How to enter mail - Step-by-step instructions + Detailed guide

Mail mail is one of the most popular postal services not only in Russia, but also abroad.

The service has a wonderful design and simple control.

Methods of entrance

There are several ways with which you can enter the mail:

  • Through any browser;
  • Through another postal service;
  • Using a mobile application;
  • From the browser in the smartphone;
  • Through the application in the smartphone.

These are the simplest and rapid ways to enter the mail. Consider each in more detail.

How to enter through the browser

This is one of the fastest ways. The browser is installed on each computer or laptop.

Remember that you can use any browser (Yandex, Google, Mozilla and others ...):

  • Check the Internet connection or connect to it;
  • Enter any browser;
  • In the search line (in the center or above), write: "Mile". You can write both Russian and English letters (no values);

  • Go to the first site in search issuance. Beware of fakes and scam. Often, attackers copy the design of popular sites and then steal personal user data. When you go to any mail service, check its name in the address bar.

  • In the left side of the screen you see a window to enter the mail. If you do not have an account, register;
  • Click "Register a new box";

  • Enter the name, surname, date of birth, your floor;
  • Come up with and enter the name of your mailbox, and specify the domain. Domain can be specified any, because they all belong to the Mail Group service and are stored protected on their servers;

  • Come up and enter the password . Be sure to write down the password on the leaves;
  • You do not need to enter the phone number, but if you forget your password, then with the help of the phone to restore it several times faster;
  • Click the "Register" button;
  • Specify the code (set of letters and numbers), which is specified in the row. If you do not write code, click "I do not see the code" and it will be changed to another;

  • Mailbox created. You can fill out information about yourself (it is optional) and start using the service.

 Tip: If you often work with mail you can save the password. To do this, click on the Mile logo. On the main page, enter the login, domain, password from your postage and check the "Remember" checkbox. Also, if you hit the mail logo, you can see the string: "Make the main one." This will help when opening the browser, immediately fall into the postal service and not waste time.

How to enter other mail services

In addition to mail, there are many other postal services.

If you have a mailbox in Yandex, Google, Yahu and others, then each of them can be tied to your mailbox:

  • Go or start an account in any email service. For example, "Yandex Mail";
  • Create a mailbox. The process is exactly the same as when creating a box on mail;
  • Click on the gear;

  • Click: "Calling mail from other boxes";
  • Enter your post account data;
  • Confirm the binding.

So you can via Yandex mail, enter your mailbox.

You can also on the contrary to bind other services to mail mail ru and enter them

  • Press "Mail";
  • Select the service to which you want to bind and through which you will be convenient to enter;

  • Enter the login and password from the box;
  • Confirm binding and synchronization;

  • Configure your account or skip this step.

After some time, all messages from the attached account will go to mail mail.

 Tip: Do not bind several mailboxes at once. All letters are mixed and will be hard to figure out.

How to enter mail through the application

If you are uncomfortable to constantly open the browser, you can download the app.

The application will allow you to quickly respond to messages without opening the browser.

  • Go to any browser;
  • In the search stitch, write: "Mail agent";
  • Go to any site where you can download the app;
  • Select the operating system (Windows, iOS);
  • Download the application. Load location Specify the desktop. If the system does not ask you where to download the application, then go to "My Computer", "disk with", "download";
  • Install the application. The application does not require special permits and works on any computer;
  • After installing the application, find it on the desktop;
  • Enter your data (login, domain, password). If you do not have an account, you can create it directly in the application;
  • Use the service. Each messages will be accompanied by notification and animation.

This method is convenient for those who constantly work in this postal service. You are not distracted by switching between tabs in the browser and respond faster to messages.

How to enter the smartphone

In addition to the full version to work from a computer, Mail Mail has a mobile version. The mobile version does not differ from the PC version almost nothing.


  • Work speed;
  • Portability;
  • Constantly in touch.


  • Has not all functions;
  • Work depends on the mobile Internet;
  • The term of work depends on the charging of the smartphone.

To enter the mobile version of mail:

  • Open a browser on the smartphone (make sure you have the Internet);
  • Write in the search bar: "Log in to Mile Ru" ;
  • Go to the site;

  • Enter your input data and click Login. If you often work in a drawer from a smartphone you can save data to enter.

Just as in the PC version you can associate accounts of several mail services.

  • From the smartphone log in to the post service website
  • Click on the Mail tab;
  • Select the postal service through which you want to enter your account;
  • Enter the login and password from the service;
  • Click "Log in";
  • Confirm that your input and allow you to bind an account;
  • Use mail features.

How to enter through the mobile application

  • Go to the browser and type: "Google Play";

  • Navigate to the site and write: "Mail mail";
  • Click on the first application;

  • Get acquainted with the description and requirements for normal operation;
  • Press the: "Install" button;

  • Confirm the installation and wait for the download. It is advisable to download the application through WiFi to not overpay for traffic;
  • Click Open and enter your email data.

 Tip: If you want to save traffic, then download the application from any other site. Just write in the browser: "Download agent mail", go to any site, download the application, connect your smartphone to the PC (do not forget to remove the lock) and cross the application in the memory of the smartphone via USB cable.

Similar to the browser version, you can use several mail to work. To do this, click on the menu icon, then click on the plus and add the mailbox you need (as well as in the mobile version).

In addition to the smartphone, you can enter the tablet or iPad, the application and mobile version of the mail are available for them.

What to do if it does not work

If you can not enter the service, then you enter the login, domain or password is not correct. Try to remember your data and try to enter after a while.

If you recorded a login, domain and password on a piece of leaf, find it.

The most frequent cases:

  • Check the keyboard language;
  • Make sure you have disabled Caps Lock;
  • Recall whether you have the letters of the upper or lower register;
  • Check the Internet connection;

When it is not possible to remember the password or login, you will have to make data reset.

  • Click the "Forgot password?" Button;
  • Enter your mailbox (login and domain). Be sure to check the correctness of the data entered;

  • In the window that opens, type all the data you specified during registration. Password You can enter the exemplary. Email Indicate only the one to which you have access;
  • Enter the code for checking and click "Continue";

  • Specify all the passwords that you used to enter. In order to add a few password, click "Add another password";

[/ wpsm_list]

  • Fill out the remaining fields. These fields are optional, but if you fill them in, then the support service will quickly return to you access to the box;

  • Click "Send";
  • Wait for letters with instructions in the mailbox (which you pointed out in the column: additional email).
  • If you accidentally indicated incorrect data, you can always make an application for restoring access to the box again.

After receiving the letter, go to the link and install a new password for your mail. Password recovery occurs on all devices equally, so you can restore access to the box even from the smartphone.

It did not work to restore the password

If you wrote in a letter from the support service that the data is not enough, then you need to follow the link and fill out the form again.

Most often this is due to the user's inattention. To ensure that you want to avoid this situation, you need to enter your phone number.

The service will not use your phone for extraneous purposes.

You will not receive SMS advertising and the like. The phone is used only to restore access or notifications (you need to configure this feature yourself).

How to quickly enter the postal service Mail

There are two ways:

  • First method - not safe, but fast;
  • Second - A little long, but safe.

For the first way, you need to put a tick opposite the "Remember" item (when entering mail).

So you can always get access to your mail in 1-2 seconds.

Consider that if you use a public computer (together with other people), anyone can read your messages or answer for you.

For the second way, you need to remember your login, domain, password and remember them very quickly.

You will have to enter data every time, but all your letters and correspondence will be complete.

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Rarely, what user does not have its own mail resource on the Internet. If you have not yet acquired them, then the need for it sooner or later will arise. In this review, we will tell the newcomers, how to enter email, about the possible difficulties and paths of their elimination.

What is understood by e-mail

Under the mailbox in the online version means a personal account in a global network where letters come from other users and are sent to certain addresses. It can be ordinary texts, computer files with invested photos, videos or documents.

Each such drawer on the PC has a unique address attached to a particular user. The name of the drawer includes 3 components from English characters without spaces:

  • login;
  • fission sign - @;
  • The site address where Mail is Mail, Google, Yandex, Gmail and others.
Decoding address

To learn how to buy online mail is attached to the address. It is indicated immediately after the separator (@):

Mail.Ru,,, Mile Google,,,,, Yandex.

How to log in

The procedure for users with mail on the Mail website:

  1. Open the tab with this site.
  2. Site tab
  3. On the left above you will see the window for entering the mail on the computer. In the empty lines, we first login (first part), then click on the button you are proposed for entering the password.
  4. Authorization window
  5. If the end is different, then click on the elder and select the desired option.
  6. Choosing a domain
  7. Then, in the graph, enter the secret combination (it is displayed by points). Then click on the input.
Password entry

If all manipulations were correct, the postcount opens.


Another time trying to go to mail mail, you will see another form of authorization.

Automatic authorization

So, the box is open and drive into the key with a password is not necessary. Enough to click on the address name.

If you do not need a spontaneous opening of the mailer, close it every time. To do this, inside the account there is a reference to the output, located in the corner of the right. Also on the input form, eliminate the tick in front of the "Remember" item.

For your information. Algorithm for opening postal storage on other sites is similar.

Yandex Mail

Why can't open mail

There are three frequent reasons why you can not go into the mailbox:

  • Login error;
  • incorrectly dialed password;
  • The account is locked or deleted.

In each case, the solution to the problem of your own, about which it is worth telling.

Dog on keyboard

The assumption of at least one error in writing a postal identifier will deprive you of the ability to open your box. Even the absence of a banal point or dash is significantly and the system issues an error.

Invalid authorization

Therefore, you need to check the correctness of writing the key and password. The English layout must be enabled. If the first log code is large, then you do not forget to switch the corresponding register.

Cancellation of the post account usually occurs with long inactivity. Then by the rules of service it is completely removed. Blocking occurs when there were attempts to unauthorized penetration on the page.

What to take with an unsuccessful entry attempt

The first thing is that it is recommended to take:

  1. In the starting line of the start, write "Notepad" and run the program.
  2. Launch notepad
  3. In the window that opens, you print your code symbolism without spaces.
  4. Password in the Notepad Program
  5. Move the cursor to the beginning of the recording, clamp the left mouse button and drive to the end. Then right and copy.
  6. Copy password
  7. Open the silent website and insert the copied. To do this, remove all content from the count of the password, click inside the right button on the mouse and from the listed, select "Paste".
Password insert

This technique will eliminate inaccuracies when making a password, since it is displayed in the form of points and see the error unreal.

Password recovery (login)

Try to restore password or login through a special option. Sequencing:

  1. In the form of authorization, click on the link "Forgot your password," "Forgot your address" or something like this (depends on the service).
  2. Forgot your password
  3. Then you will be offered several options for: answer the secret question or use your mobile phone. The last case is possible only in the event of a phone binding to mail. Then it will be sms with further instructions.

It happens that a person knows the password, but the key forgot. You can try to know it through the browser. Usually it saves the input information automatically. Mouse over the login string and click the left mouse button. If you are lucky, the list of addresses will be displayed, from which you can choose the desired one.

Address selection

Another way to solve the problem is to contact a person who you sent a letter at least once. If he does not immediately delete correspondence, then his address has been preserved.


Actions when blocking or removing account

It happens that when entering the system writes about the wrong address or the absence of such an account.

Invalid box name

This is possible in two situations: an error when writing a key or a box is recycled. With the first option, everything is clear - it is necessary to elementally drive the correct address. If you are sure of all 100% of his loyalty, then the drawer is removed. It could happen by chance of your oversight or automatically due to the fact that they did not use for a long time.

Reference. You will be able to restore e-mail, but without content. All correspondence, contacts are erased. It is enough to go through the registration procedure and assign mail the same address.

How to enter the "My page" of the post service via the phone

Virtual mail can be used on the phone. Just need access to the network. Enter the email on the phone will not be difficult, using the mobile browser of the mobile phone. Just enter the search engine URL postal. Some websites have mobile versions - differ from the sources only added at the beginning of the letter M (for example, M.Mail.Ru).

On the page that opens, find the entry form in the mail. Further act like a PC. To subsequent times not to spend time on the introduction of the URL, save the link to the page in the browser.

If you forgot the URL of the mobile version of the site used, use the usual address. After downloading the page, the system will automatically redirect to the desired mobile version. Only mobile applications do not always work well due to the lack of some significant options in them. For example, there is no view of attached files. Then it will be necessary to go to the full option (for this there is a link located at the bottom of the page).

When using mail, you can use the Client Program. These are such services that are collecting letters. Relevant in the case of using several mailboxes at once. Create your account for each account, and the program independently collects correspondence.

Some postal services have personal mobile utilities. These include Yandex,, Gmail. They not only read, but also send letters. With their help, you can communicate with other people who are online. The program is downloaded from the site of your postal. It is better to go to it from a mobile browser.

Useful advice

Tip 1.

When you enter the postpart from your computer for convenience, activate the memorization option. It works within two weeks. Then you do not have to drive login every time. This is relevant in the case of frequent visits to the box.

Tip 2.

In the case of viewing the postal resource on a third-party PC, you should not put the "bird" opposite the recording "Remember." After completing the work, do not forget to exit the account by clicking on the appropriate link on the right side of the screen (upper angle).

Tip 3.

To quickly access the mail service, add a page bookmark page or make it starting.


Can another person go to my online box?

Open your account will be able to only one who has input available. Therefore, keep them out of an unavailable eye place.

Is it possible to change the current email address?

No, It is Immpossible. If you want another name, register a new box.

Is it possible to change the password?

It is permissible. What need to do:

  1. on Mail.Ru: Inside the mail, click on the display of the box, then on "passwords and security";
  2. On Yandex: Click on the icon in the form of a gear (located in the upper right corner) and "Security";
  3. In Google: Click on the icon on the right side of the screen (from above) - "Account Management .." - "Security and Login" - "Password".

Mail.Ru is a domestic web portal with its own email service. Its design allows you to master the main functionality of the site in a matter of minutes, however, start-up users sometimes have problems with the entry into the account at the first time.

The service reference information contains authorization data in the account via the Internet Observer. We will slightly expand the official instructions and pay attention to how to enter the mail from the computer and mobile phone through the browser, postal clients and the adapted versions of the site.

Classic method

Most often, users work with email shipments through a browser on a computer or laptop. Let's start considering the issue from the way to enter mail through its web version.

  1. Go on the link to the main page of the service.

Mail Mail.

2. In the registration form in the left side of the window, we enter your login.

Log in Mail.Ru

3. If the domain differs from @ Mail.Ru, for example, it is @, choose the desired list in the drop-down list.

4. We enter the password and click "Log in".

Log in mail

When problems with password appear, you can restore it with the help of a secret question or sending a text message to a tied phone number. This is done in a step-by-step instruction, which opens the "Forgot password?".

If you need to remember the data for authorization so as not to enter them with each visit to the mailbox, we put the "Remember" mark. When a computer uses several people, this is a workstation and other similar cases, this should not be done, otherwise anyone will receive access to your correspondence.

After successful authentication on the server, a page with incoming letters opens.

Integration with other services

Mail.Ru provides for the possibility of authorization in other postal services, which allows you to instantly switch between several different profiles (Yandex.Pue, Gmail), which is convenient when working on mobile devices.

1. Go to the authorization page in the service at

2. Select one of the popular domains or click "Other" if the appropriate is not in the list. In the second case, after the postal address, you will have to enter and the domain used through the @ symbol.

Login through other services

3. Enter the password and perform input, if necessary, saving this information to automatically fill the forms in the future.

Entry through Yandex in Mail Mail

4. Some services, for example, Yandex. Please redirect to your own resource and ask for an entrance to the security of the security.

Input login and password5. Since authorization is carried out through a web application, it will have to give the required privileges.

Allow access to Yandex mail6. Last step - click "Log in to Mail" to confirm the visit of the account via Mail.Ru. Your name is Mail

7. Next, you can adapt the profile for Email service by installing the avatar by adding a signature, a background pattern, etc.

8. Most likely, letters will be empty.

There are several outputs from the position:

  • We update the page several times;
  • reboot a page with pre-cleaning cache using Ctrl + F5;
  • We leave from the account and perform the input.

Exit from mail


Supports email work with two email profiles. For the entrance to the first, we use one of the above algorithms. Further follow the steps of the instructions.

1. Click on the triangle icon near the address and click "add a mailbox."

Adding an optional mailbox

2. Depending on the domain, go to the first (if it is MRU) or the second instruction.

After authorization, you will find yourself in a folder with incoming letters of the second account. To switch between them, the same icon with a triangle is served.

Switch between postage

The pop-up window displays the number of unread messages.

mobile version

For smartphones and tablets, a lightweight version of the site has been developed.

  • Come on the link Mail.Ru, the browser will forward to the mobile version at M.Mail.Ru.

Mobile version of the mail ru

  • Click "Mail" to call the form of authorization.

Click by mail

  • It fill in it all the fields, as in the previous cases, and perform a tap on the "Login" button.

Enter the data

  • For authorization in another mail service via Mail.Ru Tapack "Log in" without filling out the forms "Login" and "Password".
  • Select a domain by clicking on the drop-down list after the login string, and fill all the fields.

Enter login and password. Choose service

Working with Touch Version

For sensory control devices, an adapted version of the site is provided.

  1. Switch by reference
  2. Indicate the desired postal service.
  3. Enter data for authorization and log in to the account.
  4. After redirecting the service website, if this is not MRU, you will have to confirm the intentions by entering the password again.
  5. We distribute access in case the mail is on a third-party domain.
  6. The folder with incoming messages will also open.

Mobile client

With the permanent operation of the postal service, it is recommended to get the official client for mobile devices. With the on the Internet, notifications come about the appearance of letters.

  1. Install your mobile application with Play Market.
  2. We run the program and perform the steps of the instruction with an adapted sensory control of the site version, starting from the 2nd step.

Multiccount on mobile device

In Android and iOS versions of the official client, there is a function of working with several postal addresses simultaneously with the instantaneous switching between them.

  1. After entering the account, we perform a tap on the button with three horizontal arrows, which is located in the upper corner of the left.
  2. We choose an icon with a plus located under the profile avatar.
  3. Fill out forms, as in the two previous cases, and perform input.


Switching between accounts is carried out by the same button with three stripes. Before the plus a new avatar will appear - tadam on it to visit the second account.

Mobile Mail Switch

We looked at all major ways to enter the Mail.Ru email box with the exception of third-party applications.

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My mail

In this lesson, I will tell you how to enter my email mail, Yandex or Google. And what if the address does not open.

What is email

Email - This is a personal box on the Internet. Through it accepted and send letters: both ordinary text and files from a computer - documents, photos, video.

Each box has its own address. This address is assigned only to one user - it cannot belong to several people immediately.

The address consists of English signs without spaces and consists of three parts:

  1. Login - Name.
  2. @- separator, called dog . To dial it, you need to press the SHIFT key on the English layout (at the top).
  3. Mailing site address - Address on the Internet, where the box is located.

An example of an email address

Each box on the Internet is on some kind of mail site. For example, on the Yandex or Mile.Ru website. And it turns out to go to your box, you must first open the postal site.

The most common sites are Mail.Ru, and

There are others, a little less popular:,,, I.UA. This does not mean that they are worse, they simply use a smaller number of people.

To find out how the site owns the box, you can at its address. The postal site is written immediately after the sign @.

  • If after @ written Mail.Ru,, or, then this means that the box is located on
  • If after the dog is worth, then the box is located on (Google).
  • If,,,,,, then on the site (Yandex).

How to enter mail

How to enter mail . Instructions for those whose box is indicated @ Mail.Ru, @, @ or @

1. Open the website in the new tab.

2. In the upper left square, in the "Box Name" line, type the login - the name before the @ sign. Click on the "Enter Password" button.

For example, if the address of the box is [email protected], you need to print ivan.ivanov35

If the address ends not on Mail.Ru, then in the next box, select your end from the list.

3. In the "Password" string type a password from your drawer. It will gain points - it should be. Then click on the "Login" button.

If everything is done correctly, the mail will open. She looks like this:

Next time when entering (Mail.Ru), instead of the input window there will be another window:

This means that your box is already open. You do not need to type login and password - just click on the inscription "Mail".

In the event that you do not want it to open each time, inside the drawer, in the upper right corner, click on the "output". And the next time you enter the box to remove the bird from the "Remember" item.

How to go to Yandex mail . For those who in the address indicate @, @, @, @, @ or @

1. In the new tab, open the site

2. In the upper right rectangle, click on the "Enter mail" button.

3. The input window is loaded. In the string "Enter Login, Mail or Phone" type your email and click "Login".

4. In the "Enter Password" string, type a password from the box and click "Log in."

If you entered everything correctly, Mail will open. She looks like this:

The next time, when entering the Yandex website (, another window will already be in the upper right corner. It is necessary to simply click on the inscription "Mail" and the box will open without entering a login and password.

If this automatic input does not suit you, then inside the box, in the upper right corner, click on your login. And from the list, select "Exit Yandex Services."

Entrance to Google Mail (Gmail) . Instructions for those who end the box to @

Go to

Often immediately after that your drawer itself opens. But if this did not happen, the login window will appear. Google offers to enter a phone or email address. The phone will only suit if earlier you were attached to the box. And so in this field you need to enter the address and click "Next".

Sometimes, instead of the login window, the Gmail start page opens. In this case, click on the inscription "Log in" in the upper right corner.

In the next window, type the password and click "Next".

If everything is correct, incoming letters will open.

Why my mail does not open

There are three reasons why a person cannot get into his drawer:

  • Wrong login
  • Wrong password
  • Drawer deleted or blocked

About each case I will tell now. And what to do, too, will tell. Banal tips, but this is the only right way to open your email.

Wrong login . Each box has login. This is his unique identifier on the mail site. On it, the site can identify you and open your box, and not someone else.

Login is always from English letters and / or numbers. May contain a point, as well as a hyphen or lower underscore. And from this login is formed by the address (email).

To enter your box, you need to print the login correctly. You can not be mistaken in any letter, digit or symbol!

For example, I have a login ivan.petrov-35. And if I gain Ivan.Petrov35 instead, then my email will not open - an error will be issued.

In addition, on some post sites it is important to correctly indicate not only login, but also the end - that part that goes after the @ sign. This applies to all the favorite There, the end of the box can be both standard Mail.Ru and the other:, or

For example, I have a box on my mail ivan.petrov-[email protected] . So, besides correctly writing a login, you need to choose the right ending. Otherwise, I can't get to your box - the site will give a mistake.

Wrong password . Password is the key from the box. A set of letters and / or numbers with which it opens. If you make mistake at least one sign, the password will not pass, and the site will give an error.

If letters are present in the password, they are dialing only in English.

In addition, it is sensitive to the register. This means that if it has a big letter, and you scored it small (lower case), then such a password will not pass.

Drawer deleted or blocked . It happens, the box does not turn out, because it is removed from the mail site. That is, it is just stolen with all letters.

It usually happens if the address has not been active for a long time. For example, in a box on did not come in half a year - then according to the rules of service they can remove it.

What to do if the mail does not open

1. Open the "Notepad", type the password from the box, copy it and paste it on the site.

To do this, open the "Start" and right in the Print window notebook . Run the program.

The text print window opens. Here we print the password. Without spaces!

We allocate it and copy it. To do this, bring the cursor to the end of the password, clamp the left mouse button and supply it. Then click inside with the right mouse button and select "Copy".

Next, go to the postal site and insert the copied. To do this, remove everything from the row of the password that it was. Then click inside with the right mouse button and select "Paste".

This reliable procedure will help not be mistaken when entering. After all, the password on the site is recruited, and it is difficult to notice the error.

2. Try different login options.

Login is a unique drawer identifier on the mail site. If you specify only one incorrect letter, the system will not be able to determine the mail, and, it means that it will not be able to open it.

Often people are not mistaken in writing login, but rather, are described. For example, a person has an address [email protected] . And he prints login yan.ivanov. . This is mistake. Even if the password is recruited correctly, the box will not open.

By the way, login, unlike the password, is not sensitive to the register. That is, you can dial it with letters of any size. Large, small - any, it does not matter.

3. Use the login and password restore function.

Post sites allow you to restore access to the box. The system will set a few questions about your mail and if you answer correctly, it will ask to specify a new password. Immediately after that the box will open.

В To restore access, click on the inscription "Forgot your password?".

В Yandex - "I do not remember the login" or "I do not remember the password."

В Click on "Forgot your email address?" Or "Forgot your password?".

  • Nor in login nor in the password there are no spaces.
  • And the login and password are dialing only by English letters.
  • Password is sensitive to the size of the letters. If, instead of a capital letter you get a little, it will not work.

If it is impossible to remember the login

It also happens that the password is a person remembers, but I forgot about the box. But the address, that is, the login on the mail site is the main thing. Without it, it will not be possible to restore access.

You can try to find out the login using the browser - the program through which you enter the Internet. To do this, simply click the field to enter the address with the left mouse button. If you are lucky, a list will appear where your login can be written.

Another way to find out your mail is to contact the person you sent letters. If he has preserved at least one letter from you, ask to say that it is indicated in the address bar. To do this, you need to open a message and look into the line under the heading (at the top).

If the site writes that the box does not exist

It happens, the postal site writes that the wrong box name is indicated or there is no such account.

There are two reasons why it happens:

  1. You are mistaken when printing login.
  2. The drawer is removed.

With the first reason everything is clear. The address is printed incorrectly and there is really no such login in the system. You just need to enter it correctly.

But if you are sure that the login is correct, and the site still shows that such mail does not exist, it means that the drawer is removed. You can delete it yourself in the mail settings. Or it can happen automatically.

On some mail sites it happens if the box is not used for a long time. For example, if you did not come to your mail on Mail.Ru more than six months, it can be deleted.

The address is erased along with all the contents. You can return it, but without letters. To do this, you need to register mail with the same name.

Answers on questions

Can someone except me go to my box?

Go to your box can anyone who has a password from him. Therefore, it is important to keep it in a safe place and not to show anyone.

Is it possible to change the address of the existing box?

No, it is impossible to change an open address. You can only register a new one.

Is it possible to change the password from the box?

You can change the password at any time. This is done in the settings of the box:

  • Mail.Ru: Click to your address in the upper right corner and select "Password and Security".
  • Yandex: Click on the gear icon at the top on the right and select "Security".
  • Google (Gmail): Click on your icon in the right direction of the corner, select "Google Account Management". A new tab will open, where you need to go to "Security and Login" and select "Password".

How to get out of your drawer on someone else's computer?

In Mail.Ru To do this, click on the door icon. Or on the inscription "Exit" in the upper right corner of the site.

In Yandex, click on the avatar (right icon) and select "Exit".

In Gmail, click on the avatar (icon) in the upper right corner of the site and select "Exit".

I did not find the answer to my question.

You can try to find an answer independently through the help of the mail site (Support Service):

Or you can ask a question in the comments to this article. The form for sending a comment is slightly lower on the page.

Author: Ilya Krivoshevoved: 03/17/2020

To enter the mailbox, go to the Rambler / mail entry page, in the top field, write the entire address of your mailbox, in the bottom field, specify your password.

💡 If it seems to you that you could make a mistake when entering a password, press the button in the end of the field You will see the characters that write in the password input field.
💡To have quick access to the Rambler / Mail service, add the mail page to bookmarks or make it starting in your browser.

When authorized on the Rambler / Mail service, automatic authorization and on other rambler projects occurs.

If you are viewing the mail on your personal computer, you can enable the "Remember me" feature. Thus, the current session will be saved for two weeks, and you do not have to enter a login and password every time when entering the mailbox.

⚠️ If you enter the mailbox from someone else's device, do not mark the "Remember me" item. After work, be sure to exit the mailbox by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and the "Exit" button.

You can also enter your mailbox:

  1. From the main page of Rambler. In the upper right corner of the page in the form of authorization, enter your email address and press the input button Next, enter your password, if you wish to mark the item "Remember me" and press the login button again.

    In case of successful authorization in the upper right corner, your email address will be displayed. To go to the mailbox to click on the number of new letters or the "Write a letter" button.

  2. From Rambler projects. Click on the "Mail" link at the top of the page and thus go to the Rambler / Mail start page.
💡You can log in in your profile through social networks, Sberbank ID, Apple ID or other postal service. You can learn more about input methods here.


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