room temperature so that it softened. Separate squirrels from yolks and put in the fridge for a while.
  2. Pan or bowl with thick walls on a quarter fill with water and put on the stove. I use a multicooker in a "pale cooking" mode. To whom it is more convenient. The main thing is to make a steam bath.
  3. In a separate bowl, lay out cooled proteins and all sugar. Recipe for Oil Creek Decoration
  4. Stir the proteins with sugar to the formation of liquid homogeneous mass. How to decorate the cake cream step by step
  5. Put a bowl on the steam bath. Sugar sand is dissolved, and proteins can be removed to the side to be cooled. What cream is suitable for decorating the cake
  6. Now a mixer or blend to swell the protein-sugar mass. Add vanillin and citric acid there. Recipes creams for decorating cakes at home
  7. Bail will have long before the appearance on the surface of the characteristic track, which keeps the form and does not spread. Ready cream must keep the form
  8. Gradually lay out the softened butter in small pieces. Try to do it quickly, without stopping the whipping process. Recipe for the best oil cream for cake decorating
  9. If you immediately asslaved mass, do not worry, she will soon return its desired pomp. It can be done somewhat differently: to beat separately in a bowl of butter and then combine with a whipped protein cream.
  10. As soon as the mass starts to glisten, it will be alert about its readiness. Ready Cream Looks like a brilliant Mas
  11. Wonderful cream is ready! Now they can fill a confectionery bag, put the necessary nozzle and start decorating the cake.

Video disc cream for cake decoration

I advise you to watch video cooking oil cream. Everything is simple and clearly shown here. The main thing is that the result is above all expectations. It does not make quickly, tolerates the addition of food dyes and even freezing. Such an oil mass can be decorated with your dessert and tick the mastic or protein cream.

How to prepare a protein cream for decorating a cake at home

The protein mass is a slight and tender pleasure. The main thing - it does not contain fats at all. In addition, from such a mass you can create incredibly beautiful decorations for desserts, you can eat it like a full delicacy!

List of ingredients

The protein mass of this recipe comes very cheap. You will need:

  • 5 pieces. chicken eggs;
  • 300 g of sugar sand;
  • 2 tbsp. l. gelatin;
  • 1 tsp. citric acid;
  • 135 ml of boiled water.

Step-by-step recipe with photos

  1. In a small bowl, pour the gelatin and fill it with water. Gelatin for protein cream
  2. Stir the currency and leave for an hour.
  3. Blender in a small speed. Place the mass, breaking all the lumps.
  4. Separate egg whites from yolks. Do not allow the slightest mixing of them, as the proteins will not be properly. Gently open the egg so that two equal "cups" formed. Turn the yolk from one half the shell to another above the beating capacity. The entire protein will gradually fall out, and the yolk will remain.
  5. Plugs with sugar and mix the wedge. Preparation of protein cream
  6. Add citric acid and take the mixer at maximum speed. Mass should become lush, and sugar dissolve.
  7. Continuing to beat, pour the gelatin mixture.
  8. Beat to homogeneous consistency. Ready protein cream

To quickly and easily highlight the protein from the egg, pincise the tolstoy egg shell and acute needle. Proteins flow through the resulting holes, and yolks will remain inside the egg.

Often it happens that the protein mass does not work for various reasons. Therefore, I want to share with you some secrets, and then you will always get a dense and strong protein cream to decorate cakes.

  • Carefully follow the proteins. They should not fall either fat or yolk. Otherwise, they will not get rid and do not rise.
  • All ingredients should be well cooled. Plus, it should be cold for whipping.
  • So that the proteins are whipped stronger, they can add a pinch of salt or a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Used tools and utensils should be sure to be clean, degreased and dry. Remember that even one small water drop can interfere with whiskers whipped!

Video disc cream for cake decoration

For you another recipe, only already a protein cream, to decorate the cake. It is characterized by simplicity and wonderful result. You must have a thick and magnificent protein mass, which you decorate your delicious baking.

How to prepare a custard for decorating a cake at home

I suggest you try to prepare the classic version of the custard. It is very easy to prepare and, most importantly, suitable for any type of cake. They can and fit the cakes, and make decorations. If you are a starting host and looking for, what a simple and fast cake decorating cream is best suited - this is the option. With him, you will give an even form of a finished cake, disguising the irregularities, flaws and cracks, and also make it sweet and juicy.

Custard ready

The mass can no more than a day in the refrigerator. It is convenient that the remaining product can be frozen in a container with a lid or submit it as a separate dessert. It can be decorate with fresh berries or slices of fruit.

List of ingredients

To prepare a classic custard, you will need ingredients:

  • 350 ml of milk;
  • 100 g of sugar;
  • 230 g of butter;
  • 3 g salts;
  • 1 pack of vanilla sugar;
  • 30 g starch or flour;
  • 2 pcs. Eggs.

Step-by-step recipe with photos

  1. Push up in a bowl of flour, sugar, salt and mix. Add 100 ml of milk and mix. Drink eggs and mix.
  2. In the pan pour 250 ml of milk and add 50 g of sugar. Stir, bring to a boil and remove from the fire. Add milk to the pan
  3. Pour the milk with a thin flowing into a mixture of sugar and eggs and mix.
  4. Return everything in a saucepan. Put a saucepan on fire and stir the wedge to thicken. Custard Cake Decoration
  5. Add 30 g of butter, vanilla sugar and mix well again. Finished mass put into clean dishes, cover the food tight and cool down.
  6. When he cooled, put 200 g of butter in a bowl and pour 50 g of powdered sugar. Take up of doing.
  7. Do not cease to beat, add prepared and chilled custard with small portions. Continue to beat until there is a mass of lush and tender consistency. Custard decoration

Video disc cream for cake decoration

By the way, just that is the very recipe for a classic custard. The video is interesting looks, because everything is thoroughly explained by a cute grandmother, for which it is pleasant to watch and interesting to listen.

How to make cream cream to decorate a cake at home

Creams prepared for decorating cakes at home can be very different. The only thing unites them is an impeccable taste. But in his experience I can say that the incredibly gentle and the easiest cream is creamy. It looks like white foam, with a rich-dairy neutral taste, combined with various recipes of glazes and creams. I guarantee that if you do everything right on the specified recipe, then the foam will be very stable and long keep the shape that is very beautiful when the cakes are cleaned.

Cream cream

Before making cake decorations with cream cream, you should tell for beginners, which cream should be used. For labeling, two types are suitable: vegetable and natural.

Vegetable cream - This is an emulsion from vegetable oil and fats, as well as stabilizers. The taste of such a product is very similar to natural. Vegetable analogue is denser, thick, with sustainable consistency. According to the recipe, which will be shown below, three liters of a whipped foam can be prepared from one liter of such cream to decorate the cake. Such cream are manufactured in convenient to decorate containers with nozzles. They can often be found in the markets - whipped cream in the canister.

Natural cream - The product is very calorie, fatty with a saturated taste of milk. There are white color or with a slight yellow tint. Only those fat content exceed 30% are suitable for decorating. Less fat either fail to beat, or they will fall very quickly. They are less than air, in contrast to vegetable, and more capricious.

If the technology of cooking a sweet mass is incredible incorrectly, they will easily fall asleep or spread. However, in their favor, two weighty arguments can be set - this is the taste and utility, unlike the low-calorieness of the plant analogue.

Whipped creamDo not be too involved in vegetable cream. They contain many preservatives and stabilizers. It is rather emergency for the hostess, when it is simply not enough time to mess around with a natural product. In such cream, sugar is not used, so they have a neutral milk taste. Due to this, plant cream can be combined with any kind of baking. You can add sugar powder in the cream, thus sweetening the confectionery product.

Compete with natural whipped creams as a decoration of homemade baking, perhaps not at the power of other described masses. As soon as you think for the first time you bake and decorate a cake with cream from whipped cream at home, I advise you to choose an industrial product. The packaging will indicate the percentage of fatty and the shelf life of the cream.

The ideal option should not contain something else, except for the cream itself. The minimum percentage of fatty industrial cream - 10, and the maximum - 42. In the market of grandmothers, you can buy a product of 50% fat and more, only from it not to get a high-quality cream. Guided by a recipe, when hitting you will get natural oil, but not a whipped cream. The optimal percentage of juicy cream, which, after whipping, is suitable for baking decoration, - 30-40.

List of ingredients

To create a cream mass, you will need:

  • 200 g of cream;
  • 2 tbsp. l. sugar either powder;
  • 2 h. L. Vanilla extract.

Required cream preparation productsStep-by-step recipe with photos

  1. Well cool cream and pour into a clean and dry bowl. How to beautifully decorate the cake at home
  2. Add sugar and vanilla extract to them (optionally any other flavoring can be used). How to cook cream to decorate cake beginners
  3. I beat the cream with a whisk. Let it be tedious and longer, but sugar succumb will be completely dissolved. Plus, when a mixer whipping, you can rearrange and get butter. Gradually cream is thick and increase in volume. We whipitate the cream of the wtencut
  4. Continue the process until the product becomes so air and thick, which will keep the form. Cooking cream for home cakes with photos and video
  5. Either keep well on the wedge and not fall. Ready cream

Video disc cream for cake decoration

I want to share with you one recipe, which found on the Internet. There is a difference from the classic cream of whipped cream, and he is more expensive because of this, as it is still used creamy cheese. But the result exceeds all expectations. Prepare such a sweet mass, you will only need fantasy as to how beautifully decorate the cake. Look and you will not regret.

How to cook sour cream cream to decorate a cake at home

Near the summer and the berry season, so many hostesses will not hold off the temptation bake a biscuit cake or a roll, decorated with cream and berries. The cream is well combined with berries, but they will fall asleep under the severity of the cortex, and sour cream does not swapping with sugar. Therefore, the most simple and reliable way of tasty exit from the situation is cream of sour cream and butter. Its consistency turns out quite thick and at the same time easy. He absorbed all the positive aspects of whipped cream and classical oil mass.

List of ingredients

  • 200 g of fatty butter;
  • 200 g of sugar powder;
  • 1 g of vanilina;
  • 400 g fatty sour cream.

These are all ingredients for our sour cream cream.

Step-by-step recipe with photos

  1. The oil is removed from the refrigerator 2 hours before cooking so that it warms it to room temperature and became plastic. Wrap it with a mixer to the condition of the cream. It takes about 4 minutes. Mass sweep the mixer to the condition of the cream
  2. Add sugar and vanillin, and after whipping another minute. Add powder and vanillin
  3. Add sour cream. If it is thick, you can lay out all right away, if the liquid, then enter into three receptions. Here you need to navigate the thickness of the resulting cream. Add to the mixture
  4. Beat everything together for another three minutes, until the mass increases and will not light up. We beat the mass until it increases
  5. Mass turned out lush and thick. Its fragrance and taste depends on the qualities of the products used. Added vanillin improves flavor.

In this recipe, you can vary the proportions, as you will be comfortable. Depending on its purpose, the amount of sour cream can be changed. If you want to get a very tender texture, then half of sour cream replace warm boiled milk. It is necessary to add milk to the finished thick mass in the whipping process literally on the tablespoon. So it is possible to continue until the mass without "whims" to take fluid, while not resolving.

Also to give originality instead of sugar, you can add condensed milk or fruit syrups. Experiment with cocoa, egg yolks, brandy or rum. Cream variations are obtained very worthy and interesting.

Video disc cream for cake decoration

The most simple products, the minimum of time - and ready! A proven method of cooking cream from this video discharge will not leave you indifferent. It turns out an incredibly tasty, thick and air, especially since suitable for decorating any home cake.

It is rumored that the most expensive cake in the entire history cost $ 30,000,000. It was a wedding cake with huge topping.

Tips and recommendations for cooking cream for cake

The thick mass, laid out with the help of a confectionery bag in the form of petals, colors, sideboards or beautiful inscriptions, is the simplest and at the same time the most spectacular design of the cake cooked at home. As you already understood, it does not take much time on cooking, and for the relevant adaptations it does not rise: you can create wonders and with the help of an ordinary polyethylene package.

Cream for various types of decoration

Remember the basic rules, which should be any cream to decorate homemade baking:

  • dense;
  • oily;
  • well hold shape;
  • not spread, but not to be too rude;
  • Chilled and necessarily fresh.

The most optimal option, especially suitable beginners of desserts, is a simple recipe based on creamy oil and condensed milk. Additional components can be:

  • sugar syrup;
  • Instant coffee, which perfectly flavored and stains;
  • Any food dyes;
  • cocoa powder - similar to coffee;
  • Fresh whipped cream to impart white;
  • fat and thick sour cream;
  • Natural flavors such as lemon zest, vanilla, cinnamon, alcoholic essences.

Fight forget about the following weight additives for decorating a cake:

  • Nuts, Cucats;
  • pieces of fruit or berries;
  • chocolate slices;
  • Everything else that has a large grinding.

The finished mass, suitable for design, should glisten, be homogeneous and smooth. It is necessary to beat it 7 minutes, adding each component alternately into the mass. The first thing is scared soften oil, then condensed milk. Dyes and flavors are introduced last. You need to use ready-made mass immediately either remove for a while in the refrigerator so as not to flow. When decorating a large, for example, a bunk cake, you need to split cream to pieces and half to remove into the refrigerator.

Decorations of cream

One of the most important rules for the preparation of a good cream is the freshness and naturalness of the ingredients. If the consistency of the cream is either sour cream, it is allowed to use thickener or gelatin.

Forget about spreads. Use only natural creamy oil. Vegetable components of such products will worsen the quality and taste of not only the cream, but also the entire cake.

Having created volumetric composite moments on the surface of the cake, it is necessary to prepare a thick, fatty and oily impregnation. It will not lose the shape and shine at the time of filing on the table. Cake decoration cream can be a somewhat difficult test, especially for young owners, so it is better to set out the basic principles of step by step. To be clearer, we give examples, which decoration of home cakes can be made with cream, with a photo.

On the sides of the cake, it is better to decorate with a slight creamy texture. Here, whipped cream are perfect. They are lungs, so they will not flock and do not lose form. Such a creamy mass can be painted with natural and synthetic dyes. The easiest option is the store whipped cream from the canister. They are conveniently squeezed and form beautiful corrugated stripes.

Dye for cream

Frames of different heights are easier to do from oil mass or from any other, but with the addition of gelatin.

To create suitened inscriptions on the cake you will need a light air mass. So that the inscription is clear and smooth, you need to use a confectionery syringe with a special nozzle.

For the manufacture of a flower at the confectionery "nail", use the sweet mass of condensed milk and butter. The flower formed will need to be placed in the freezer for several minutes, and after they decorate the cake.

I suggest you to see one interesting video, which shows the phased decoration of cakes with cream. Here you can see the use of various techniques and all that was described above. Happy viewing!

Cream for different types of test

When you make a ready-made cake, you need to understand the foundations of the combination of cores and impregnation. Here are important for certain rules that are often forgotten and allowed basic errors - the cakes are not impregnated, the cream spreads and so on.

In 2015, Italian bakers, together with the artists of the National Association of Cake Designers, baked the largest cake in the world. This gigantic dessert was made in the form of a country map. Its area amounted to 244 square meters. m, and weight is more tons.

Biscuit dough - This is a kind of porous sponge absorbing liquid. To make the cakes were not wet, and they were impregnated as needed, it is necessary to make a mass based on oil and oily sour cream, thickened cream or condensed militia. The layer does not cut and does not fall, but beautiful and evenly distribute between the korzh.

Biscuit dough

Dense cakes, for example, as in Napoleon, you need to impregnate with soft and liquid cream. For layers, it is better to use custard, and for decorating is creamy.

Cakes with an average test density, for example, "Medovik" or "Saint-Man", can be decorated and losing with any cream.

Invitation to the discussion of creams and possible improvements

Have you tried to cook something from what we discussed? Maybe you have our ideas regarding the simplification of recipes, their cheaper or, on the contrary, adding something exquisite and extraordinary? I look forward to your comments on the improvement of the prescriptions given. Accepted for discussion and variations of how to decorate a birthday cake. Reset photos of your creations and share your experience!

Cake decoration cream - the best options for decorating desserts

Cake decoration cream - the best options for decorating desserts

Cake decoration cream prepared with the necessary rules and recommendations will make home dessert with a spectacular and decent supplement of the solemn feast. With it, it is possible not only to make a good delicacy, but also disguise the flaws that were formed in the process of baking the cortex.

How to make a cream for decorating a cake?

To make a resistant cake decorating cream, it is important to follow a good recipe and know some subtleties of technology. Almost any filling option can be thickened and used for the decor of the cortex.

  1. The sour cream or curd cream for decorating the cake is well held by the form, if adding a special threshing powder in its composition. Rosets from it will be difficult to do, but the minimum beautiful design is very possible.
  2. Protein cream is the most demanding in preparation, therefore it is necessary to make it taking into account all the recommendations. He is the most supportive in creating all sorts of figures.
  3. Cream CHES is always thick and dense, but Philadelphia and mascarpone are not available. You can use any creamy cheese that managed to find in the store.
  4. A recipe for a successive cream for cake decorating in fact can be created on any basis by adding a good oil, thickening with gelatin or special powder.

Belkovo-custard for decorating cake

Belkovo-custard for decorating cake

Wet meringue - perfect protein cake decorating. It is necessary to respond to the preparation of the ingredients. Separate proteins, carefully traceing so that the particles of the yolk or shell do not get into the total mass. Be whipped cream, slugging powder gradually, and the sweetener recommend using the purchase, do not lift it yourself.


  • Proteins - 5 pcs.;
  • powder - 400 g;
  • Lemon juice - 1 tsp.


  1. Proteins use room temperature. Start beat, slumbering powder.
  2. Put on a water bath, wait for powder dissolving, without ceasing to beat.
  3. Continuing the course of the device, remove from the fire, pour lemon juice and beat up to resistant smooth peaks.
  4. Immediately use this cake decorating cream.

Oil Cake Decoration Cream

Oil Cake Decoration Cream

The classic oil cream recipe for cake decorating is very simple in preparation, does not require complex ingredients and perfectly holds the form. All sorts of figures are perfect from it, it is important to use it strongly cooled. The finished cream should turn out to be lush, light, smooth and brilliant.


  • oil 82.5% - 400 g;
  • powder - 2 tbsp.;
  • Milk - ½ st.


  1. Soft oil to sweat with sugar before the weight of the mass on the small speed of the mixer.
  2. By increasing the speed pour milk.
  3. Before use, cool.

Cream Charlotte for Cake Decoration

Cream Charlotte for Cake Decoration

This recipe for the cream decorating the cake is a confectionery bag. Charlotte, in the classic version, not very dense, rather, on the contrary - light, gentle, because the flowers and other figures from it will be difficult to do. To thwate the cream a little longer brewing the mass and add more cream oil. Decorating the desserts strongly chilled cream.


  • yolks - 5 pcs.;
  • Pudra - 200 g;
  • Milk - 150 ml;
  • Oil 82.5% - 250 g.


  1. Bring to boil milk and sugar.
  2. To confuse yolks, to enter a thin rod in hot milk, beat the mix with a mixer. At minimal fire, bring almost to the boil.
  3. Cool cream to room temperature.
  4. Soft oil beaten to white lush mass.
  5. Pour the gradually cooled milk base into the oil, continuing the course of the mixer.
  6. Charlotte cream for cake decorating should be smooth, brilliant and air.

Chocolate Cake Decoration Cream

Chocolate Cake Decoration Cream

This recipe for the cake decoration cream is more like a dense glaze or ganash. In the process of cooled, it becomes thick and dense. With its manufacture, it is necessary to take into account the more chocolate content of cocoa beans, the better and faster cream thickens. Cream is needed as fat 33-35% or special pastry.


  • chocolate dark - 200 g;
  • Confectionery cream - 120 ml;
  • Pudra - 70


  1. In the scenery to warm the cream with powder, do not boil.
  2. Throw with a liquid mass of broken chocolate, mix well before dissolving pieces.
  3. Chocolate cake decorating applied chilled.

Cream Cream Cream

Cream Cream Cream

To avoid difficulties and prepare perfect cream cream for decorating a cake, use confectionery cream or vegetable. They are excellent whipped, do not resolve, it is easy to paint and aromatize. So that the mass does not come out too shrew, you can add a small pinch of citric acid, it is well balanced taste.


  • Cream 33-35% - 400 ml;
  • Powder - 150 g;
  • Lemon acid is a small pinch.


  1. Chilled cream whipping to lush mass, slugging powder and lemon.
  2. At maximal speed, beat up to dense peaks.
  3. Use this cake decorating cream immediately.

Cream CHIZ for Cake Decoration

Cream CHIZ for Cake Decoration

A dense and smooth cream made of mascarpone to decorate the cake has long established itself in the design of biscuit desserts. He badly impresses the cakes, but with the design of his home delicacy will cope perfectly. Its taste is absolutely not a shrill, the consistency is always smooth, it is good to stain.


  • Cream 35% - 100 ml;
  • Maskarpone - 250 g;
  • Powder - 50 g.


  1. Chilled cream whipped to peaks.
  2. Spit powder.
  3. Continuing the move of the whiskers is introduced by mascarpone.
  4. Beat and used cream-cheiz to decorate the cake immediately.

Curd Cake Decoration Cream

Curd Cake Decoration Cream

The most white cake decoration cream is curd. He goes tight, keeps the form well, but for its cooking you need smooth, without any grains, smooth curd weight. Do not recommend the use of crystalline sugar, it is in the process of whipping melts and the mass becomes less dense. Use the purchased sugar powder, the starch is often added to its composition, it will benefitly affect the quality of the finished cream.


  • cottage cheese mass - 500 g;
  • Powder - 150 g;
  • oil 82.5% - 150 g


  1. Beat the oil to Bela, slumbering powder.
  2. Introduce cottage cheese mass, beat to puff.
  3. Use cream completely chilled.

Marsht of cake decoration cream

Marsht of cake decoration cream

The perfect thick cream for decorating the cake is a mall. It is not difficult for it is not difficult and if you need to create a relief pattern in the confectionery product is the best recipe. It is able to transform even the most modest dessert, adding a treat with the original type and delightful taste. It is enough for the manufacture of two ingredients - marshmallows and butter.


  • Marshmallow - 10 halves;
  • oil 82.5% - 150 g


  1. Melt the marshmallow in the water bath and in the microwave oven.
  2. Whip the marshmallow mass by adding oil.
  3. Cream freezes instantly!

How to decorate cake cream?

How to decorate cake cream

Armed with a good and appropriate recipe for the decoration of cakes with cream at home will not seem such an unbearable task. You can arrange dessert without a special inventory.

  1. The protein cream is well holding the shape, because the most beautiful figures are as follows from it. Walking on a special burner on the surface of the cake, get a remnable decor in the form of caramel meringue.
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  3. To decorate cake with oil cream, you will need a confectionery bag or syringe. All sorts of spatulas will help to issue a spectacular sides of the cake.
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  5. Cream Czez is ideal for decorating bare cakes. It looks especially good with chocolate and red biscuits.
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  7. Cream Charlot is suitable for decoring simple colors and decorating the sides of the cake.
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  9. To decorate the cake with chocolate cream, you can apply in the process of thick cream or ganash, which is used for a smooth surface coating or formation of inclination.
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  11. The thick curd cream perfectly holds the form and will be consolidated both for the beggar layer, and for the effective design of the dessert.
  12. How to decorate cake with thick cream from cottage cheese

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  13. Marshmallow cream is becoming easier than any other, while he keeps her shape perfectly and instantly freezes. Using different confectionery nozzles, you can unusually arrange a home product.
  14. How to decorate cake with thick marshmallow cream

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Many hostesses are puzzled on bearing pastries: how does it work so neat and beautiful? And the secret in special creams that confectioners are preparing. Want to learn also? This article contains the recipes of the best pastry creams, with which cakes and pastries will be from the store!

Protein custard

The thick cream for the cake, called the "wet meringue" people. For its cooking you need:

  • Several egg whites;
  • Sugar - 5 grams per 1 protein;
  • Citric acid - always chopping;
  • Vanilla or Vanillin to taste.

In large stores sell pasteurized proteins. They are much more convenient, since it will not be necessary to separate anything, because even a fragment of the yolk can spoil all whipping!

If you have ordinary eggs, then look at this video with the best separation methods.

When everything is ready, put a saucepan with gas on gas and wait for the boil. At this moment, start hit by the protein. When soft peaks are formed, put the dishes on the saucepan and continue to interfere with: gas must be reduced to a minimum.

Immediately sugar sugar and lemon, until the mass has become a tight. Literally after 3-4 minutes, Merenga will become similar to the resin, it will begin to stick to the wrencher and stretch. Remove the dishes with the pan and place the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

That's all. The cake decorating cream is well held and easily pressed into a confectionery bag. Before sprinkling, add vanillin to it.

Oil cream and its varieties

The most popular cream for the design of sweets. In traditional form, it is a whipped butter with the addition of condensed milk. The form holds perfectly, very tasty and nutritious, but banal. Therefore, here are 2 cool recipes with an unusual taste.

Cheese on oils

He "CES". The taste may be neutral or sweet - at your discretion. It will take:

  1. Good butter - 150 grams;
  2. Sugar, and better powder - 100 grams;
  3. Curd or creamy cheese - 350 grams.

If everything is ready, you can start cooking:

  • The oil is disturbed by a cube and leave a couple of hours to soften. It is impossible to use the microwave or water bath! Oil must be soft, not liquid.

  • When it softens, throw it into a mixer cup and add sugar.
  • Now turn on the mixer and beat the weight of the minute 3 so that it becomes white and the volume.

  • It remains only to add cheese portions and continue to beat every portion 1-2 minutes.

Before decorating a cake with cream, wait for the whole cooling of the cortex! Oil can flow and shape will break.

Swiss oil cream

Another cream for decorating cakes, which is perfectly holding the shape. It is also preparing simply, and still very quickly grasps in the refrigerator. You can apply 10 minutes before the filing, since "tincture" is not required.

Preparing like this:

1. Add 3 protein and 100 g. Sugar sand in the container.

2. Put the container on the water bath (not on the open fire!) And, constantly stirring, wait for sugar dissolution. Separate grains should not be felt between the fingers.

3. Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl.

4. Now bring the protein-sugar mixture to the state of stable peaks.

5. Switch to low revs and continue to beat, passing the oil by pieces along the way (you need 250 grams total).

6. Beat until the mass becomes like that.

7. The mixture is tinted with dyes. And in this case, "natural pigments" will not suit, like beets - it cannot dissolve in oil. Gel or powder are best suited.

Cream "Charlotte"

Decorating the cake cream Charlotte from a confectionery bag - a pleasure. Very thick, keeps the form under any conditions and does not melt, and most importantly, it is easy to cook!

It will take:

  • Creamy oil - 400 g.;
  • Chicken eggs - 2 pcs;
  • Sugar - 350g;
  • Milk - 250 g

Now you can proceed:

1. First you need to mix milk with sugar sand in a saucepan. Put it on the middle gas and bring to a boil. Sugar must be completely dissolved.

2. While the milky-sugar mixture is prepared, you need to beat the eggs with a wedense. It is not necessary to divide anything, how to bring to peaks.

3. When the eggs were whipped, and the sugar was dissolved - mix them.

4. Put on the middle fire and bring to thickening. It turns out a mixture similar to crude condensed milk.

5. Beat the creamy oil 3-4 minutes and add small portions "condensed milk".

It turned out thick and tight cream, which can be applied to any cakes and pastries. It is better not to prepare it in advance - it will quickly deteriorate.

Butter cream

How to make a cream for decorating a cake, which will keep the form, but the taste will remain light?

Try this recipe for which you need:

  • Fat cream - floor liters;
  • Sugar powder - 90 grams;
  • Vanillin - on the tip of the knife.

So, here is a recipe for cake decoration:

  1. First, everything needs to be cooled to 3-5 degrees: cream, whisk, bowl and even sugar. All put in the freezer and wait a few hours.
  2. When everything is prepared, start scoffing on small speeds. Along the way, add powder on one spoon. Sugar is better not to take, he may not have time to dissolve.
  3. After dissolving, turn on the mixer "all" and achieve such a state.

On this preparation is completed. It remains only to add vanilla and you can decorate the cake.

Chocolate Ganash

A simple recipe for chocolate-based sweets.

It will take:

  1. Good dark chocolate - 400 g.;
  2. Cream - 400 mi;
  3. Creamy oil - 50 g.

Now you can start cooking:

1. First, charge the chocolate with small pieces.

2. After that, put the cream on gas. Do not get distracted, they quickly boil and run away. See first bubbles - turn off.

3. Boiling cream immediately fill the chocolate.

4. After add the softened oil.

5. It remains only to beat it with a mixer to the air condition.

By the way, Ganash can be liquid that can be used for the impregnation of biscuits. For this, you just do not need to beat it.

Cake decoration of any holiday. Often it is prepared at home. And many moms and with children. Cream cream is the main ingredient. Serves for layers and decorations.

Everyone who is preparing a cake, strive to make it not only tasty, but also beautiful. Consequently, the cream should keep the shape of the product.

In the time of the Soviet past, the oil cream was considered the main. They launched abundantly baked cakes, and decorated the cake. Decorations made for flowers in the form of flowers. Currently, there are other calorie creams. However, oil cream has retained its championship, it happens three species.

  • Creamy - on condensed milk.
  • Charlotte - on milk and eggs.
  • Shine - on eggs
Oil - Cream Cream Cream Cream

Oil - Cream Cream Cream Cream 

  • Oil - 200 grams.
  • Condensed milk - 1 bank.
  • Sugar powder - 120 grams.
  • Vanillin - 1 bag.


  1. Soft oil to beat a blender with powdered and vanilla.
  2. Gradually, we introduce a condensed milk and continue to beat.
  3. After 5 - 10 minutes, the cream is ready.

The cream is thick and decorated from it well hold the shape.

Currently use curd cream, it is less a calorie.

Curd Cake Decoration Cream

Curd Cake Decoration Cream 

  • Creamy butter - 200 grams.
  • Cheese cottage cheese - 300 grams.
  • Sugar powder - 150 grams.
  • Vanillin is 1 pack.


  1. Thoroughly whip oil with vanilla and powdered sugar.
  2. Gradually, in the whipped mass I introduce cheese and mix.
  3. Before decorating a cake, cool cream is better. So he best lies up and keeps shape.

Curd cream is not only delicious, but also useful. Cheese interrupts creamy

A taste and gives special piquancy.

Chocolate Cake Cream

Chocolate Cake Cream 

  • Oil - 100g.
  • Chocolate - 1 tile.
  • Sugar powder - 2 spoons.


  1. Melt chocolate on a water bath or in the microwave. In this case, it is constantly needed to mix.
  2. Oil whipped with powdered sugar.
  3. We mix all the ingredients and continue to beat.
  4. After obtaining cream paste, cool.

Chocolate in this recipe occupies the main place, because this product love both adults and children. The cream is delicious and suitable for decoration.

Slot Cake Decoration Cream

Slot Cake Decoration Cream 

  1. Protein - 4 x eggs.
  2. Sugar is 1 cup.
  3. Citric acid - 0.4 spoons


  1. Whip slightly proteins.
  2. We add sugar, citric acid, continue to beat at low speed.
  3. Contents put for heating on a water bath for 15 minutes, while continuing to beat.
  4. Cool and cream is ready for use.

The protein cream is very convenient to work. He is elastic. Well evenly paint. When working it is convenient to use a confectionery bag with various nozzles. This protein cream is basic. For a more dense consistency, gelatin is added to it. Beginner cooks love this recipe. With the introduction of gelatin, the cream will always freeze. Suitable for more complex compositions.

Cream with gelatin for decorating cake 

  • Proteins 5pcs.
  • Sugar powder - 1.5 glasses.
  • Gelatin - 2 spoons.
  • Water -10 tablespoons.
  • Citric acid - 5 grams.


  1. We pour gelatin water to dissolve.
  2. As soon as the gelatin swells, it needs to warm on slow heat, but not boiling.
  3. Squirs whipped to thick foam.
  4. Gradually we introduce citric acid and sugar powder.
  5. Thin weaving pour mixture gelatin.
  6. And we continue to beat around 5 minutes.

For dense consistency, a little cool cream. Using a relief nozzle, you can make sides and other types of cake decor. The cream is ideal not only for decorating cakes, but also many other confectionery products.

Whatever you choose the type of the proposed cream. Using our recipes, and applying various confectionery tools, the cake is decorated easily even at home.

Goods that will help you cooking! 

When you look at the shopping baking, it seems that you cannot repeat the like. Beautiful flowers, cream curls and a variety of weave chocolate curly decorations. But it turns out that it is not so terrible, like his little and make cream, which can be decorated with a cake not as difficult, as it seems, and the flowers themselves and other attributes at skillful hands are being studied pretty quickly.

Basic materials for decoration

Cream Decoration Set

Of course, without special devices, decorate the cake is impossible, but not so much need to make bulk flowers or decorate a cake in the form of a basket with fruits or berries. What you need to work:

  • Pastry bag;
  • Conventional scissors;
  • Wand for sushi or pencil;
  • Paper for baking or clean sheets of ordinary paper;
  • A long knife or spatula - to align the cream;
  • A variety of nozzles for a confectionery bag;
  • Rotating circle for cake. It can be made from a circle to improve the shape, having attached a stand from durable plastic to it.

This is not the biggest set of tools, but the most necessary to begin decorating cakes cream.

Recipe for decoration creams

Everyone wants to make the decoration on the cake to hold out as long as possible, ideally to the complete disappearance of the cake in the stomachs of home and friends. All creams are divided into simple, which can only be deceived by cakes and dense, which are suitable for curly jewelry. Consider the cream for curly jewelry, which are created using a confectionery bag:

  • Protein custard;
  • Oil;
  • Charlotte;
  • Creamy;
  • Mastic.

Cake pool with mastic decoration

On mastic, its manufacture and decoration of cake figures from mastic can be read on our website in the articles:

[ADS-MOB-1] [ADS-PC-1] with the rest of the cream Let's try to figure out and find the best recipe for decorating your culinary masterpieces.

Protein custard

Cake with white and pink roses

This cream is well holding a form in jewelry and it is also called "wet meringue" the recipe for the preparation of this cream is not very complex, only requires accuracy in the separation of the egg mass on yolk and protein. What you need to make cream to decorate the cake of proteins:

  • Protein of 3 chicken eggs;
  • 150 gr. Sahara;
  • Citric acid - 2 chips;
  • Vanillin (to taste)

If proteins are already separated from yolks, you begin to work with whipping this product. While we beat, put a saucepan with water on fire, and let the water boils, then reduce the temperature of the burner and put the whipped proteins on the water bath. Surface all sugar and citric acid and continue to beat. When the volume of the cream increases, and the mass will begin to stretch and stick to the whites, remove the dishes from the bath and beat another five minutes. After that we remove our mass in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.

You can decorate any cake with beautiful colors and leaves, for this you need to split cream into several parts (by the number of different colors). Depending on the volume of this or that color depends, how much must be put off the protein mass into separate dishes for the color. Coloring such a cream before starting the decoration.

More often, when there are no food dyes, many use white decoration cream, just sprinkling various curls with chocolate crumbs from bitter black chocolate or nuts.

Oil cream and its varieties

Cake decorated with roses

This is the most common material for beautiful design, since the oil is well frozen in the refrigerator, so the flowers and other sings are held for a long time on the korzh. This coating has a mass of derivatives that add taste for cream. Let's start with the main one. The oil cream recipe is quite simple in performance and does not require special effort or time to prepare.

Basic ingredients:

  • Water - 60 ml.;
  • Butter cream (high-quality not spread) - 150 gr.;
  • Egg yolks - 2 pcs.;
  • Sugar - 75 grams.

Preparation begins with syrup cooking. In the dishes pour water and put on fire when the water boils, remove it from the burner and pour sugar. Stir and put on a strong fire on a strong fire when sugar is completely dissolved, boil the mixture until syrup turns out. Yolks are whipped with a mixer to white, after which we pour into them the syrup with a thin flowing, not stopping the mass of the mixer at the same time.

The oil is softened and whipped also a mixer to obtain a lush mass. After that, add the egg mixture to the butter in small portions, and after each infusion, we beat again. White, thick and resistant cake cream is ready and only after that it can add dyes and other food additives to give a better taste.

Also thick oil cream is obtained using oil and condensed milk in proportion of 1 pack of oil - 8-10 tablespoons of condensed milk. Recipe. Softened oil is whipped on the middle velocity of the mixer until a homogeneous magnificent mass is obtained, then add condensed milk. It is better to immediately measure the required amount of condensed milk and shifting it into a separate mug or a glass. Milk poured a thin flowing into the oil, without stopping the mixer, after adding milk, we increase the speed to the maximum and whip up to uniformity. Mass for decoration is ready. Add color with food dyes, lay in a confectionery bag and make any curls and flowers. After the end of work on the cake it must be placed in the refrigerator to frozen oil.

What taste additives are better suited for oil cream:

  • Lemon (in the finished oil cream add juice of lemon halves)
  • Chocolate (in the cooked mass add 50 gr. Mixed on the water bath of chocolate)
  • Walnut (add 2-3 tablespoons of grogging in the dust of the nut - this can be done with a coffee grinder)
  • Berry (make cream and at the last moment add a couple of syrup spoons from any jam or grinding on a blender berry)
  • With alcohol (at the last moment you need to pour a tablespoon of brandy or rum)
  • Chocolate from cocoa (add 2-3 teaspoons of cocoa skipped through a sieve)

It is worth noting that if you make chocolate oil cream with bitter black chocolate, then it will turn out much darker than chocolate on cocoa. In the event that three colors are needed for the cake: brown, white, cream, it is possible to divide the resulting oil cream into three parts and add to one melted dark chocolate, to the second cocoa and the third part will remain unchanged.

Brown and White Roses Decoration

After that, we decorate the cake with flowers or curls, observing some sequence so that the colors look better. In the middle of roses from the cream, you can put on one golden or silver bead from the mastic after frozen roses.

How to cook Charlotte

Cake with Luntik

Cream for decorating a cake with a wonderful name Charlotte also keeps the shape well and can be painted in any color. It is not difficult to prepare this kind of decoration at home and it is not much spent on it, and they are all in the nearest supermarkets.

How to cook Charlotte. In order to decorate the cake with such cream, it will be necessary:

  • 250 gr. creamy, high-quality oil;
  • 200 gr. Sahara;
  • 1 egg;
  • 150 ml. milk;
  • 2 gr. Vanillina

At the first moment, we get the oil from the refrigerator and in a separate dish, cut it into small cubes in order to soften faster. In the milk, we break the egg and whipped a little a whisk. Then we fall asleep sugar and put the saucepan with this mixture on the stove. We bring to a boil, move the burner temperature adjustment valve to the smallest fire and cook, constantly having a spatula or spoon to the contestation of concentric (Soviet, if anyone remembers) milk. Remove from the fire, cover the food film and let cool to room temperature.

While our improvised condensed milk is cooled, whipping the oil with vanilla to obtain a lush mass.

After that, we start adding the prepared mixture on one tablespoon. And after each addition, we whip on the middle speed of the mixer. When all ingredients are collected and whipped, we put a bowl with a content for 5 minutes in the refrigerator. After that, we get, and decorate the cake using a confectionery bag or a syringe.

Cream cream recipe

Cream Cream with Cherry

This product is most common for cakes that we prepare children, since it does not contain eggs. Many people are afraid that when cooking on a steam bath is not killed by Salmonella, which are in chicken eggs, so try not to give cream egg desserts to children. For creamy eggs, eggs are not needed, but only gelatin, oily cream and sugar powder are required. The recipe for the main decoration from the cream is:

  • Cream with fatty 33 - 35% - a glass;
  • Gelatin - 1 teaspoon;
  • Sugar powder - 2 tablespoons.

We pour the gelatin by water according to the instructions on the packaging and put it on the water bath. When gelatin disperse, remove from the fire and let it cool. Cold cream whipped with a mixer to a dense, gradually introducing sugar powder in them. In the next sugar, gelatin neatly enter and whip it too. Whipped cream are ready for use, if you want to add a dye, then this is done at the last moment.

Chocolate color cream will give the addition of 1 teaspoon sifted with cocoa.

The recipe for whipped cream is very simple, but has one important feature - the cream is better and faster than the cold, rather than finished at room temperature. For this reason, keep the package with this product in the refrigerator, as long as possible.

The second feature of this coating for the cake is his perishable qualities. To eat culinary masterpieces with creamy peaks or flowers, it is necessary very quickly and making jewelry on a cake almost before its feed on the table.

Whatever recipe you have chosen for your culinary masterpiece, it's worth starting with the main creams only when you are confident in taste and the ability to make decorations, it is worth applying a recipe with dyes.


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