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You can save a backup copy of data, content and phone settings in Google account to restore them on this or other Android phone.

The data recovery process depends on the phone and version of Android. For example, the data of the device with a later version of Android cannot be restored on the device with an earlier version.


Some of these actions can only be performed on devices with Android 9 and later. Read more about

How to find out the version of Android

How to back up content

  1. You can configure automatic downloads of photos and Google photos. Read more ...
  2. Files and folders can be downloaded to Google disk. Read more ...

How to enable automatic data backup and settings

Important! To protect data backups, use non-scrolling or Smart Lock to lock the screen, and the PIN code, a graphical key or password.

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Choose System thenBackup. If the settings on your phone look different, find the item in them allowing to manage Backup .
  3. Turn on backup.

Note. If several people use the tablet, access to backup and reset the settings is only the owner.

How to manage accounts for backup

How to add a backup account

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Choose System then Backup . If the settings on your phone look different, find the item in them allowing to manage Backup or contact the manufacturer for help.

  3. Choose Account for reservation then Add Account .
  4. If necessary, enter a PIN code, a graphical key or password.
  5. Enter the account you need to add.

How to switch between accounts for backup

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Choose System then Backup . If the settings on your phone look different, find the item in them allowing to manage Backup or contact the manufacturer for help.
  3. Click Account for reservation .
  4. Select the desired account.
What data types are saved in the backup Important!

Automatic backup can not work in all applications. To get information about it,

Contact Developer


If backups are loaded into Google, they are encrypted using your account password. To encrypt some data, the PIN code, a graphical key or a screens of your phone lock is also used.

The following data is copied to Google Disk:

  • contacts;
  • Events and settings from Google Calendar;
  • SMS (but not MMS);
  • network Wi-Fi and their passwords;
  • wallpaper;
  • Gmail settings;
  • applications;
  • Display Settings (Screen Brightness and Sleeping Mode);
  • language settings and input methods;
  • date and time;
  • Settings and Application data developed in Google (depending on the application).

How to back up data and settings manually

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Choose System then Backup . If the settings on your phone look different, find the item in them allowing to manage Backup or contact the manufacturer for help.
  3. Click Start copying then Proceed .

How to delete data from the phone after backup

How to restore data and settings

When you add a Google account, all previously stored data are downloaded for the phone.

To restore an account from the backup after resetting the settings, follow the instructions on the phone screen. Detailed information can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Important! Phone data with a later version of Android cannot be restored on the phone with an earlier version. For details on how to check and update the version of Android ....

Currently, Android OS gradually occupied the largest market in the world. More and more people choose Android phone as their mobile phone. As a user of the Android phone, sometimes you can annoy Android phone recovery methods when you lose files. So how to restore your Android phone when you accidentally deleted the files? The article presents the best solutions 3 for you to restore your Android phone with a few simple steps.

Restore Android phone

Part 1 , Restore Android phone using Google Backup

Google Backup. Must be default and the best way to restore your Android phone. Using the wonderful "Back" tool you can store and synchronize everything on your Android phone. The application can restore many other files, such as video, photos, documents and folders, from any device in the cloud. To restore Android phone using Google Backup, you must make sure that you have already created a backup of all files in Google account. Then, what you have to do now is just running simple steps that we have shown to restore files on your Android device.

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Step 1 : Start the notification panel

First you need to click and hold, and then spend on the screen from top to bottom. Then open the Notifications Panel on your Android phone. After that, click on the settings icon to open the setup mode.

Step 2. : Select the backup and reset option.

Then press the "Settings" menu, you need to scroll through the screen to find the backup and reset icon. Click on the Backup and Reset button to open the option.

Step 3. : Restore Android phone

After that, you will see several fields, such as "backing up my data", "Backup account". Select the button "Create a backup of my data" and the "Automatic Recovery" button. And then Google Backup will automatically restore the Android phone when reinstalling applications.

Google Backup.

Part 2 , Best methods for restoring Android phone

The section recommends the best Android data recovery to restore Android phone with ease. This is one of the most professional ways to return all the information from the Android phone. You can recover lost photos, videos, documents, call history, music files and other deleted data from your Android phone. If you have lost your Android phone or deleted files due to incorrect operations, you can download this wonderful data recovery software to restore the Android phone. Here we will show detailed steps to recover data from Android using Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery.

Step 1 Download and run the program

First of all, download, install and run Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery on your computer. After that, connect Android recovery application to the computer via a USB cable. The program will automatically detect your Android phone.

Run Android Backup Assistant

Step 2. , So that your phone turns on USB debugging

After completing the connection, it will ask you to enable USB debugging on your Android phone. The program will define your version of Android and prompt you to open a USB debug mode. Now you can click "OK" to get root rights to your Android phone.

Do not want to rush Android phone? Just give this page to help you recover data from the Android routing phone.

Step 3. , Select the desired types for recovery

Now you can preview the files you want to recover from the Android phone. Select and click the types of files you want to restore, such as photos, messages, call logs, video and other files. Then click the Next button to preview the selected files.

Select File Type

Step 4. , Restore data from Android phone

Next you can see all the detailed information about Android phone files. Then select and click Detailed Recovery Files. Finally, click the Restore button to start the Android phone recovery process.

Restore Android video

Part 3. Restore Android phone in previous condition

The section recommends another simple solution to restore Android phone to the previous state. Using this method, you do not need to download any application or software to your Android phone. You just need to configure and restore the factory settings of your Android phone. Restoring factory settings - one of the best ways to restore the previous status of the Android phone. Before recovering the Android phone, we advise you to back up your Android phone so you can recover your files later. You can restore your Android phone, following the instructions below.

Step 1 , Open the settings menu

First you need to click the "Settings" button to enter the "Settings" interface. Otherwise, you can also scroll through the top of the screen to get into the settings menu.

Step 2. . Select Backup and Reset Option

When you get into the "Settings" window, you need to scroll the screen to find the "Backup and Reset" button, and then touch it.

Step 3. , Press buttons to reset Android phone settings

Now you need to click "Reset Factory Data", and then you will see another interface, please click "Reset Phone" when you read the information in the window.

Step 4. , Select Erase all

In the end, what you need to do is click on the "Erase All" button. Then your Android phone will return to the previous state. Now you can easily restore your Android phone. Sometimes, when you get a blocked Android phone, you can also find out how to fix the broken Android device, and then restore the various data on it.

Reset Factory

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The article presents three different ways to restore the Android phone. You can restore your Android phone using Google Backup, Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery or even using phone reset factorization. Select the most suitable for you to restore the Android phone. The most reliable that you can do is always install a backup of the Android device and often check it to make sure that your device does. If you have other questions about the ways of restoring Android phone, you can share more information about your comments in the article.

There are situations such as a complete system freezing or failure of any device functions, when the only possible option to resume the functioning of the system is a hard reboot, and the subsequent restoration of Android to the factory settings.

Recovery Mode.

Reset all settings to factory with Recovery

To start the Android System Recovery menu, you need to use a special combination of buttons. In most cases, for this, you need to simultaneously press the volume and turn on the keys, and hold them until the device starts. But it is better to clarify the combination suitable for your model in the comments below.

When the menu appears on the screen, you need to find "Wipe Data / Factory Reset", select "Yes - Delete All User Data" in it and confirm your choice. After restarting android reset to the original settings. You need to use this method only as a last resort - when other methods do not help, or before selling the device.

Recovery Console

How to restore settings for android

In the process of operation, a number of errors can accumulate in the system, and its performance will fall, and various software "glitches" may appear. The easiest way out of this situation is to restore the original android settings. To do this, log in to "Restore and Reset" (located in the "Settings" menu item), where to select "Resetting the settings" and activate it by selecting "Erase everything". After that, the system will return to the initial parameters.

Choosing a "Restore and Reset"Resetting and data recovery settingsRunning the recovery of factory settings

Given the loss of information when returning to the initial settings, it will be reasonable to reserve data and check whether all the valuable information is preserved. When resetting settings, files on flash cards are saved.

How to restore android after reset

To be able to restore android after resetting the settings, you need to synchronize the system with your Google account. To do this, in the "Restore and Reset" menu item, you must activate "Copying Data" and "Auto-Restoration", putting a tick opposite the relevant items. As a result, information from all applications and user data will be duplicated on the account. And for their recovery you need to simply enter your name and password, the download of information and the restoration of Android will start automatically. But this requires a sustainable Internet connection. OC Android system settings will remain factory.

How to restore account on android

Your attack on Android coincides with Google-Mail, so it is enough to get into it, it is enough to find the addition of the Google account, select an existing account and enter its data.

Adding AccountEntering Address and Password

How to restore an account on Android if you forgot your password? You must use the Google Password Restore page, enter the postal address and follow further instructions.

If the account name is lost, the name recovery page will help, but for this you need to remember the address of the backup mail or the phone number to which the account is attached.

Article in english

For those who do not know how to restore android, the best method will be a complete reset of settings to the factory through the phone menu. This action helps solve many problems and violations in the mobile phone. If the smartphone starts and can be loaded independently, it is better to make a simple cleaning system, removing third-party software, viruses and other data. The article presents all possible options for restoring mobile equipment based on android.

Causes of problems and solutions

There are several reasons for which the restoration of android may be required. This includes infection with viruses from programs or sites, the intervention of fraudsters into the system work. The failure may occur after updating the operating system version or a specific program. In this case, there will be no phone loading.

To solve the problems, you can use the functionality of the device itself or the possibility of a PC to which you want to install an additional software. For example, the Samsung manufacturer offers to use the KIES utility. For work you need:

  • Download and install a program to a computer.
  • Connect the mobile device through the USB cable.
  • Open the utility, go to "Tools" and activate the emergency recovery of the system. In the list of gadgets, a smartphone with a separate code, which is inserted into the corresponding string is to appear. If the utility does not offer code, then the recovery will be impossible.
  • At the end you need to click on the entry to start recovery.

Based on the version of the operating system, firmware, you can use the ODIN program. It is considered universal, suitable for many devices, and the instructions of the action is almost no different.

Hard Reset from the working system

Using such a functionality is available to users of any mobile devices based on Android, so installing additional applications will not be required to complete the full reset and restore factory settings. If the operating system works on the phone, it is possible to turn on the gadget, then you need:

  • Go to the Device Settings menu or "Parameters".
  • Find and go to the section to archive information and reset parameters.
  • Select the necessary categories to create information archive and subsequent automatic recovery. This will help to easily resume the current parameters of the system after discharge.
  • In the "Personal data" section, click on the reset button.
  • It remains to read a warning notification that all installed programs, accounts will be removed from memory. Next, you will need to confirm the actions, the telephone will be restarted on the phone with a complete cleansing of android.

Such technique helps to remove viruses, "trash" and speeds up the work of the gadget. In addition, to restore the factory settings will be possible using a PC, but for this you should install the branded software from the phone manufacturer. To work, you will need to connect the gadget to the PC, select the recovery section and activate the action. The programs always provide a detailed instruction to follow.

Login in the Recovery menu

If the operating system does not turn on, there is a question how to restore android after deleting system or other files, then the built-in functionality should be used - Recovery mode. The main difference of such a console for different brands is to enter mode. Below is an example for Samsung models, however, the entrance and work may be similar to many other modern gadgets for Android:

  • You need to simultaneously press and keep the sound reduction and inclusion of the gadget.
  • As soon as the logo appears, only the power button is released, and after displaying the mode menu, you can release the volume.
  • If the actions described do not lead to changes, then you can climb the "Home" key, the volume up and turn on the device.

It should be understood that when performing the specified actions, you must disable the phone from the power source, but to pre-fully charge the battery to perform the hard restoration of the system.

For models from the manufacturer Lenovo, the following menu call method is used:

  • Click the power button and volume in the center.
  • Some press the reduction and addition of the volume.
  • If nothing works, then hold the inclusion button before the vibration appears, immediately make multiple clicks to increase the volume.

Open mode allows the Gadget owner to perform several changes, even if the technique does not turn on. Often, a full reset is used and restoring factory settings with deleting personal data. It helps to eliminate system failures, viruses and other defects. To perform actions you need:

  • Volume up or down Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset partition.
  • Using pressing the power key, activate the function.
  • Wait for reset and run similar methods Reboot System Now.

If everything is done correctly, the mobile device will begin to restart, which makes it possible to fully restore the work. However, all the data that was stored will be deleted entirely, therefore it is recommended to create backup copies.

To quickly restore personal materials after restoring the system, you will need to complete a complete device backup. To do this use Recovery console:

  • In the menu called, select the backup and restore line and press the power button to activate.
  • In a new window, activate Backup.

After that, there will be an archive formation with personal data. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. After that, personal data can be restored from the archive in the Backup and Restore menu in the RESTORE line. The features described will be available only to users who have administrator access to smartphone files.

Restoration android without access root

Very rarely ordinary users of smartphones want to solve problems with getting root rights. In this case, there is an output - installing the Safe Backup program that helps make a backup copy of various personal data, in case the mobile technique begins to work incorrectly. As soon as the inclusion is, different materials are restored.

To carry out settings on the phone you will need:

  • Install the utility from the play market and run it on the gadget.
  • In the open work menu of the program, only 2 keys will be available - recovery and saving.
  • You need to click on "Save" and select a directory.
  • If necessary, you can immediately compress the materials in the archive, set the password.
  • To extract materials, it will be necessary to simply press the desired button and select the location where the archive is saved.

It is worth it to highlight that the full recovery of the firmware with the programs and settings without administrator rights will be impossible. The described technique makes it possible to save and restore only personal materials.

Studying materials from becoming, you can figure out what to do after deleted android, how to restore it and other data. The choice of the method depends on the specific problem, the main thing to adhere to the instructions and perform everything correctly.

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Android - This is an operating system ("brains"), which is installed on mobile gadgets. Phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, hours, books - all applications and programs of electronic devices work on its base.

According to Google, in 2017, more than 2 billion devices operating on this operating system were activated. There are several versions of OS, the latter 10 was released in September 2019

Deleted android how to restore the application, credentials

Under the deletion of android most often understand the data reset to the factory settings - Hard Reset or Factory Reset, that is, resetting the parameters to the state when the device was first turned on, activated to factory settings.

Initially, many programs and files (loaded later) were not, so they disappear. When resetting to factory settings will be the very first version of the system that was initially. And if the gadget was updated or flashed to a higher modification, then all innovations will be lost.

How to restore the game or program

If the phone is associated with the Google account, the application that was once installed and then deleted, can be restored. This is done using the Play Market.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Go to the market.
  2. Press the menu button (three horizontal dashs). Select "My Applications and Games" item.
  3. Select the Library tab. Here all those applications that ever loaded to the gadget are stored.
  4. Find the application you want to recover and click on the Install button
"Menu" button
Menu button in PlayMarket
Item "My Applications and Games"
Item "My Applications and Games" in PlayMarket
Tab "Library"
Tab "Library" in PlayMarket
Install option
Install option

Recover credentials from backup

Many models of technology costs automatic reservation on Google-drive. So, if the data on the phone needs to be restored, then just enter the login and password of the Google account. Just follow the instructions on the phone after resetting the settings. And do not forget to enter the desired login and password associated with the account that was used in the device before removal.

For each device, the recovery procedure will be different. More detailed and official information about the resuscitation of gadgets can be found on the sites of manufacturers.

Reset settings on Honor 7A

Settings in Honor 7A
Settings in Honor 7A
Menu "System" in Honor 7A
"System" menu in Honor 7A
"Reset settings" in Honor 7A
"Reset settings" in Honor 7A
"Reset phone settings" in Honor 7A
"Reset phone settings" in Honor 7A

Reset and recovery to factory settings at Samsung Galaxy

Item "Archiving and Reset"
Item "Archiving and Reset" in Samsung Galaxy
Point "Data Reset"
Item "Data Reset" in Samsung Galaxy
Item "Reset Settings"
Item "Reset Settings" in Samsung Galaxy
Reset device
The "Reset Defense" button SAMSUNG GALAXY
Samsung Account options menu

To subsequently, it was easy to restore data from the phone, you can install special applications, such as dumpster. When using this program, all files that are deleted are placed in a special application basket. If necessary, they can be removed from there "whole and unharmed".

Either periodically make backup copies. For example, using the Google archiver.

How to restore remote on android

To restore data on Android, you will need special programs on the PC or the gadget itself. It is worth remembering that a 100% restoration guarantee can not give any program. The success of the enterprise may affect the time, the type of restored content, as well as the "compatibility" of the device and the program.

Manufacturers of devices using android many, and take into account all their features difficult. Find a universal program that will work for all gadgets difficult. It is better to try several applications at once. Unfortunately, most of the programs are paid, but often to restore one-two files is quite free (trial) version of the application.

The main problem of modern devices on the android is that the internal memory cannot be read like a flash drive. Therefore, there are two approaches to data recovery, depending on where they were stored on an external SD card (flash drive) or inside the device itself.

PC programs and utilities

With a removable card, it is much easier to work. It reads as a disk, which means you can apply a conventional program designed to recover data, for example, Recuva, Diskdigger for PC, R.Saver, Testdisk, PhotoRec.

If there is a loss of files on a flash drive, then immediately remove it from the device. Do not add anything and do not copy there. Otherwise, new information can replace the old one that needs to be restored.

If the flash drive cannot be removed from the phone, connect it using a USB cord. Make, the gadget was read as a removable disk. To do this, install USB debug mode.

Restoring lost files with PC is considered to be safer for devices. Especially if you need to work with the internal memory of the gadget. Here you need utilities that work with mobile devices:

  • 7-Data Recovery Suite
  • Easeus Mobisaver
  • FonePaw Android Data Recovery
  • ICARE Recovery.
  • ISKYSOFT Android Data Recovery
  • Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery
  • Tenorshare Android Data Recovery
  • Wondershare Dr.Fone

Applications on the phone

To restore, for example, by randomly remote photos or a document for work sometimes it is enough to have only one gadget at hand. If the necessary programs are installed in it, the recovery of files will not be problematic.

First you need to pre-work. Get the root-rule of the superuser. On some devices, you only need to press one button. But often it is necessary to "hack" the phone by setting the appropriate program.

Remember that after the device is routing, the warranty flies on it. The provision of such rights opens access to internal data. This may affect the work of the entire device.

To quickly get root rights, download the phone, for example, the Kingroot, Framaroot or Towelroot application.

After the problem with rights is solved, download the application to recover data on android, for example:

  • Undeleter.
  • Diskdigger
  • GT Recovery.
  • Photo, Video Recover
  • Dr Fone for Android, MiniTool Mobile Recovery and Mobisaver - to restore contacts and SMS.

The algorithm of these applications is reduced to the fact that the utility first scans the contents, finds files for recovery, and then suggests them to restore.

If this article was useful to you and you restored Android on your gadget, share a link to the social. Networks with your friends.

What is firmware on android?

For each smartphone, a firmware is required, which ensures the correct operation of the Android operating system installed on most mobile devices and considered in the course of the article, with the hardware part of the device. After the purchase, it is built into the smartphone by default, however, in the case of limited capabilities provided in the original, the option in the face of the installation of a custom firmware should be considered, the execution of which is possible with dozens of methods that differ only by the convenience of the process and the difference between themselves in terms of the final result. .

Changing the firmware of the device is made more often than it seems - for example, each time installing the update released by the gadget manufacturer. Its installation takes a few minutes and always requires a restart of the device, after which it will be possible to continue using and at the same time evaluate innovations, becoming visible immediately or described before installing the version.

When is it required to restore the firmware on android?

The main reason for the need for recovery is the violation of the rules of flashing the phone. The principles described in the list below should not be broken, however, with a similar situation, it is not necessary to worry - the methods described in the material will help bring the device from the "brick" state at which it cannot boot into normal mode. These items are strongly recommended to perform:

  • The battery charge should be at least 30%, and better - all 100%. Despite the fast installation of most firmware, whether they are official or found on the Internet, we advise you to be reinforced to save time when problems occur out;
  • You should not use images that are incompatible with the gadget - to understand if it is possible in the topic of the smartphone discussion on the 4pda forum, where the list of recommended firmware is assembled by active members of the community. We also recommend contacting the question in the comment under this record;
  • Discard the dilapidated cables if the procedure is performed with the need to connect to the PC. Additionally, it is advised to evaluate the quality of the ports themselves. Perhaps you need to replace them.

If you do not follow these important nuances, the question of returning the previous firmware arises. The device can work normally, but if for some reason you want to return the last state of the phone, this will not have any difficulties due to the maximum similarity of the procedure.

Ways to restore firmware on Android

Reset to the factory phone settings

This option is divided into several types, the simplest among which is the use of the "Settings" application. Its disadvantage is inaccessibility when problems with the inclusion of the device, however, if everything is normally in normal terms, the steps should be performed:

  • Open the device settings; Android settings
  • Find the "Backup and Reset" section, tap on it; Backup and reset android
  • At the bottom of the screen, where the "Personal Data" section is located, click on "Reset Settings", read the process warning and confirm your intentions by pressing "OK" in the selection window. Reset android settings

There is also a way of passing these steps through the engineering menu, the opening code of which is different depending on the brand, and must be entered in the call panel. For example, a combination is relevant on LG devices * 2767 * 3855 # . More versatile sequence is * # * # 7378423 # * # * Available on the mass of smartphones. Engineering code for resetting android settings

The method that works in case of the impossibility of incorporating the device and without these problems, is submitted to the entrance to Recovery. To do this, it will be needed to hold the swing of lowering or increasing the volume (depends on the model) and the power supply button at the same time, after which the control panel appears. Next, follow this instruction:

  1. Select "WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET". Probably, in Recovery mode, you will not be able to use the touch screen, so the navigation will be provided by the side buttons; Wipe Data Android
  2. Among the masses of NO points that serve to protect against accidental clicks, select the "Yes" option; Wipe Data Android Confirmation Operations
  3. Wait until the end of the process and reboot the gadget. Reboot System Now Android

On the gadgets from Xiaomi, the type of recovery is different and, in most cases, supports control using touchscreen, in view of which deserves a separate description:

  1. For a long time, clamp the volume keys to increase the volume and turn on the device, turn on the English-language version for greater understanding of the functioning of functions; Choosing an English-language version of android
  2. Tap the "Recovery" - you will see another window, the navigation for which is clear and ensured, in the literal sense, three buttons; Item Recovery Android
  3. Click "WIPE DATA", confirm your actions by TAP by "Confirm"; Wipe Data Android
  4. As soon as a green inscription appears on the screen, select "Reboot to System". Reboot Android System

Use of specialized programs (resuscators for stock firmware)

LG - LG Mobile Support Tool Program

Large brands create special utilities to expand the functions of smartphones, to their number refers undeservedly lost a high share in the mobile industry LG. The process of using the program is extremely understood due to the presence of Russian-speaking localization and requires the installation of a connection between the computer and the telephone using a USB cable.

The sequence of actions is presented as follows:

  1. Upload the latest version of the program from the manufacturer's website and install it on a PC running Windows. When you first start you will be asked to install a USB work driver, which will be done automatically after clicking on the "OK" button;
  2. Install the connection between the phone and computer;
  3. Click the "Additional Features" item, then - "Recovery after an update error". To access it for security purposes, you must specify the IMEI device, the receipt of which is made using the code * # 06 # enabled in the call menu. You will need to specify only the first 15 digits, after which it will be possible to open the partition. By the way, we recommend reading the article about how to recover IMEI on android after firmware ;LG recovery after updating error
  4. Wait until the procedure is completed, after which the device will start working in normal mode. LG Check by

Sony - Xperia Companion

Refracting the device with this utility is also simple in action. The program is available for all Sony smartphones running on Android. After downloading the application from the company's website, it will be necessary to run it and perform the following actions:

  1. Click on the Start button in the "Support Zone" card; Sony Program - Support Zone
  2. Click on the "update by phone / tablet"; Sony program - update
  3. Read the information about the duration of the procedure, select the "Next" in the lower right corner to go to the slide containing the data on which files will be lost without the possibility of recovery in the absence of pre-created backups (for example, Google automatically synchronizes installed applications and made photos) ; Sony Program - Point Continue
  4. The utility will check the stability of the device with a device and will display information on the need to find a charge at a level, not less than 80% (work is possible at lower values, but it is not worth risking). Checkboxes from the inscriptions to familiarize themselves with these items and select "Next"; Sony Program - Agreement
  5. A list of models will appear. Choose with the appropriate; Sony program - choose a model
  6. Perform steps associated with the need to insert the cable after turning off the device and hold the volume key during the procedure; Sony program - confirm the operation
  7. The installation of the official firmware on the Internet will begin. At first it will boot on the PC, and then - to the phone itself. Sony program - installation of firmware

Once information on the completion of the process appears on the screen, you can enable the phone and take advantage of all its capabilities provided by the manufacturer.

Samsung - ODIN Program

Suitable for Samsung devices The utility regularly receives new updates, providing high process speed and minimal error risks, but not all versions are compatible with specific devices. For models released after 2014, the newest release will be suitable for those who appeared from 2011 to 2014 - 3.07, and even earlier products - 1.85. The program interfaces differ slightly, but it does not harm performance.

By installing ODIN, go to these steps:

  1. Run the program;
  2. In the PDA string, specify the path to the firmware file. It can be found in the branch dedicated to the discussion of the smartphone, on the 4pda forum. Checkbox to the left of this item; ODIN specifying a PDA file
  3. Click on the "Start" button, wait fill in the progress scale of one cell - others are likely to be empty, which is explained by the possibility of flashing using this application of several devices simultaneously. At the same time, Pass will appear on the screen, talking about the completion of the procedure. Odin Completion of the procedure

If the image is divided into several files, the instruction is slightly different - it will be necessary to specify a specific archive for each row. Apboot. must stand still Bootloader. , Code. PDA , Modem. Phone , CSC - in the point of the point. If you have a PIT file, you will need to turn it on. Next, it remains only to click on "Start".

Sp Flash Tool

The key advantage of this program is expressed in working with a mass of devices thanks to the support of MediaTek chipsets, introduced into a mass of gadgets - from budget to almost flagship models. Since the utility is loaded to the computer, you will need a USB cable for its operation, providing information to the mobile phone.

The following steps are required:

  1. Load the image by contacting the brand representatives or finding it on the Internet - for example, on Remove the files if they are in the archive, so that the path to them does not contain any characters with the exception of Latin. If Windows built-in tools do not help, use 7-Zip or WinRAR;
  2. Run the program on behalf of the administrator. To do this, right-click and select this item. If the password is needed for execution, try to remember it or if the computer is somewhere outside the house, contact the IT department of the company;
  3. Specify where download-agent and scatter files are located. Often, the first is called DA_SWSEC, and the second contains the word "Scatter" in the title; Flash Tool Indicate the scatter file
  4. To avoid NVRAM damage, go to the Readback tab, specify the folder in it where its backup will be saved; Flash Tool Making a backup
  5. Click on the "READ Back" button and wait until the process is completed. This step is only responsible for the backup - the firmware is not yet installed; Flash Tool Making a backup
  6. Return to the "download" section, click on the same button in it, after selecting the "Firmware Upgrade" option in the drop-down menu. As soon as the flashing is completed, a window with a green check mark will appear. Flash Tool Firmware Completed

Despite the seeming complexity, the interface of the program is intuitively clear, which indicates the absence of the need for a long study of the features of the utility.

Update via Recovery (modified third-party firmware)

All instructions discussed further are relevant and in the case of using the official recovery - then it will be necessary to flash it first, but only then the main image. This is permissible, but not recommended - it is more logical to install the firmware directly, so further actions come from the position of availability TWRP. , CWM and Titanium Backup before the need for the need for this process.

To enable this mode, hush the off buttons and downgrade (or enhance) the volume for a couple of seconds. The device must be turned off, but charged!


Team Win Recovery Project - along with the following recovery refers to the most popular modifications of the built-in recovery mode. Using them is characterized by a user-friendly interface and, in particular, the presence of the missing sensory control missing phones. There is a Russian-language version, however, the lack of complex technical terms makes its use and in English.

To restore firmware or installing a new one, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Fully clean the files remaining from the previous image by clicking on the Wipe section and clearing the directory visible on the screenshot; TWRP section WIPE.
  2. Using a PC, move the img file to the root directory. Perhaps you need to go to the recovery re-followed;
  3. Tap "Install", select only an image. At the end of this step under the console, the blue inscription "SUCCESSFUL" will appear. On the same screen, click "Wipe Cache / Dalvik", and then - swipes to the right and reboot the device. In general, we recommend you to read our separate material where we described, how to install custom recovery TWRP on Android .TWRP device firmware


Recently, this recovery has passed its position on TWRP, but its use is still possible. As key advantages, it is possible to control when damaged touchscreen and compatibility with old models. As in the previous case, you will need to place the image in the root of the device. You can also call it "" for more convenient access. Then, entering the recovery mode, do the following:

  1. Reset the device to factory settings by clicking on Wipe Menu and, further, selecting "Wipe Data - Factory Reset". Do not know how to do this? Check out the article - how to reset android to factory settings ;CWM reset to factory settings
  2. Return to the main menu, select "Install Zip"; CWM Install Zip.
  3. If you have given the archive "" name, click on "apply /ssdcard/", otherwise - "Choose Zip from SD Card" and select the file - most likely it will be placed at the bottom; CWM Update Zip.
  4. A console appears showing the course of action. The end of the procedure becomes clear due to the "Install From SDCard Complete" arising; CWM Install From Sdcard Complete Android
  5. Restart the device by the "Reboot Phone" button at the top of the main panel. CWM Reboot Phone

The process passes as quickly as when using the method above.

Titanium Backup.

The main purpose of this utility is to create backup versions of applications, however, the firmware is restored among its additional functions. Using an application for execution specified in the text target is as follows:

  1. In the upper right corner, click on the picture of the rectangle and checkboxes; Titanium Backup Triangle Icon
  2. In the menu, find the section "Recavor Mode", near its only point tap on "Start"; Titanium Backup Start Tab
  3. Check applications whose copies need to be created and proceed to this procedure during which information on progress will be sent for each application; Titanium Backup Copy Creation
  4. Files will be stored in the archive called at the root of memory. To restore it, you can use, both the Verserated Recovery, and Titanium Backup itself - in the same panel, select "Restore everything with data"; Titanium Backup restore everything with data
  5. Specify that you will need to download, then tap the checkmark. As soon as the process is over, you should restart the device. Titanium Backup Download Data

The competent application of the program allows you to not worry about the safety of data when performing complex operations as a device firmware.

Problems and ways to solve them

The inability to transfer files

Some cables used to charge the device are incompatible in terms of work with files, in view of which you need to use ways that do not require interaction with the computer, or simply purchase the required wire.

Lack of necessary drivers

If USB cables support data with data, but when the firmware does not manage to use, the problem is to use incompatible software or, more likely, problems with drivers. They need to download from the official brand site or processor manufacturer. Most of them have digital signatures, however, if they are missing, it is required to disable authentication as follows:

  1. Use the Win + R keys combination, enter in the window that appears BCDEDIT / SET {DEFAULT} Safeboot Network and press Enter, restart the PC; Run tab in Windows
  2. In the "Select Action" tab, click on "Diagnostics", hereinafter - "Additional Parameters" and "Download Options"; Windows load options
  3. Select the seventh item, then return to the operating system. Disable mandatory driver authentication

Return to the stock firmware is carried out in the same way as the installation of a new one, so when turning the smartphone in "Brick" should not panic - it is better to use any method described here depending on its skills and the availability of a specific device functionality.

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