17 tips, how to wake up in the morning quickly and easily

17 tips, how to wake up in the morning quickly and easily

For a long time I was difficult to get up in the morning. But due to a number of reasons, it was necessary to wake up very early. Therefore, I developed a system that helped solve the problem.

In this article I share tips, how quickly and easily wake up in the morning and do not experience any discomfort. The system consists of three parts: preparation for sleep, organization of sleep and equipment of early lifting. After reading the tips from the article, you will learn how to learn to easily get up in the mornings and feel cheerful all day.

How to prepare for sleep?

To quickly wake up in the morning, it is important to prepare correctly to sleep:

  1. Unload head. Try to make all important things in the day, and what did not have time - write down in a diary. Do not hold the thoughts in your head about what to do - they will not be allowed to sleep normally.
  2. In about an hour or two, it is better not to drink coffee, strong tea, do not sit at the computer and do not watch TV. Arrange an hour or two silence and relaxes - it will help to quickly fall asleep and wake up in the morning. You can listen to the podcast in the headphones.
  3. It is well relaxed by essential oils, for example, you can use the aroma with lavender butter. It eliminates overexcitation and insomnia.
  4. To quickly and easily sleep in the evening, you can shortly before the deposit to sleep drink a glass of milk or eat a little cheese. These products contain tryptophan, which falling into the body causes relaxation.
  5. Try to go to bed at the same time and get up too at one time. The body will get used to your regime and you will become easy to wake up early in the morning.
  6. It is important to sleep 7-8 hours a day. If you sleep less, then the body will not have time to recover and fatigue will begin to be copied.

How to sleep effectively to get up in the morning?

  1. It is important that the sleeping place is large and comfortable. Uncomfortable pillow, too hard or soft mattress can interfere.
  2. Always tire curtains tightly so that the light from the headlights of passing cars or dawn could not wake you up.
  3. Check the bedroom for half an hour before the planned waste time to sleep.
  4. Lighten the relaxation technique. Going to your back and try to relax every part of the body. For example, at first relax your head muscles, then the neck, then the back, etc., until you relax completely. It is important that the procedure takes place in silence and no one bothered you. This will help to sleep hard and sleep better.
  5. Do not drink too much fluid at night :-)

6 tips, how to quickly wake up in the morning

We got to the most interesting part of the article. It contains tips, how easy it is to get up in the morning and at the same time feel cheerful.

  1. Remember, I recommended sleeping while the curtains dreaded? As soon as you woke up, open them immediately. The bright light stimulates the brain and it will be easier for you to move away from sleep.
  2. Many people put alarm clock, and when he calls - turn off and continue to sleep. It is ineffective. As soon as the alarm clocks, get up immediately. If you put an alarm clock for early with the fact that after the call you will be 15-20 minutes to lie in bed, then you just deprive yourself with sleep! It is better to place alarm clock 15-20 minutes later, but immediately get up by calling it.
  3. To easily get up in the morning, put your favorite music as a call or just a pleasant melody.
  4. Now let's figure out how to wake up early in the morning and at the same time be cheerful. First, in any situation, take a minimum of 7 hours to sleep. Do not try to sleep 5 or 6 hours, you will not have time to recover. If you need to get up very early in the morning and quickly get together, then:
  5. Also easy to get up in the morning and feel cheerful all day helps charging. Make a small workout after some time after lifting. She will help you quickly move away from sleep.
  6. Use motivation. Schedule pleasant things for your day so that you have incentive to quickly wake up in the morning and proceed to interesting tasks for you.

As you can see, you can easily learn to wake up early in the morning. Tips from the article seem simple, but they really work. It is not as difficult as it seems.

Any habit is formed within 21 days. Just three weeks follow the tips from the article. You can easily and quickly wake up in the morning at the time you need.


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In the world of daily stress, fastfud and sedentary lifestyle There is nothing more valuable for good well-being. How to quickly come into shape, cheer up and instantly feel better - our express instruction will tell.

With the onset of the morning, the morning they are becoming less or less vigorous: it would seem, got out of bed, walk around the apartment and even take care of work, but I didn't really woke up. This may be to blame not only frowning winter, but also chronic lack of sleep, and blood pressure, and nervous or physical exhaustion. If you were convinced that morning lethargy and apathy - not a sign of the disease and happen only from time to time, check for yourself our simple ways not to fall asleep on the go.

Immediately the most ruthless advice: do not postpone the alarm signal. Ten painful minutes in bed in anticipation of the inevitable will not add vigor. In addition, some doctors note that, backwards again after waking up, we often plunge into a deeper phase of sleep, and therefore, it will be even more difficult to start the day.

To wake up a rested in the "right" phase, try tracking trackers - in the form of applications for a smartphone like Sleep Cycle or special gadgets. Thanks to the sensors of the movement, it will determine the most comfortable time of awakening and inform about it unobtrusive sounds.

There is a theory according to which in the morning you need to hold out on the legs of only nine minutes - and you will not be so sleepy. Start at least from five: walk around the apartment, take care of the skin of the face or go into a warm shower, make tea or coffee. By the time the alarm clock will be squeezed again, you may be cheered up and understand that it makes no sense to return to bed.

Drink water. Not everyone likes to develop this habit in yourself, but most of them goes good. Restore the water balance after night rest - and the body will get the necessary vitality. You do not need to carry liquid from the morning in the morning - to start just wet the throat with a pair of sips.

Wash and drinking water, make charging from several unhurried exercises. Sport is perfectly ill, but you can only be sure of this on personal experience. For those who are not yet ready for such heroism, on our list of simple workouts on yoga there is a complex that can be performed right in bed.

Morning meetings and routine cases are moved much easier when we are fed. The main thing is not to be combined, otherwise letness and drowsiness will come instead of energetic. Eat a dish rich in protein, or pick up any of our options for quick and healthy breakfast.

1. Put the right music

Select the correct melody for alarm. She should not annoy. In the morning we are especially susceptible to everything, including the sounds. The opposite alarm clock will want to disable and sleep again. But also a very calm composition is not worth it. Under it, you are only stronger.

As soon as you set out the bed, turn on the radio or your favorite playlist with energetic music. The body will automatically begin to move in the beat, the mood will rise, which means it is definitely not wanting to the bed.

2. Find the reason to wake up

Motivation will make you get out of a warm blanket and start morning rituals. Put in front of yourself a specific goal. For example, have time to pass the project to a deadline or finish all affairs until the evening. Ansure to help minor, but pleasant thoughts about a new outfit or a delicious breakfast.

3. Add Light

Wake up in the morning will help the light, ideally sunny. But if you get up to dawn or in cloudy weather, call electricity to help.

The fact is that in the dark, we actively produce melatonin sleep hormone. Therefore, after the alarm signal, turn on all possible light sources.

4. Striver on your feet at least 9 minutes

There is a theory that it is during this time the body will finally wage. Especially if you make these minutes as pleasant as possible.

5. Smile

Go to the mirror and smile to your reflection, even if I don't want at all. Start just with the mechanical movement of the lips. It will launch the process of producing serotonin, the so-called hormone of joy.

American Publicist Ron Gutman (Ron Gutman) is confident: a smile can charge a person with energy for the whole day. In his speech at the conference, Ted Gutman compares the effect of a smile to get a heap of money.

6. Make charging

Short morning workouts not only help wake up due to the fifth of oxygen to the brain, but also improve the figure and make you happier. So spread the rug and make a few exercises.

Every morning I start with exercises. It is better to give preference not to power training, but stretching. It is gradually needed to pull all your muscles and, of course, pull the muscles of the abdominal press. This charging can be started right in bed: Tighten the knee to the stomach. First right, then left, then both at the same time. So your body will wake up.

Dmitry Fedin, VIP coach, Candidate of Psychological Sciences

And you can still focus on pushups. Perform three approaches with breaks for 30 seconds. The main thing is to press out as much as you can. Such a simple training will lead you to the tone and charges energy.

If the weather allows, put on sportswear and shoes and go on a jog. Double use: Morning cardio and fresh air.

7. Clear

As soon as you come down to the bathroom, smear with cold water. This is stress for the body, which means you will be accurately cheered.

Well, more beautiful. Cosmetologists say that cold water protects the skin from premature aging. If there is time and strength, freeze a little ice from the evening. And in the morning wipe the face of a couple of cubes. Such a procedure will help wake up and relieve you from bags under the eyes.

8. Clean the teeth

Even such a familiar hygiene, as a toothpaste, can help cheer up in the morning. Only here with tastes is better not to experiment. As practice shows, the most inviting paste is classic, with mint of the lp. Taste, smell and small tingling in the mouth will help you wake up.

9. Take a contrast shower

How to wake up in the morning: take a contrast shower

This is a very simple, accessible to everyone and at the same time an effective way. Only one should not immediately lean ice water, and then get yourself with boiling water. Temperature should be comfortable. Increase the difference gradually.

And one more important rule: start the procedure with warm water, and end the cold.

10. Drink a glass of water

After water procedures, drink a glass of water. This is a real alarm clock for your body. Water will launch digestive processes, and the body will understand that time came to work. Athletes and those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle regularly begin the day from water.

Water is contained in most human body tissues. Therefore, it is impossible to wake up without it in the morning.

Yulia Glyantseva, doctor, fitness nutritionist

11. Smoke the grain of coffee or orange

To cheer up, do not necessarily drink coffee, it is enough to smell it grain. So consider scientists from the USA. The fact is that the saturated flavor of good coffee reduces the activity of the genes that are responsible for drowsiness. The aroma of citrus is also the wake-up effect.

Do not forget about it when you choose air flavoring or shower gel.

12. Prepare and eat breakfast

Delicious breakfast and even thought about it will help you wake up. Do not limit the scrambled eggs, experiment. Moreover, proteins and carbohydrates can be afforded in the morning.

The main thing is not to overdo it. Overeat will have a reverse effect, and you want to sleep.

How to wake up in the morning: Prepare and eat breakfast

13. Drink coffee

Where without him? Just know the measure. After the first morning cup of coffee, Somologians recommend to take a break for 3-4 hours. Then in the middle of the day the body will be active and without additional doses of caffeine. If you have breakfast to drink too much coffee, you will feel fatigue to dinner.

And yes, pour

Most professionals consider 7-9 hours of night rest. And the staff of the Arizona University came to the conclusion that for happiness a person needs to sleep exactly 7 hours 6 minutes.

If you do not work on time, the specialists recommend calculating the sleep time so that it is multiple of one and a half hours. So even after a small rest you will have a chance to wake up vigilant.

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From how we wake up, depends on how our day will pass. Cold in winter, when the light is late enough, it's not easy to raise yourself with a warm bed. If it happened, it is difficult to fully wake up, be vigorous and active. The causes of such a state can be chronic inappropriate, elevated nervous excitability, fatigue or blood pressure. Here are some practical advice that will help you quickly wake up and cheered.

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Stand on the first call of alarm

When you wake up with the first alarm signal, you do not need to turn it off to sleep "five more minutes." In this case, the body can go to an even deeper phase of sleep and then stand up much more difficult than if you did it right away. In addition, the likelihood is that all day you will be sleepy and tired.

Photo: IStockPhoto.com

Turn on the light

Darkness provokes the production of sleep hormone - melatonin. Therefore, to help the body faster wake up, turn on the bright light, do not intend to die.

Solar energy: Where to get vitamin D in winter?

From its level in the body depends the condition of the skin and mood.

Drink water

Perhaps the most useful advice. Drinking an empty stomach of a glass of water, you not only run all the important metabolic processes of the body, but also help him how to cheer up and wake up. And if we add to the water to the water of the lemon, charge it with additional energy.

For the benefits of such a habit, see the video "Championship".

Do exercises

A very small set of exercise takes only five minutes of your time, but will be able to lead the body and muscle. Start with stretching, make a twist, then you can refress and make an exercise jumping jack. Due to activity in the brain there will be more oxygen, and you will feel the tide of the strength.

Photo: IStockPhoto.com

Wash cold water

Conduct your shake, waving cold, almost icy water. A sharp change of temperature will accurately help to cheer up. Such washes are useful for skin condition - it warns aging and helps to keep the tone.

Dry and cracks: how to care for the skin in winter

Several simple rules will help get rid of problems.

Take a contrasting soul

The method that will accurately work. Start with a comfortable temperature for your body, gradually increasing the difference between hot and cold water. Five minutes will be enough to finally wake up and be prepared for a new productive day.

Wake up and getting up from bed in the morning it is difficult for most people who are forced to lead their lives in the conditions of social jetage - unfortunately it began to be considered the usual phenomenon. We can't get up and go to bed in accordance with our natural biorhythms: the working day begins and ends at all over another graphics.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of the population in industrialized countries live under a chronic stress caused by lack of sleep, circadian rhythm failures and negative emotions. Our natural biorhythms have long been violated, but with the rhythm of the life of the society, we try not to get down, literally raping our body every morning.

But the people's wisdom is not in vain, says "What a" good morning "is such and" good afternoon ""; The classics also note that "Success comes to those who get up in a good mood", and not just "early." But in the people they say this: "get up little, you need to wake up" - just "to the point!" It is the wrong and even frankly "Dragon" awakening makes our days not kindly, and cloudy, and this does not depend on the weather.

Is it possible to quickly wake up in the morning without damaging your health? Is it generally possible? We will talk about it with you right now.

Useful or harmful alarm clock

The topic is so important that it is worth a separate "proceedings". People who believe that "the main thing to get up, but I wonder then," give many tips on the use of alarm clock.

Get up immediately after the call - it is correct, like the fact that it is not necessary to "put an alarm clock with a margin," but here's the alarms that you need to catch or throw about the wall - shaped mockery.

Is it possible to wake up the alarm clinic? Studies of specialists, including somnologists, showed that the alarms are assistants in the development of depression and other nervous (and not only!) Diseases. From the call, adrenaline is sharply "ejected" into the blood, heartbeat is rapidly and the pressure rises; Of course, the music of the phone alarm clock acts softer, but it most often interrupts sleep at the most inappropriate time - into the deep phase. And recently, scientists find out that the alarm bell can cause death from a heart attack or stroke: there are few such cases, but they are, and doctors do not deny this.

Experts are confident that it is necessary to get rid of the habit of waking up on the alarm clinic, and the way for this one: align its biorhythms, as close as possible to natural - the advantages will be more than difficulties. Having learned to wake up independently, you will stop at the working week to prevent, and on the weekend it is to fool and get up with a swollen face. The daily rhythm of the body is leveled, the immunity will become stronger, and the figure will improve: after all, excess weight accumulates from the lack of sleep.

Can I get rid of the alarm

Get rid of the alarms will not immediately come out: people began to invent them (in different variations) even hundreds of years ago - in ancient China and Greece, in medieval Europe, etc.

To begin with, you can change the traditional option to more sparing - now the alarm clock is already invented, which determines the sleep phases. Owners of smart and iPhones are even easier: to establish a smart program, learn how to use it and wake up in an optimal time for awakening.

Why is it difficult for us to wake up in the morning?

However, the most important thing is a full dream: when a person huses well and rests, he is unlikely to think about the difficulties of morning awakening. It is easy to wake up and get up to us the habits that otherwise as unhealthy, you will not call.

We are still looking at the TV, sit at the computer, "digging" in the phone, and in parallel we will eat for the whole day. We can drink black tea or coffee in the evening, and sometimes "something stronger": there are different situations.

Meanwhile, such devices should be turned off per hour before sleep, but dinner for 3 hours (at least 2!); Before bedtime, it is better to take a warm bath, read or listen to calm music.

Go to bed right

Be sure to ventilate the room, and, if you can, sleep with an open window. The optimal temperature in the bedroom is reasonable norms, and not the fiction of physicians: at 18-21 ° C, it is easier to work with a heart and an endocrine system, the skin, hair and the whole organism in general feel better.

Try to go to bed at the very late at 23 o'clock: someone is enough to sleep for 7 hours, and another requires all 9 - you will have to determine the optimal sleep duration "experimental method". And before bedtime, I will definitely calm down: if something upsets, measure a few minutes or remember that "the morning of the evening is wiser."

Can you quickly wake up?

Supporters of radical ways advise to fully open the curtains or include the light immediately as soon as you could open your eyes to force the brain to be activated. The natural light of the beginning of the day is fine, but artificial lighting is another: a sharp change of a soft twilight bright light leads to the development of depression as well as sudden loud noises. Now there are devices that allow smoothly to include light, but you can use the light alarm clock with the function "Dawn" - the device is no less useful, but more affordable. The backlight regulator is configured so that half an hour before the desired time "begins to dawn" - the awakening turns out soft and light.

Comfortable morning is created by our actions.

No need to jump and swallow strong coffee to "urgently and quickly wake up" - sharply get up in generally harmful.

5-7 minutes stay in bed: stretch and make a "lying" gymnastics - special sets of exercise find it easy. And intensifying the brain will help massage of ear sinks and fingers.

If possible, try to enable music pleasant for you. Wash cool or slightly warm water, and not too cold or hot; It is even better to take the cool (about 20 ° C) of the shower for 1-2 minutes. The contrasting souls are withstanding not all, and cool water contributes to the development of serotonin.

Also drink an empty stomach of a glass of cool (room) water.

A cup of herbal tea with honey in the morning is more useful; Of course, this is a matter of taste, but you will have time to drink coffee and later during the day.

For what we get up in the morning?

It is difficult to wake up in the morning, when there is no desire to get up, when there are no incentives, and the mood is "on zero", and no methods will help here. If in the morning I remember the problems and "program" the troubles like traffic jams on the roads and difficulties at work, it is definitely not wanting to get up.

Positive mood is the best tool to quickly wake up and cheered up in the morning. Waking up, remember that there is a good thing that is in your life: it's a pity, but most people tend to replace real values ​​temporary, like a comfortable life and high salary. It is noted that people who like their race of classes (profession, work, business, etc.) rarely experience difficulties with awakening in the morning, and they have a calmer and deep sleep, so it is better to do what the soul.

If it does not work yet, slow down the rhythm of life: stop taking more than you need, remember that you should not have anything to anyone and learn to say no people and uninteresting people and affairs.

And it is necessary to quickly wake up in the morning, schedule a good and full breakfast since the evening: the thought of useful "goodies" is a great stimulus for a light lift from bed. And in order to have a good appetite in the morning, do your dinner as easy as possible - at the same time, save the figure.

From the experience of Bunyaeva Larisa Pavlovna

And now the advice of our permanent readers. What does Larisa Petrovna make to quickly wake up in the morning. So.

Waking up, I begin to pull the lying on the back. Then I turn over on the stomach, pulling up the hands up above my head, I get on my knees, and I repeat all the movements of my dog: I'll deflect my back, pulling alternately, legs, neck.

Again I go on my back. Raise up his arms and legs, and starts shaking energetically. I read somewhere that this exercise is called running for lazy. With this exercise, blood circulation is restored in the limbs. Following, doing the exercise "Bike". Very good for the press.

After that, rubry very much palm on each other before the appearance of heat, and I put my hands to my eyes. So several times. Sleep as hand shoots! The eyes immediately open, as if filled with energy!

Then massaging pasta sinks. They are biologically active points associated with all organs of our body. And the ears massage is very important to intensify the work of the whole organism.

All this morning procedure takes me no more than 10 minutes.

After that I get up. I go to the window and opening it with a car (if winter) or I go to the balcony, and I do deep breaths of fresh air! How good !!!

On an empty stomach drink a glass of warm water to activate the entire digestive system, and I go to the shower. Nothing boys so much after sleep, like cool water with some kind of citrus gel for the soul !!! Immediately fits the tide of vitality and energy !!!

Then breakfast. In the morning I drink coffee with milk or green tea, depending on the mood and desire. It is still very useful in the morning to eat some fruit or drink vitamin C, you can drink a vine hips, it is also very useful.

In general, there is still a mass of other ways to quickly wake up in the morning.

For me, it is also a walk with a dog in the morning. Want - do not want, but you need to go! But it's great !!!

And in the morning you can turn on dance music and just dance a little! Immediately the mood will rise, and the figure will be without unnecessary deposits!

Previously, I always believed that I was owl and I was actually very difficult to wake up in the morning. But now I can easily succeed! You just need to perform this minimum exercise, and the body will be much easier to get rid of sleep remnants!

Yes, I work, at 7.30 I'm already at the bus stop. So, if you wish, you can do so much in the morning! And the morning will seem joyful, and all day will pass in the high spirits!

Cauche Yari Rumemer in his column on Medium explained why we do not fall out, and gave seven councils how to become a lark.

7 simple tips, how to learn easy to wake up early in the morning

Anna Samoyuk

Tip №1: Leave the alarm clock in another room

Leaving an alarm clock in another room, you have to get out of bed to turn it off. And if you already got up and came to another room, it makes no sense to go to bed back.

Photo: Unsplash.

Tip # 2: Immediately drink two glasses of water

After 8 hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated, and you need to drink water as soon as possible. The reason why many are tired and lose the motivation in the morning is dehydration - and not surprisingly, after all, our brain consists of 75% of water. Therefore, immediately after sleep, drink two glasses to charge the energy and productivity for the coming day.

Tip №3: Make a small charge

Another advice is to make a small charge (2-5 minutes). Pour, work out yoga - everything you want. Active exercises increase heartbeat, your body begins to produce cortisol, and blood flow increases. After charging, you will not feel sleepy; On the contrary, you charge the energy and forces.

Tip №4: Do Breathing Exercises

According to recent biohaking discoveries, your breathing has a great influence on your body, energy and moral condition. With the help of one breath, you can affect everything - from the immune system to creativity. But now we focus on how breathing will help you feel cheerful in the morning.

By making a deep breath, you breathe much more oxygen than usual. And the more oxygen, the greater the energy. Try to do in the mornings breathing exercise Vim Hof. Its essence is as follows.

For 10-30 seconds, make a deep breath and sweeping without a pause. It is important to breathe belly, not a breast. Most likely, you will begin to circle your head, and it is absolutely normal. The main thing is to do this exercise in a safe environment; Never perform it at the wheel or during swimming.

Photo: Unsplash.

Tip №5: Do not look at the phone for the first 20 minutes

Many immediately after sleep stretch to the phone to update the Facebook ribbon or check email. Such a habit immediately introduces your brain into a distracted state. All messages, emails and notifications that you got at night take your attention.

Instead of deciding how to spend the morning, you are forced to react to what others were presented to you. Because of this, you start feeling stress. Not the best beginning of the day, right? Therefore, do not touch your phone at least the first 20 minutes after sleep.

Tip №6: Do what you like

If you hate all your morning routine, you will not have a desire to wake up earlier, and you will not be able to enjoy in the morning. Therefore, do what you like.

Tip №7: Fuck out well

One of the most obvious ways to learn how to wake up early in the morning - sleep well. And it does not mean just sleeping for 8 hours; need to take into account the quality of sleep.

Photo: Unsplash.

After a good sleep, you will feel a big tide of energy in the morning. Here are some tips, how to improve it:

  • To ventilate the room
  • Abandon blue light (do not look at the phone, TV, computer) 1-2 hours before sleep
  • Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex
  • Diary
  • Eat less sugar and caffeine during the day
  • Sleep at least 7 hours

A source.

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