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Many begin to keep a diary, but not everyone has enough desires and disciplines to continue this occupation. Before proceeding to the records, it is worth thinking why you need it. And what can be recorded there?

What to keep a diary

First of all, you need to distinguish the diary from the blog. The blog is in electronic form (this is an Internet log - Web Log), and in most cases is intended for the audience. Diary - something more personal. The entries in it can be made with a handle, and not to show them to anyone or only very close people who trust. The diaries of many scientists, politicians, commander, writers and poets received worldwide fame, were published, everyone reads. But initially they were carried out exclusively for personal needs.

Berggolts Diary Olga
Berggolts Diary Olga

Why keep a diary?

1. The diary will help to figure out their feelings and thoughts.

2. The maintenance of the diary will help collect the important information for you and analyze it.

3. In a personal diary, you can safely express your opinion about people and events, without fear that someone will condemn you. This is a good psychological discharge.

4. In the diary you can praise yourself, write your achievements, and they necessarily have everyone, you just need to dig well.

5. The diary can become a message to someone in the future, even to itself.

6. In the diary you can contact your favorite people, telling them how your day passes. It helps to cope with problems, find an output in a difficult situation.

Diary Frida Kala
Diary Frida Kala

How to keep a diary

The first rule - records must be done regularly. If possible every day. Even if nothing interesting, as you think, has not happened, you need to take a diary in your hands, put the date and make a record. After 20 days it will go into the habit, and you will no longer force yourself.

Detach the record of 10-15 minutes before bedtime. Even 5, if there are few events or you are tired.

Do records during the day if some interesting thought occurred. Write it down in the diary.

You can make recordings in the morning if you like it so more convenient and more.

Put the date, then in the future you will easily track the events.

You can accompany the records with pictures, photos, schemes.

Lion Diary Tolstoy
Lion Diary Tolstoy

What to write in the diary?

You can even record, at first glance, funny things. For example, "how many times they praised me and for what."

Write, in what clothes you were, and how people around you are delighted. You can even discuss them.

Write about your dreams, even very small.

Describe your dreams.

Write about interesting coincidences, luck.

Refine rhymes, poems.

Write about financial spending, prices, unexpected or planned income. In the future, such recordings are very interesting to read.

Try to find positive moments in every day. For example, in the weather, or in a joyful meeting, in delicacy, in bright color, which we saw somewhere or pleasant smell.

Diary Leonardo da Vinci, he led the record in the mirror reflection
Diary Leonardo da Vinci, he led the record in the mirror reflection

Write about domestic animals if you have them.

The diary will help keep track of weight, if you write to it, what and when you eaten. It is only necessary to be honest and list all the food, even minor snacks.

In the diary you can track your steps to the goal. For example, so much learned new words in English, solved such a task, painted the wall in the repair process, learned the stove pie, how many pushups did.

Record your impressions from viewed films, read books, the new music you heard.

Describe the new places in which you are on this day. Even specifically you can change the route to gain impressions.

Notes and descriptions Miklukho-Maclay
Notes and descriptions Miklukho-Maclay

Personal diary is a wonderful psychologist. After all, we can entrust your thoughts and feelings, not afraid that we will condemn and hate. Personal diaries can lead not only girls, but also boys, it will be useful to everyone. Below is the top 15 ideas for typing a personal diary.

  1. 10 facts about you

Personal diary - your site for creativity. Make up and write down your top 10 facts about you. No need to write banal: name, surname, age. Try to remember something interesting and curious. You will be pleased to read it in the future. You can arrange this in the form of a simple list, but you can decorate with glitter, stickers, stickers, or glue photos confirming these facts about you.

Ideas for - registration of LD - 10 facts about you

Ideas for LD 10 facts about meIdeas for LD 10 facts about meIdeas for LD 10 facts about me

  1. Music

What kind of music do you like to listen to? Or maybe you are Meloman? Excellent! Make a list of your most favorite songs or genres in music. You can make it possible in the form of a page in VKontakte or just a list. Decorate with beautiful drawings, ribbons, write quotes about music, show off by markers - page should not look boring. Then you will be interested to look at them.

Ideas for - LD design -

Ideas for LD - music playlistIdeas for LD - music playlistIdeas for LD - music playlistIdeas for LD - music playlistIdeas for LD - music playlistIdeas for LD - music playlistIdeas for LD - music playlist

  1. Fears

Everyone is afraid of something. Someone heights, someone darkness, someone insects, and someone closed space. Fears prevent us from living fully, not expecting danger, so they need to get rid of them! We can write them into our personal diary and turn into laughter. For example, draw a ridiculous spider or a funny cast - everything that your fantasy can come up with.

After all, if we know that something funny is hiding behind fear, we will stop being afraid of this.

Ideas for - LD design - reality of fear

Ideas for LD - fearsIdeas for LD - fearsIdeas for LD - fearsIdeas for LD - fears

  1. Profession

Each of us in the future would like to become someone. Someone is a doctor to save lives, someone teacher to help children learn new, and someone scholar to know the new one. And who would you like to be? Write about it in your personal diary. You can also glue photos related to this profession or draw drawings.

Ideas for - LD Design - Profession

  1. Goal

To live successfully, you need to follow your plans and goals, and in order to follow them, you need to be clear for themselves. Try this and make it. Write down in your personal diary for a week / month / year / 10 years and follow them. Write that it will help you to achieve them, with what you achieve them. You can sign motivating quotes, so that you are easier, and you have not surrendered halfway.

Ideas for - LD Registration - Objectives

Personal diary ideas - goals and plansPersonal diary ideas - goals and plansPersonal diary ideas - goals and plansPersonal diary ideas - goals and plansPersonal diary ideas - goals and plans

Personal Diary - AchievementsPersonal Diary - Achievements

  1. Progress

Try to write what you have achieved. Remember everything, even the most insignificant. After all, great achievement always consists of small. This will help give you confidence in yourself, because seeing everything that you have already done, you can make a new one! You can come up with a reward for every achievement and draw it nearby. In the future you can re-read it and see how much you have done everything useful!

Personal Diary - AchievementsPersonal Diary - Achievements

Personal Diary - Achievements

  1. My class

Everyone will ever have to face such a step of our life as a school. And, of course, there will be classmates in our school. Try to draw them, signing their names. You can briefly tell about their character, how they learn what they love, and what is not. Nearby write quotes about school, decorating stickers, decorative tape or glitter.

Personal diary - my classPersonal diary - my classPersonal diary - my class

  1. Dream room

Do you have your own room? Does it meet all your desires? If not - then time to create. Draw in your diary a better room in the world, even if it is something unreal, like a flying bed. The main thing is to like this room to you. Coloring the walls in bright colors, come up with a beautiful interior. Who knows, maybe once this room will be embodied in reality.

Personal Diary - Dream RoomPersonal Diary - Dream RoomPersonal Diary - Dream Room

  1. If I had a lot of money ...

Try to dream. Imagine that you have a million or even two. What will you spend this money? Maybe you will buy yourself a car or a lot of brand clothes, and maybe you will donate the money at a shelter or hospital. Decide only to you. Write or draw, for what would you spend money. You can glue clippings from a magazine or photos for greater visibility.

LD decoration - a lot of money

  1. Travels

Write 5 countries that you would like to visit and tell me why. Draw the main attractions of these countries or stick their photos. Tell me who from celebrities lived in this country and what he was interesting. Write interesting facts about these countries and decorate with ribbons or stickers.

LD Registration - Travel PageLD Registration - Travel PageLD Registration - Travel PageLD Registration - Travel PageLD Registration - Travel Page

  1. My bad habits

Do you have bad habits? If there is, it's time to get rid of them. Write them in your personal diary and what you can do to get rid of them. If you comply with all the recommendations, you will soon do not recognize your life. And so that you feel easier to follow all the advice, write next to motivating quotes.

Personal diary - habits

  1. My shortcomings

Each person has its pros and cons, there is nothing terrible. But we need to realize our shortcomings and take themselves as we are. To better understand them - you need to write down. Near each disadvantage, write down your plus, so you will see - they are more! Color the page with your minuses brighter, it will be easier to accept yourself.

  1. Things for which you are grateful

Write 5 things for which you are grateful to the world. We perceive both due those things that are not available to millions of other people. I think everyone can easily find 5 things for which he stands to thank heaven every day. Think about what you have achieved in your life and forgot about it. How much did you overcome and proud of the first time, and now do not even remember it.

Ideas for - LD design - Ngachni thank Renovate

  1. Why are you leading this diary?

Remember how it all started. Why did you decide to make a personal diary? Maybe you lacked communication or just wanted to spoke? Remember everything to the smallest details. What was this day, what did you feel, would you be joyful or sad? Write about it.

pros and cons of conducting a personal diary, why are you leading it

  1. Or or

Put yourself before choosing. Tea or coffee? Pizza or sushi? Winter or summer? You can come up with your choice. So you really understand what you love and next time, making a decision, you will save time, because you really understand yourself, for this personal diary and need.

Ideas for - LD design - tea or coffee

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What to keep a personal diary
Why keep a personal diary: pxhere

Personal diary is a great psychotherapeutic practice and a good way to structure and organize your own life. In addition, these are peculiar memoirs who are interested to read, remembering the past. But sometimes the question arises - what can you write in a personal diary and how to issue these records? We will talk about this more.

What can be written in a personal diary

Personal diary at least once in his life led each. As a rule, the children of the period of puberty are made. Psychologists are explained by the fact that the teenager needs a personal space, its place to store secrets, inaccessible to friends and parents. The same need remains in adults, but not everyone knows that you can write in a personal diary and how to behave.

The main thing that should remember is - you do it for yourself. Do not register yourself for a missed day or an inaccurated record. In your right to keep a diary as you consider fit. But what can you write about yourself?

What to write about
Filling a personal diary: pxhere


  1. Describe in detail the favorite places in the city: coffee shops with fragrant cocoa, restaurants with delicious dishes, cozy seams for long walks and memorable or iconic points on the map. Re-reading such a list, you will not just be able to make a weekend plan, but also refresh the pleasant emotions that are connected with each individual place.
  2. What to write in a personal diary, if you are an adult formed personality? Put on the sheets of paper goals, dreams and desires. It can be small wishlists or large-scale purchases. Specify every dream, give her the shape and send a clear request to the Universe for the early implementation of the conceived.
  3. What to write in LD a person who regularly experiencing flour selection? Use the diary to compile lists for both against, deficiencies and advantages. This will help structure thoughts, separate them from feelings and take a weighted, rational solution.
  4. A list of favorite activities - a great option that you can write to a personal diary. Make a list everything - from cooking or tasting dishes before embroidery with cross or singing in the shower. These are the cases that in a difficult minute will help restore the internal resource and improve the mood.
  5. If we were talking about cooking, then we mention that you can record your favorite dishes in a personal diary: detailed recipes, or options for interesting taste combinations, or a combination of wine and cheese, which has liked.
  6. The centuries-old wisdom of books is worthy to get on the pages of a personal diary. Record the motivational and inspirational quotes, the excitement points that they crawled into memory, episodes that were forced to squeeze the heart.
  7. Negative also boldly describe and leave on paper. It is better to throw out discontent with the situation or a man on the page of the diary than to poison yourself with caustic emotions. There is a psychological technique in which the negative is discharged, and then forgotten or burned.
Why fill a personal diary
What to write in the diary: pxhere

As you can see, there are plenty of useful and fun, interesting and important options for what to write in a personal diary. Do not be lazy and pay a little time to fill the notebook. So feel a positive psychotherapeutic effect.

Ideas for a personal diary: how to issue

If you think that it is enough just to write thoughts and emotions, then it is completely wrong. It is important to make thoughts beautifully, to turn them, like a skillful jeweler, a diamond, so that it was nice to overflow the pages of records.

You wonder how my personal diary should look like? He first of all reflection of your personality. Here are some simple techniques, how to make a personal diary unique:

As a person meet in appearance and the book is judged by the cover. Take on decoration cover your diary. To do this, use colored paper, feathers, rhinestones, flap of multi-colored fabric or, on the contrary, play on the contrast, using the matte surface of genuine leather.

This is an element responsible for the security of personal records. Of course, you can make a latch symbolic in the form of a fun button and hinges that are sewn to the cover. But you can put special locks that are sold in stationery stores.

Decor of a personal diary
Diary decoration: pxhere

Remember the zoning rule and divide the records by inventing your own system. It can be a chronological way, colored bookmarks or bright stickers, separate dense sheets or zoning with color (show off the page or insert ready-made color separators).

What kind of personal diary without a photo? It can be bright cards from chamber parties with friends, photos of your favorite places, movie posters or performances. Illustrations give the meaning of any book, and personal diary is not an exception.

If you feel the artist's talent, then give the will internal impulse and decorate the pages with records of our own production. Bright or monochrome, graphic or abstract - you yourself artist. Independently draw the instructions for step-by-step cooking your favorite dish or capture the decor of the birthday cake.

Bookmarks play a considerable role in the design of a personal diary. Try to make a felt bookmark, weave a beautiful pigtail from multicolored threads, cut striped from a piece of leather or suede.

Application still does not lose relevance and is considered a trend decor.

Personal diary is the case of your taste and mood. When decorating, listen to the inner voice and enjoy the process. Only then will receive a positive effect.

Original Articles:

The emotions that man possesses can not always be shared with others. Almost no one can keep their impressions or thoughts in memory. To avoid brain loading information and events, a person uses self-expression on paper.

Why do you need a personal diary?

Psychology is emotional. For their lives, people are constantly experiencing various emotions: fear, love, delight, hatred, etc. not always they are understandable to others, even closest. Not everyone can open up its thoughts to another person, and accumulating inside itself a large number of impression entails stress.

Written self-expression helps to throw out its condition on paper without receiving negative or disapproval. This method makes it possible to speak and listen to yourself. It is easier to draw conclusions from various situations when you can mentally reproduce and rethink them again. In the future, this will help rationally assess the circumstances and take the right decision.

How to make a personal diary

What do they write in LD?

In a diary, you can write everything that a person is interested in or alarmed. It can be: notes; Favorite recipes; poems; Impressions, etc.

Goals and dreams

Entries in the organizer about the aspirations discipline and motivate. They also help to realize the possibilities and means to achieve their goals.

For the diary, it is worth developing a record algorithm:

  1. The first page may contain personal information about the owner or list of aspirations.
  2. This diary is recommended in the evening. This will help comprehend and put the installation the next day.
  3. Record every day according to the principle of 3 components:
    • What you need to do tomorrow - the actions that need to be implemented the next day;
    • Understanding actions and goals - everything that happens during the day (experiences, reflections);
    • Analysis and conclusion - summarizing, look at yourself from the part.
  4. Insert action by points.
  5. Each already done things.
  6. To make adjustments and insert new circumstances.
  7. At the end of the week, to sum up the overall analysis and the result. Emphasize important situations.

Such an algorithm brings a sense of confidence and satisfaction.

How to make a personal diary

Impressions of read books and movie viewed

Diary entries may have a literary and creative character.

People who are fond of reading or watching films will be useful to lead a magazine about read or seen by the work. To do this, you can take away to each story my page on which to express your opinion and the impression of the plot, hero or situation. Interesting will simulate the continuation of the story or chapter. It should be emphasized for themselves who are interested in the thoughts of the author, actor. This is especially useful if a person emphasized motivation for himself.

Such actions will make the reading or viewing process more fascinating.

It is worthwhile to take a separate page for a list of books and films that are already viewed. It will give the concept of what works there is a desire to get to know the future.

Joyful moments of life

The moments of a surge of positive emotions can be fixed in a personal organizer. Bright impressions have a positive trend of the impact on the state of a person. The daily record of such events helps to discharge fatigue and perceive life optimistic.

You can lead such a diary with multi-colored handles, assigning an estimate on a ten-ball scale on the first page of the magazine. The circumstance that caused the experience of the experiences should be inventing a name or illustration. Under them to describe the event and its feelings from it.

Favorite dishes

You can save your favorite recipes in a notepad, notebook or organizer. For ease of use and quick search for the required prescription, it is worth a division by type of dishes:

  • Cold snacks;
  • hot snack;
  • salads;
  • Bird dishes, pork or beef;
  • side dishes;
  • Baking, etc.

Each section can be allocated by your color or bookmarks of different colors.

How to make a personal diary

Notes of the traveler

In the personal diary of the traveler, you can write your impressions of the arrival in every city. Make a list of monuments, museums and other similar places that you want to visit. Mark features of already seen landmarks. Record the cost of accommodation and meals, which then can be compared between themselves and analyze, make output at the cost of traveling to a particular city.

This diary can be issued in a notebook or organizer. At the beginning of the page to specify the name of the site visited, then the list of attractions and impressions about them. At the end of the page, designate expenses, and summarize the trip. At the end of the note, come up with one phrase or word, summarizing the trip and impressions. You can also add the name of the next city, which is worth visiting. It will work as motivation to the next trip.

Quotes and all that inspires

Heard or read phrases and thoughts of the authors of books, movie actors or idols can be written in a personal diary alphabetically or subject. For example: phraseologisms; quotes about love; Motivating text, etc. To each discharge, it is possible to record its perception, deciphering in its own understanding.

This method of recording information will help take advantage of suitable phrases when writing essays, stories and essays. Make them saturated and interesting.

How to make a personal diary

How to make a diary?

Make a personal diary can be made of a girlfriend office. It may look like a book in a solid or soft cover, be in the form of a notebook, album, or bonded paper sheets. Its view depends on the method of use. For example: a traveler should choose a diary as a small notebook or notepad that will not take a lot of space. For recipes, the album is suitable for recipes, in which not only records can be conducted, but also to apply photos of finished dishes and products.

Diary of notebook

The number of sheets of the purchased notebook depends on the period of time for which a diary is necessary. If it is a temporary option, then a notebook is at 12-24 sheets. For long use it is worth choosing 40-80 sheets. A notebook of a stylish and interesting look will help the cover of fabric or skin. Depending on preferences, it is decorated with beads, ribbons or lace. Line marking style inside the notebook is chosen by personal taste.

Diary from Notepad

Such an organiser can be made from a small overhead note. He does not take up much space, it will be convenient for those who are in constant motion. Also, a personal diary can be made from the stationery book. You can arrange both options, decorating the cover and pages at your discretion. But for small traveler notebooks it is worth avoiding bulk details, decorate its painting or stickers.

How to make a personal diary

Diary from album

Low album sheets are popular with creative people. Together with the records on them, there are illustrations of impressions, new ideas. Such a notebook is a good helper seamar, designers and architects. A new idea can always be sketched and, if necessary, make a number of markings and calculations. For ease of use, you should choose an album on the rings.

Diary of office paper

A large format organiser is suitable for conducting culinary entries. On a separate sheet will fit the recipe and photograph of the dish. They can enter their nationality and history, to make calculating energy value. His plus is the possibility of using a separate sheet with information. Such a diary is used in other areas, depending on preferences.

It is appropriate to fasten the sheets with a ribbon with solid ends stretched through the holes. She can wrap a stack of sheets like a gift packaging, tie to the bow in the middle. The design of such a diary is appropriate: signed or painted title and last sheets, paper with records are invested between them.

Leather Cover Diary

The skin gives the book of rigor and individuality. It looks stylish and pleasant to the touch.

The diary of such a style is suitable for business busy people. It marks goals, schedule for the day, important moments and meetings. It serves as a factor in motivation and calendar of affairs. The appearance and style of its maintenance depends on the specifics of use. To quickly find the desired information, the book has a sewn bookmark and a drawn alphabet, for each letter which accounts for a number of pages.

How to make a personal diary


This type of storage of information allows you to make entries on various formats. You can invest in the folder suddenly the impression or thought recorded on the restaurant check or the pulled piece of paper. In the diary - folder you can store postcards, letters, etc. The external design of the folder depends on its purpose.

Diary on the Internet

The maintenance of an electronic diary is suitable for those who are sitting at the computer. When there is no time for the manuscript, the following programs are assistant:

  1. Word. Props of the program:
    • the ability to put a password from the penetration of unauthorized persons;
    • Options for choosing style, color and font size;
    • Possibility of inserting a photo or pictures that makes your emotions;
    • Creating a diary content by dates, which makes it easier to find the right information in one click.
  2. Presentation POWER POINT. Suitable for those who love to show fantasy - creative people. Its use makes it possible to choose the background, insert photos and sketches, impose music and print text. After some time, browsing the diary will be like turning the book of life.
  3. Exel - a strict style of a document for people who are used to writing briefly, love sequence and minimalism. It can create a schedule of bad and good events, a chart of achievements, etc.

Diary decoration

The stylistics of the idea for a personal diary depends on the individual taste of a person. Creative people are suitable for maximalism expressions, displayed in the design of records and pages, the brightness of the cover decor. A rigoric classic style is characteristic of business people, and the appearance of a diary for girls is a tender cover with decorations, multi-colored pages and bookmarks.

How to make a personal diary

How to arrange the first page?

In the diary for girls on the first sheet, you can fill out personal information in the form of a list or sketched windows: initials, age, hobbies, etc. For business people, a strict style of the first page and the minimalism of information about themselves is suitable. It may be the name and the set target for which the book is being conducted.

Creative people draw up a title leaf in original style. The manifestation of fantasy is expressed in verses, illustrations, the image of the goals. For example, a fitness diary can begin with the words of motivation and the way to achieve the goal.

Internal decoration of pages

Give individuality pages will help the use of decorative adhesive tape and tape, alternate the pattern and the color of which can be dependent on the event and mood. For the mark of the most important events, multicolored handles and markers are used. Handmade bookmarks from multicolored plastic, clips or weaving from threads will look original and functionally. Stickers, stickers, dried flowers and leaves, secret pockets - will become an unusual addition to the records.

Calendar in diary

Arrange the calendar in the diary is possible in the form of a table, windows, etc. In each cell, information about important events should be made. Such a calendar can be guided to designate goals, well-being or mood per day. At the end of the month, this will help to draw up a chart of achievements and impressions, make a conclusion and installation for the next month.

How to make a personal diary

Envelope for LD.

Application of a paper envelope or other materials:

  1. A large stylized envelope is used to store a personal diary.
  2. In the envelope, replacing the cover of the diary, put sheets with records.
  3. Envelopes are secrets that are hidden on the pages of the diary. They put the most important information.

This item to styling a diary can be purchased at a finished form or make it yourself from the girlfriend.

the last page

The last sheet of the diary is filled depending on its purpose. If this is a cooking notebook or a book with quotes, you can check a page as a list with recipes or book names, indicating page numbering. For a business or sports diary, the last page will summarize the main result of the achievements and work done. Creative people draw up this page showing self-expression in the form of poems and illustrations.

A personal diary is definitely an important attribute of the life of a modern person. And in this article we will look at what to do and write in a personal diary, how to make the first entry and beautifully arrange a diary.

Personal diary for all and everyone

Whoever spoke to, and this method of expression of thought does not avoid even, it seemed, brutal men. Why not? After all, this is a great way to exemplate from extra and positive, and negative emotions. Why, it would seem, exemption from positive emotions? They are pleasant. But if you imagine that a person, fountaining emotions, should, say, write an essay or make an important business plan, it becomes clear, extra emotions here are not assistants, but worst enemies!

And even if you are not a businessman, and every day do not risk everyone, I still advise you to join this simple lesson. It tends us to order, frees thoughts and intimate secrets (if we are quite frank), streamlines feelings and soothes the nerves after a difficult day.

- Did you know that Nicholas II, the last Russian emperor, began to keep a diary from nine years and led him almost without skips, until the end of his days? Nikolai's character obliges him to keep a diary carefully almost perfect handwriting. But be too frank even in the diary for the emperor - dangerous. That is why the records can be given to the expression:

"Brevity is the soul of wit".

Our thoughts are the main component.

1. So, to create a personal diary, our thoughts and feelings are the main components. How, ask you, catch one good idea, among the flux of others? Very simple. Assistant here - we and silence. Silence is a revelation that gives us a feeling of freedom. In silence, the most quiet "whisper of the heart" is heard. Listen to what it wants? To write about love, work, or about something else? Quite possible.

Organization is also important here. If among the chaos of thoughts you come across some scraps, unrelated to each other, then try to think about something to tie them together.

Where to write a personal diary

2. There may be a problem: "Where to start writing?" If there is no suitable material in your house, then we go shopping.

The first thing to buy is where you will make records. It can be a specialized diary, business notebook or, ordinary notebook. The main condition is dense sheets and an infant eye design. If you are from the category of creative people, it will be possible to finish something on an unsightly, but comfortable surface. P.S. Consider that your well-being played an important role. If you buy a notebook almost all, then other things, for example, schoolboy - to buy difficult. If you decide to buy a business notebook or special. Diary, then consider that the price may vary from 100 rubles, up to 1000. It all depends on the format and prestige. Buy stationery, such as markers in advance if you want to decorate your diary.

3. Decoration of the diary you are interested in personally. In your mood, the worldview, the concept of beauty. Unless I can advise tape with patterns and various stickers in case when there is no time to decorate the records personally. About the design of the diary with ribbons and stickers here.

You can draw pictures to the entire page, and then write in place allocated in the middle of the picture and on the contrary - to write, and then draw.

How to write the first entry in a personal diary?

The first record is very important because it will be a "start" diary.

Before the first record, I advise you to write something, incur your photo and so on.

Problem: "What to write in a personal diary?"

This problem is quite often found in people who do not know how to frankly talk to the notebook. "Well, this is just a notebook" - you will say. Nothing like this. It possesses memory, words are streamlined. That is why it is important to write sincere, "strong and beautiful" words. If the gift of eloquence is not your horse, then it is necessary to exercise in the preparation of proposals. The more often you write records, the more you extends the meaning of this lesson. Write that you are worried about, describe the last day, share your thoughts. Let first everyone will be chaotic, but sincerely. Later you can easily organize records.

The shell of thought.

When there are no thoughts in the head, then the shell can not be. What to do when nothing to write? I advise you to "wear" anyone's thoughts, by reading a book about something important type "What to do?" Chernyshevsky.

Registration of a personal diary.

In the case of decoration, I advise you to do it under mood. Suppose you want to paint the page. What color will you choose? The one that will fit your mood. Green is calm / harmonious, red - extinguished / aggressive, blue - working and so on.

- Texts decorate the drawings corresponding to your mood.

- Bright moments in life imprinted on camera - Print and pose photos into a diary.

- In addition to photographs, you can glue different memorabilia, such as a ticket or tablet with ratings.

- Do not forget about the accuracy of the hand writing, blaming it with bright pencils, handles, felt-faucers. You can try to master the handwriting of different eras. For example, in the Catherine Epoch, it was customary to withdraw various "patterns" from tails of letters. So the letter "U" could "describe" the three standing letters.

- Lighten another language and write small offers in a foreign language.

- In addition to decorating pictures, you can cut the patterns from the pages. For this, I propose to buy "figured" scissors.

Personal Diary Material

In the material for decorating the cover, everything can be glued or sewing. This is a fabric, beads, goods for the trunking, ribbons. Also, the material can also be implied and "electronic" materials. On the Internet there are many video examples on the decoration of a personal diary. Materials can be both books with verses, excerpts from which can be used for epigraphs.

Ideas, ideas, shape.

Under the plan implies your thoughts about the format. That is, if you want to write in the style of "Middle Ages", then you need to understand how suggestions were built in this period of time, which words were used. You can write the descriptions of the landscape every day.

It is important to understand what style is better fit with your thoughts. Scientific, journalistic, artistic. And maybe some other? You decide!

Ideas are ideas for the semantic filling of the diary.

Make the page of interesting films, the date of birth of friends or read books that will be in your Daily Dilute Casual Entries. If you are punctual, then each time draw calendar for a month and leave the place to plan and record important events and days.

The form is how they are "deployed" and contains your records. Personally, I tried to write and briefly, and long. More I liked the detailed style. If you are a fan of clarity and short, you will impress Chekhov style, then write compactly, which is somewhat harder, because to choose only a few sentences that characterize your mood - difficult.

Summing up, it can be said that the creation of a diary process is laborious, but fascinating.

Good luck in your endeavors. Let your personal diary make you neat and punctual, happy and calm. Drive it diligently - and he will answer you reciprocity!

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