How to exchange premium technique?

Information on the exchange and compliance of the desired technology in the Trade-in system, players will be able to get in the game client immediately in 3-places:

According to the number of gold on accounts, accessibility will look like this:

Depending on your solution, select one of the items "Buy" or "Exchange" by clicking the right button on the tank.

  • Initially, the list of hand-held equipment will be located according to the value of discounts from a larger to a smaller.
  • In the list, the player can meet tanks that cannot be exchanged at the moment (for example: the technique is in battle, is not repaired or is already in the formation).

After the technique is selected for the exchange of two options are possible: if the car is purchased without discount (Fig. 1) and at a discount (Fig. 2).

It is worth noting that in addition to the exchange of the player, the player will be able to buy slots, replenish the ammunition either to re-write the crew. But it is important to remember that the slot will be available from the exchange of equipment. Plus, you can also consider free removal of all equipment. Enter the desired amount in the lower field in gold, click Exchange, and the system again shows an additional window in which it says that it will happen: the tank surrender will be written off, the crew will go to the barracks, equipment and shells - to the warehouse.

After entering the required amount and clicking on the "Exchange" button, an additional window with information and action with crew, equipment and ammunition for final confirmation of exchange will come out.

What you should pay attention to

  • The action is relevant for premium technology with VI to VIII levels in the interval starting from June 1 9:00 (MSC) to June 19, 9:00 (MSK).
  • The exchange is subject to the technique of the same level or lower than the purchased, right up to VI Lvla.
  • The exchange is subject to 1-handed unit of technology to the 1st purchased.
  • It is worth taken into account shares that reduce the price of one or another technique.
  • All consumables, equipment and amplifies will be unloaded to the warehouse.
  • Camouflage, emblems and inscriptions are tied to a specific tank, so if you sell (or in this case ignore) this tank, then they remain in the warehouse. You can use them in the future only if you get this tank again.
  • The crew of the tank surrendered to the barracks. If there are no places in the barracks, the exchange will not be perfect.
  • The technique is not returned for silver.
  • For premium technology, a slot is saved from the unit.
  • For the final exchange, you must go through all the stages of checking and confirmation.

Tanks available for exchange according to the Trejd program will be marked in the Premium Tree Tree in the Technique tab of the arrow icon. You can go to the Trade-Input tab by clicking either on the button to receive information about the tank or on the button to purchase it.

When you go to the Tank Shopping Menu, which is available on the Trade-in program, you will be offered two options:

  1. Acquire
    • By choosing this option, you buy a tank for the specified amount of gold, as you usually do it.
  2. Trejd-In.
    • Selecting this option, you will open the Trejd-Inu tab where you can view information about this operation and select the machine you want to purchase on this program.
      • The tank icon will show how much you need to pay extra to buy the car, and what will be the size of the cachek.
      • Tanks in the Trejd-In Filter are sorted at their cost: from high to low.

If you do not have suitable for trad-in cars, in the Trejd-In "tab, you will not have tanks. You will also see a message that you have no technique that can be passed.

If on the technique you want to pass, complex equipment is installed, a dialog box appears in which you will be reported that this equipment will be destroyed. After confirmation (or remove complex equipment), you will go to Trade Inu. If there are no complicated equipment on the tank, you will immediately go to buy a car in Trade Inu. On the confirmation screen, you will see the amount in the game gold, which pay for the tank, and the size of the cachek, which will receive.


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